Small Law Firm Web Design

Small Law Firm Web Design – Absolutely fantastic customer experience / service and an excellent product. Gui makes a point of making sure my website is exactly what I want. He ensures that we produce a high quality and effective product. I highly recommend PaperStreet!

“Before choosing a website design firm for my new law firm, I interviewed many agencies… big, small, local, international, etc. Paperstreet is absolutely 100% correct. Paperstreet provides me with the most complete and innovative options regarding content, design, search engine optimization and other artistic and technical aspects. Plus, Paperstreet did all of this at an incredibly competitive price, while giving me amazing ‘hands-on’ customer service every step of the way. In short, Paperstreet exceeded all my expectations and gave me incredible “value for money!” I recommend them without hesitation! “…

Small Law Firm Web Design

PaperStreet has been involved in our work for many years. Their experience in search engine optimization is unmatched in my opinion. If you are looking for a company to optimize and market your website, I highly recommend PaperStreet!

Law Firm Website Design

There are so many good things I could say about this company, but I don’t think I have enough space. First let me start by saying that the business owner really cares about his customers. I felt like I was the only customer among thousands of customers. It speaks volumes about his character and work ethic. I’m a small business owner and getting a nice website seems out of my league. However, the Paperstreet team, including its owner, made sure my website was worth a million dollars. I received excellent service and my website looks great. The best part about this team is that they are a great company with a heart and a sense of what is right for each and every customer. I am more than happy with my website. I have been a lawyer for over 14 years and this is my first website ever. Finding the right company is important to me. I am very happy that Paperstreet has been able to offer and deliver such an amazing service. If there were a million stars I could give them I would.

I have worked on three different Paperstreet website projects and the experience has been excellent on each occasion. Pete, Gui and the team are reliable, accessible and the end product always looks professional and sophisticated. Also, the price is very reasonable and provides a really affordable way to design a beautiful website to market your law firm or business.

I have an old website that needs a major update and overhaul. I spent a lot of time researching different website builders and contacted Robin Tidrick of Paperstreet. I have to say, from start to finish, he was extremely supportive and kept telling me to take my time deciding who I would be with. After answering all my questions via email and on the phone and seeing a large portfolio of their work, I decided to go with them. I was immediately contacted by Gui Costa who walked me through the entire process and again like Robin answered all my questions. This is an amazing company with a great reputation for meeting customer needs. I only wish I had found them years ago!!!

I am a trial attorney and solo practitioner, so it was difficult to find time to complete the project due to my hectic schedule. Gui was very understanding and patient with me, however he continued to guide the course and kindly pushed me to see the project through to completion. I’m thankful he did because I couldn’t be more impressed with the final design. Within a day of launching my website, I received many positive reviews. I am very satisfied with Paperstreet, great job. I highly recommend their services.

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The Paperstreet Web Design team is top notch. All of their staff are highly knowledgeable and the best at what they do. I cannot recommend them more highly. From SEO to web design, online marketing and more, look no further. The people at Paperstreet are guaranteed to provide quality service for your design and marketing needs.

Our firm hired PaperStreet to build our new website and we chose the Law Firm Essentials product, which is affordable and has a relatively simple process to launch a website. We also ask them to help us with content. We shared with them our planned launch date, and they started by explaining how the process would go, what was expected of us, and an estimate of how long each milestone would take. We really wanted to meet our launch date, so we took our part of the project very seriously because when PaperStreet needed input, we gave it right back. One of the things we liked was the team. When we contacted Gui or Christine with a question or problem, they were always knowledgeable, very professional and quick to respond. In the end, we are satisfied with the customer service we received and the final product of our website. This was our first experience with PaperStreet. and we look forward to the opportunity to partner with PaperStreet again for other services in the future. If a law firm is only made up of a few people, those people have to juggle many different tasks, but website design should not be one of them. Your website is the face of your law firm on the internet, so it must make a good first impression. Instead of getting the grandchild who started his skateboard blog to design your site, you may want to consider hiring professionals. Law firm digital marketing professionals like us understand SEO for lawyers.

On The Map Marketing will highlight all the strengths and benefits of your law firm and make it easier for clients to contact you. They will also implement the necessary SEO (search engine optimization) tactics that will help you rank high on the Google search results page for your practice area in the general location where you work. In other words, a professional firm will give a personal touch to your small law firm’s website in the same way you give a personal touch to your clients.

As a small law firm, you undoubtedly have a lot of competition from other firms of all sizes, so you need to stand out from the crowd to let potential clients know that you are the lawyer. for them. The best way to attract new customers is to rank high in the Google SERP (search engine results page). As you know, any site with a high SERP ranking gets the most attention from users.

Woodard Law Firm Website

During this stage, one of our designers will work with you to work on the overall design and layout of your website. This is where you decide which parts and aspects of your practice you want to emphasize and the message or mission statement you want to convey. This is also where we decide on the different design elements that will make up the visual part of your site. After all, this is your website, we are here to serve you.

The Hero Picture: This is the big banner at the top of your website’s home page. There are several types to choose from, such as a carousel where different images scroll automatically or by user input. You can also have a video hero where you can have a short video that loops or a longer video that is triggered when the visitor hits play.

Call-To-Action (CTA) – CTA is one of the most important elements of any business website. For lawyers, the CTA should be short and attractive, you want visitors to become clients, so the CTA should be easy to find. We will make the call to action on your page very clear and effective.

Once you’ve chosen your various design elements, we’ll create a mockup of how your homepage will look and send it to you for evaluation before moving on to the next step in the process.

Law Firm Logos That Raise The Bar

This is the stage where we code and develop your website. We will ensure that your site loads as quickly as possible as a slow loading website is a turn off for most visitors. We will also design your website to be mobile responsive, so that it fits any screen it is viewed on, from PCs to laptops, tablets to smartphones.

There is no point in having a great website if no one sees it. This is why we use SEO to get your website ranked high on Google’s search engine results page (SERP). Higher ranking websites get the most clicks, and more clicks equal more potential customers.

High quality and regularly updated content is something that all the best small law firm websites have.

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