Small Living Room With Fireplace Design Ideas

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Having a living room with a fireplace automatically creates a focal point for your room. However, this can cause problems for your layout. How do you know where to put your sofa? Can you still have a TV? Should the TV go above the fireplace? In this blog, we will consider different options for decorating a living room with a fireplace.

Small Living Room With Fireplace Design Ideas

Small Living Room With Fireplace Design Ideas

In open layouts, the fireplace is usually placed in the center of the room. This arrangement is one of the simplest forms of decoration. Place the TV above the fireplace to enhance the existing visual focus and act as a focal point for entertainment.

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Your seating should be arranged in a U shape so that the large area opposite the fireplace feels warm and welcoming. I recommend looking for large, cozy areas where people want to sleep and watch movies by the fire.

Small Living Room With Fireplace Design Ideas

All the attention in the living room is focused on the fireplace, so the rest of your living room should be very simple. You can consider tall bookshelves near the TV and fireplace. But the final touch you add to your bookshelf or wall art should be simple. Filling up this space quickly will create clutter in your room.

With a corner stove, you have many interior design options. If you decide to place a TV in the living room, this arrangement allows you to use two focal points. When your fireplace is in the corner, you can place your TV on the main wall. To anchor this part of the room, it is recommended to have a media cabinet under the TV. If you can combine it with the architectural elements of the fireplace, it will go well.

Small Living Room With Fireplace Design Ideas

Top 10 Ideas On How To Decorate A Small Living Room

When it comes to furniture, you need to find a sectional. This integrated seating solution is the perfect way to keep everyone happy in this comfortable room. It has the added benefit of giving equal attention to both the corner stove and the adjacent TV.

As with our other examples, be careful not to overcrowd the room. You want to be sure that you can easily walk between all the pieces of furniture without bumping into anything. If you are expecting a lot of guests, you can add a coffee table, side table and maybe even a chair.

Small Living Room With Fireplace Design Ideas

If you have a small living room with a large fireplace, you may be confused about how to decorate it properly. I recommend combining one of the above-mentioned arrangement methods with a small curling iron in the living room. Here are some of my favorite tricks to make a small living room feel bigger.

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Do you have a living room that is not intended for real use? Depending on the age of your home, you may have a room with a fireplace that looks like a “living room.” It can be small, with few walls, many windows and a large fireplace. This awkward arrangement is not easy to decorate.

Small Living Room With Fireplace Design Ideas

What do you do Your sofa will look too heavy. There is no place for the TV anywhere. A chair may be the solution, but in what configuration?

In a small and cozy living room with a fireplace, it is recommended to place four matching armchairs around a simple coffee table. If the windows allow, consider surrounding the fireplace with bookshelves. Although it serves as an entertaining space and social space, you will find it more functional, comfortable and cozy than others.

Small Living Room With Fireplace Design Ideas

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Don’t let your oven let you down! Fireplaces add charm to any room, creating an instant focal point and coziness. One of the best ways to improve your vision during this process is to find your design style. Read on for 8 popular fashion styles explained – which one are you? More information.

Nov 18 May 18 How to Decorate a Folding Table for Thanksgiving My Latest Airbnb Design 1 Year Old Still Taking Orders! It’s no secret that decorating the living room in my house is difficult. This awkward arrangement of the living room annoyed me between the wall of sliding glass doors to the patio, the French doors and the fireplace. Yes, I can model it in a photo, but it feels boring to stand in the space. If you want to know how to place a living room with a fireplace and TV on the opposite wall, let’s sit down together and decide on placement options.

Small Living Room With Fireplace Design Ideas

This is my current living room arrangement. The sofa faces the TV and the stone fireplace remains the focal point of the room. I love how this message maker greets you when you enter.

A Living Room Layout With Fireplace Two Ways

The sofa is in front of the TV, but the fireplace still greets you as you enter the space.

Small Living Room With Fireplace Design Ideas

While this arrangement works well for us, we don’t like putting the couch in front of the sliding glass doors in the summer. We entertain outside and guests often run their hands over the back of the white couch or take off their slippers as they come in and out. I taped a towel over the couch to protect it.

Is seasonal streaming worth moving the couch and changing where you watch TV? Never. You have to organize and compromise if necessary to work in the living room. Run it every day, not in every situation.

Small Living Room With Fireplace Design Ideas

Clever Ideas For Chimney Breasts And Alcoves

A sofa faces the fireplace and two accent chairs face the TV on the opposite wall.

This furniture arrangement is a great way to keep your room formal yet comfortable. A sofa in front of the fire with a side table, while the TV remains on the opposite wall. Two booster seats float next to the sliding glass doors to keep traffic flowing. This is a good option if you have an open house.

Small Living Room With Fireplace Design Ideas

However, the awkward layout of my living room doesn’t allow for this with French doors and a wet bar with floating shelves. The sidewalk on both sides of the couch is a busy area, so I have to move the couch closer to the fireplace, which might make my conversation area smaller. This piece of furniture might work for you, but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me.

Interior Design Tips On How To Decorate A Small Living Room Like A Pro — Jenny Chohan Interiors

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Small Living Room With Fireplace Design Ideas

The formal living room layout has two sofas facing each other, but the focus remains the fireplace.

The idea of ​​two sofas facing each other in the living room has always fascinated me. It works well in a large living room or open plan space. It doesn’t work in my living room, but hears me outside in small spaces. Maybe instead of a sofa there are two cute seats facing each other. Can you squeeze in a chair or two for extra seating? But how about two ottomans instead?

Small Living Room With Fireplace Design Ideas

Fireplace Seating Ideas For The Ultimate Relaxing Space

Have you noticed that the fireplace is still the focus of the room? But what about television? This wildcard can be placed in 3 different places.

DESIGN TIP: If you have 3 chairs in your living room, two of them side by side, make sure these two chairs match, but the third accent chair should have a fun shape. This will give your space a cohesive and interesting look.

Small Living Room With Fireplace Design Ideas

If you have a small living room and the above living room layout doesn’t feel like you have enough space, the best way to fix it is to remodel. Remove a rocking chair. If this is not enough, remove the last table. This informal arrangement will give your living space an airy and modern design.

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There is no strict rule that the fireplace must be symmetrical, so I can play with this arrangement, separate the cabinets and give myself extra space… However, I love these cabinets.

Small Living Room With Fireplace Design Ideas

Does a sectional sofa work in your space? We had an Interior Define sofa in the living room with a loveseat and two vintage chairs. Such an arrangement of furniture was a good place to rest, sleep and study. In addition, the entire room remained a guest lounge.

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Small Living Room With Fireplace Design Ideas

Awesome Small Living Room Ideas With Fireplace

Now that we’ve got the living room layout out of the way, let’s measure your living space and focus on architectural features like windows, doors and fireplaces. This will help you decide which furniture will fit in the space and how to arrange it. I like rough sketches with exact measurements. Then I dust off my graphics

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