Social Work Bachelor Degree Programs

Social Work Bachelor Degree Programs – The study of social work enables you to develop the knowledge, skills, values ​​and experience required to work with individuals, families, groups and communities who are experiencing difficulties in their lives or whose actions lead to the involvement of statutory services. All over the world, society suffers from poverty, unemployment, unequal opportunities, racism, malnutrition, crime, domestic violence, drug addiction, mental illness and many other social problems that make it difficult for people to achieve their full potential. This is where social workers come in.

Social work is a helping profession. Social workers conduct sophisticated assessments of care, support and protection issues to strengthen and improve the lives of individuals and society. Social workers have a strong interest in human relations and a commitment to social justice, as well as well-developed social, empathic and communication skills. Social workers often work with other services, including health, education, housing, and the justice system.

Social Work Bachelor Degree Programs

In Malaysia,  government and non-government organizations provide employment opportunities for social workers. The Department of Social Welfare is controlled by the Malaysian government through the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, which is the country’s largest provider of social services. Social services include benefits and facilities, protection of children and vulnerable youth, treatment and rehabilitation of offenders and drug users, and support for senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

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Social services are an important part of all Malaysian social systems. NGOs play an important role in providing social services in Malaysia. Hundreds of NGOs have been established in the country to provide care and protection to vulnerable individuals, families and communities.

We have started offering social work program since 2003 through Social Science and Humanities departments and now we are the best recognized institution in social work training in Malaysia. We strive to meet the changing demands of the profession and contribute to the understanding and improvement of social work practice. We play a key role in advising on the future shape of social work services in Malaysia and contribute to reports leading to the development of the Social Work Act, which will be the key legislative framework for Malaysian social work in the future.

This program is designed to cover 3 years of study to give you a broad and flexible education.

Students must complete 121 credits – 60 credits are taken in program mandatory courses, 6 credits are taken in department mandatory courses, and the remaining 55 credits are taken in university and faculty mandatory courses.

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Students are taught and studied by academics who are (mostly) members of the social work academic community and other departments or faculties. You are expected to prepare in advance by reading the required materials and reflecting on the topics to be discussed, and your participation in the classes will be assessed. Students can participate in fieldwork opportunities throughout their studies, gaining a variety of social work experiences. Social service organizations, community settings and humanitarian activities.

Students will have a supervisor for the thesis who they can expect to guide and support, but the purpose of the thesis is to allow you to independently design and conduct a piece of research and analysis.

Industrial training is mandatory. It is an 8-week placement of students in an industry or outside organization (locally or abroad) providing social services.

If you are a Malaysian, you can apply for a graduate loan from the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN). PTPTN Loan is one of the best options for students looking for education loans with low interest rate. Additionally, if you achieve first class honors for your degree, your loan can be converted into a scholarship. The type and amount of financial aid you are eligible for depends on your program, the duration of your studies and your residency status. First in the Visayas region to offer a BS Social Work (BSSW) program as well as a Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW) program. Since 1965, it has produced thousands of social work professionals who are now active leaders and consultants in various fields of social welfare and social protection.

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CSW is managed by a team of competent and experienced academics and professionals. Our emphasis at the College of Social Work (CSW) is to develop students with a passion for humanity. The program provides them with the necessary knowledge, experiences and skills so that they can put this passion into action, i.e. building the capacities of individuals, groups and communities with the ultimate goal of creating change for themselves and their environment. Enhancing human capabilities and well-being and ultimately empowerment.

CSW recognizes the urgent need to educate a diverse student body that can serve as a responsive, innovative and creative resource in addressing specific social development needs of the region and in actively facilitating and influencing transformative change within themselves and in local and global communities.

CSW is committed to and actively seeks to attract a diverse student population and faculty. The philosophy of the profession and program is a commitment to social and economic justice and human rights. As such, the College does not discriminate on the basis of age, class, race, sex, color, religion, creed, culture, ethnic or national origin, disability, lifestyle, marital status, sexual orientation and political affiliation.

CSW has produced many topnotchers in the Social Work Board examinations. You will never be unemployed when you are a social worker. They are employed in various sectors (government and NGOs). Graduates or alumni are now occupying prestigious and important job positions. Yes, social workers meet different types of people, are exposed to unique cultures, and travel to different places.

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What makes CSW special? Students are considered ‘participants’ in the learning process. Critical thinking is encouraged. Technologically equipped learning infrastructure is maintained and updated. Above all, we follow the basic principles of social work: acceptance and personalization. CSW accepts you for who you are. We do not discriminate. We value diversity. You are treated as a special person. CSW is your second home or the home you never had. Change will never happen while you sit and wait. Instead, those who consistently fight on behalf of society’s most vulnerable—to identify, ameliorate, and find solutions to their plight—generate the forward-moving force that drives progress. If you recognize that advocacy is the first step to social and legislative change, and you want to translate your intense motivation and desire to help others into a career, Saginaw Valley State University’s Bachelor of Social Work degree program will foster your passion for serving urban, rural and suburban communities in the Great Lakes Bay Area.

Social work courses were introduced for the first time in 1970 and got national recognition in 1983. Our BSW degree inspires individuals to become agents of change through a program that combines the historical teachings of the field with a consistently recognized, modern social justice and advocacy-aware mindset. Designed to help you work toward a limited Bachelor of Social Work (LBSW) licensure in the state of Michigan, this format provides fieldwork, research, and experiential opportunities for your future calling, as well as mentorship from faculty inside and outside the classroom.

Through this combination, the BSW fully embraces your unwavering ambition: prepare for entry-level general social work roles in a range of industries or work toward a Master of Social Work (MSW). In both cases, the quality and preparation provided by the BSW program is known throughout the state and gives you the tools to make an impact in health, mental health, school systems, housing systems, child welfare, government, and private organizations. .

Advocacy and social justice run through the mission of the BSW program. We are dedicated not only to equipping leaders ready to take charge in health and human services agencies, but also to empowering individuals, families, groups and communities to continue the fight against homelessness, poverty and domestic violence, or to help those suffering from addiction. or mental illness.

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To achieve this outcome, this master’s degree is based on liberal arts and evidence-based, interdisciplinary social work methods that promote human rights and social, economic and environmental justice. The Department of Social Work and Youth Services recognizes that this field overlaps with other disciplines, and based on the Council on Social Work Education Academic Policy Accreditation Standards (EPAS), this 51-credit program begins with prerequisite courses in psychology, biology. and politics. Before science, and economics became the main focus of social welfare policy, human behavior and research methods in the social environment. Electives open doors to specialized areas of the field, allowing you to explore issues related to the family unit, health care, aging, and policymaking.

Learning beyond the classroom is a key component of the BSW program, with the goal of preparing our students to obtain licensure and enter the workforce. You’ll spend a total of 450 hours over two semesters in agency-based experience, where you’ll help clients in need. You will have the opportunity to engage in research with faculty, professional activities and service learning to further develop your skills.

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