Southwest Credit Card No Foreign Transaction Fee

Southwest Credit Card No Foreign Transaction Fee – Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great week. If you have the Chase Southwest Airlines Priority Credit Card, please read this post so you don’t make the same mistake I did. In addition to the sign-up bonus, this credit card has great benefits: $75 Southwest Airlines travel credit (can be used with the Southwest Airlines eGift Card), 4 upgraded boards, and 7,500 Southwest Airlines points for $149 per year. Wealth. Because the $75 travel credit and 7,500 Southwest Airlines points are worth at least $150 to me at Southwest Airlines, I keep the credit card open every year, even though I’ve only flown Southwest Airlines twice this year. In this post, I’ll show you everything you need to know about Advanced Boards and share my mistake of buying Earlybird Access.

Southwest® Upgraded Boarding: Will be reimbursed with the purchase of four upgraded boarding at positions A1-A15 each 10th anniversary year. Upgraded fares can be purchased through the Southwest app or at up to 24 hours prior to departure and up to 30 minutes prior to departure or at the departure gate or ticket counter on the day of departure, if available. The cost of an upgraded fare is based on your itinerary. Anniversary Year means the year beginning from the Account Opening Date, up to the first statement day following your Account Opening Anniversary, and each year thereafter for 12 monthly billing cycles. For accounts switching to this product, the account opening date is the date the switch is valid in the Chase system. After making a purchase with your Southwest Rapid Rewards® Priority Card, you will receive a statement credit for the cost of upgraded boarding. A credit statement and an advanced board purchase should not be submitted on the same statement; Please allow up to eight weeks for the credit statement(s) to be posted to your account. You can purchase all four upgraded boardings at once or on separate flights; You will only be reimbursed with statement credits for the first four upgraded boards purchased during your anniversary year. The account must be open and not in error when the statement credit is posted to your account.

Southwest Credit Card No Foreign Transaction Fee

Long story short, I was flying from Honolulu (HNL) to Oakland (OAK) with my brother last weekend and a nice boarding to get my favorite seat on Southwest Airlines (middle seat in the exit row) wanted to find the position. No window seats in row). I bought EarlyBird Check-In for $20 and paid with my Chase Southwest Airlines Priority Credit Card. Earlybird check-in will automatically check in to your flight 36 hours before departure – so I thought I’d find a good place to board A and get a refund. I was wrong on both assumptions.

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After waiting 2 weeks for a refund, I contacted Chase to see what was going on. The Chase rep knew more about this credit card than I did and the rep told me that EarlyBird Check-In is not the same as upgraded rides and that my EarlyBird Check-In was not eligible for a refund. I apologized for my ignorance, but it didn’t help. The representative told me that I still have time to use the 4 upgrade boards before my Cardmember year ends in February 2023.

On the phone with a Chase representative, I found a Southwest Airlines Upgraded Boarding Information page that answered all of my questions. Here are some useful FAQs about the difference between EarlyBird check-in and advanced boarding.

36 hours before my HNL-OAK flight, I got an email that my boarding pass was ready and I got to A47. A47, what happened?! I was expecting single digit boarding group A. My brother has Southwest Airlines A-List status, didn’t get that at all, and he still gets the A27. What?!

I did some digging on the Southwest Airlines Tiers & More page, which talks about A-List and A-List Preferred Status. The main benefit is “priority ride,” so I clicked the Read More button to see how it works.

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The Express Rewards Program Terms and Conditions page states the following regarding A-List and A-List Preferred Boarding:

Once a member qualifies for A-List or A-List Preferred status, Southwest will automatically reserve a boarding space for that member and provide all passengers with each member’s confirmed Southwest- will be included in the reservation with that member 36 hours prior to the flight west (“Priority Boarding”). ,

Long story short, if you have A-List or A-List Preferred status, Southwest Airlines will automatically check you in 36 hours before departure. It seems that the A-List and A-List Preferred members are automatically checked in and non-elite who buy Earlybird Check-in are automatically checked in, which tells me my brother Why got A27 (A-List) and I got A47 (Earlybird Entry).

Since I still had 4 advanced boardings to use before February 2023, I went to Southwest Airlines’ advanced boarding page and purchased an advanced boarding to confirm the A1-A15 boarding status.

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Prices for upgraded rides depend on the route and range from $30-$50. My upgraded HNL-OAK board cost me $50, but got me a ride on the A6. Now let’s talk!

In case you’re wondering, I was able to get my preferred seat in the exit row on the HNL-OAK flight and Southwest Airlines gave all passengers an on-board snack pack with 4-5 snacks. When I went to the bathroom during the flight, the flight attendants were working at the back of the plane. I told them I really like the wallets and asked if they carry them on flights to/from airport. He said yes and asked if I would like another snack pack. Yes, please!

Here’s the confirmation email showing the $50 advanced ride purchase. Earlybird check-in and advanced fare purchase are both non-refundable and I think you lose the benefits if you cancel your booking. I was able to rebook my reservation with EarlyBird check-in on the exact same flight at a lower price and retain EarlyBird check-in because the record finder remained the same.

After posting my $50 Enhanced Boarding purchase to my credit card, I automatically received a $50 Enhanced Boarding statement credit.

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By clicking on Advanced Ride Transactions, I earned 3x on purchases as well (3 x $50 = 150 points). If you have upgraded boards that you don’t really need but are expiring soon, try to use them before they expire so you can earn free Southwest Airlines points.

Then I went to the Southwest Airlines Priority Credit Card Rewards Portal and saw that I had already used the Southwest Airlines Priority Credit Card Travel Credit and 1 of the 4 upgrade boards.

Long story short, don’t buy Earlybird check-in by mistake it’s the same as advanced boarding. You won’t get the best ride and you won’t get a refund either. If you have any questions about increased fares or the Chase Southwest Airlines Premium Credit Card, please leave a comment below. Have a great day everyone!

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