Spreadsheet Modeling And Decision Analysis 8th Edition

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Valuable software, realistic examples, clear writing, and engaging topics help you master essential spreadsheet and business analysis skills with SPREADSHEET Modeling and Decision Analysis, 8E. You’ll find everything you need to master today’s most widely used business analysis techniques using Microsoft Office Excel 2016. Author Cliff Ragsdale — a respected innovator in business analytics — guides you through the skills you need to use the latest Excel for Windows. . Easy to follow examples using step-by-step instructions and annotated screenshots help you learn what you’ve learned. World of Management Science modules show how each topic applies to a real company. Each new release includes expanded trial licenses for the analytics solutions platform and XLMiner, powerful simulation and optimization tools for descriptive and prescriptive analytics, and a complete suite of data mining tools in Excel.

Spreadsheet Modeling And Decision Analysis 8th Edition

1. Introduction to Modeling and Decision Analysis. 2. Introduction to Optimization and Linear Programming. 3. Modeling and solving LP problems in a spreadsheet. 4. Sensitivity analysis and simplex method. 5. Network modeling. 6. Integer Linear Programming. 7. Goal programming and multi-objective optimization. 8. Non-Linear Programming and Evolutionary Optimization. 9. Regression analysis. 10. Data Mining. 11. Time series forecasting. 12. Introduction to Simulation Using Analytical Solution Platform. 13. Queuing principle. 14. Decision Analysis. 15. Project Management (Online).

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Spreadsheet Modeling & Decision Analysis:

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Ph.D. Program of Business Administration in Industrial Development, Chaoyang University of Technology, 168, Jifeng E. Road, Wufeng District, Taichung City 413310, Taiwan

Received: 7 February 2022 / Revised: 18 March 2022 / Accepted: 22 March 2022 / Published: 23 March 2022

In many industries and facilities, a stable supply system with acceptable cost/benefit is essential. This paper investigates the cost-effectiveness of a reliable retry system that includes standby generators and deals with transition failures of standby generators. Four different standby retry configurations are included, and each configuration includes different numbers of primary and standby generators. On arrival, the failed generator is repaired immediately if the server is available. Otherwise, the failed generator will go to class. A server is subject to failure even when the server is idle. Time-to-failure and steady-state availability expressions are derived and compared for each configuration. We also compare the cost/benefit ratio between the four configurations. The developed results can provide managers with a decision reference for stable power supply systems and cost reduction.

Spreadsheet Modeling & Decision Analysis + Lms Integrated Mindtap Business Statistics 1 Term

A robust power supply system with acceptable cost/benefit is a fundamental component for high-tech manufacturing plants (called fabs), which play an important role in modern industries such as packaging and testing, IC design and wafer foundries. For factories, a stable supply system is essential to remain competitive. Liu et al. [1] applied a test-retry system with standby switching failure to model the power supply system for a fab. In their work, maintenance servers are considered reliable. They applied complementary variable techniques to obtain clearer expressions of steady-state availability. However, in real-world applications, a maintenance server may malfunction, but it can be repaired. To address this issue, in this paper, we extend the work of Liu et al. [1] In the case of an unreliable maintenance server. As we know, the more features of a system we consider at the same time, the more difficulty we have in modeling the system and deriving the equations. Therefore, the research model has not yet been studied in the literature. Additionally, we obtain explicit expressions of time-to-failure and steady-state availability for each configuration. Four different standby retry configurations are included, and each configuration includes different numbers of primary and standby generators. In addition to obtaining steady-state availability expressions for each configuration, we also obtain and compare time-to-failure expressions for each configuration.

Due to the practical application of test retry lines, more and more researchers have drawn attention to test retry systems. For existing works related to retesting systems, interested readers may refer to Fallin and Templeton [2], Artlejo [3], Artlejo and Gomez-Corral [4], Yang and Chang [5], Chen [6], Chen and Wang . 7], Yang and Tsao [8], Fung-Duk [9], and references therein. Recently, Yen, Wang, and Wu [10] examined the system availability and sensitivity analysis of test-retry queues with functional analyzes operating under policy F. Comparison of incomplete coverage and cost/benefit between these four test-retest systems. Gao and Wang [12] studied a reliable retry machine system with mixed waiting and optimized the cost-effectiveness ratio. Wu and Yang [13] constructed a maintainable system with hot waiting and incomplete switching and evaluated its availability and reliability. Hirata et al. [14] presented an evaluation method for failure time variance in a redundant two-component queuing priority system, extending the idea by evaluating the mean time to failure proposed in previous research. They proposed a procedure to obtain the reliability function in a system based on the maximum entropy principle using the mean time to failure and the difference in failure time. Liu et al. [15] studied a K-out-of-N retry system with mixed queue elements and a single maintenance server under Bernoulli holiday scheduling. They derived the steady-state availability, reliability function, and time to failure using vector Markov processes and Laplace transform theory.

In a real maintainable queuing system the queuing process may not be perfect, as described by Lewis [16]. Kuo and Kay [17] constructed three unreliable standby systems with switch failures and compared the cost/benefit ratio and availability among the three systems. What and others. [18] modeled a machine maintenance system incorporating standby switching failure in which the overall maintenance time is considered and a cost function is constructed to find the optimal system parameters. Using complementary variables, Li [19] studied the availability analysis of a redundancy model with normal maintenance time, switching failure and intermittent maintenance. Other research works in this line include Shekhar et al. [20], Kay et al.

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