Stanford Online Masters Data Science

Stanford Online Masters Data Science – Stanford’s new master’s program in education data science will equip students to interpret the data of school districts, universities and technology companies. (Photo: Laurence Dutton/iStock)

When it comes to understanding how people learn, data is essential—and becoming ubiquitous, as school districts, universities, and education technology companies collect increasingly complex student behavioral data.

Stanford Online Masters Data Science

However, few education professionals have the skills to produce the best data. And few data scientists understand the lay environment well enough to interpret this data or even know what questions to ask.

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In a groundbreaking move to bridge this gap, the Stanford Graduate School of Education (GSE) is launching a new master’s program in educational data science, the first program of its kind to focus specifically on using data to solve non-academic challenges.

“Without data, it is nearly impossible to provide feedback to students, faculty and policymakers that supports continuous improvement,” said Daniel Schwartz, the I. James Quillen Dean and the Nomellini and Olivier Professor of ucational Technology at GSE. “The new master’s program in educational data science will create the talent we need to take the vast amount of data generated today and apply it to new teaching opportunities.”

The 18-month master’s degree program is currently recruiting students for its first cohort, starting in fall 2021. GSE has also introduced a track for PhD students interested in focusing on computer science.

“With the abundance and new forms of data we’re generating now, we can get a more detailed picture of how people learn.”

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The use of data has exploded in all areas of research and industry in recent years, and ukation is no exception. The increasing use of technology in teaching and learning has created many data sets – and with them opportunities to improve and adapt training.

Consider the widespread use of online learning platforms, which provide schools and technology companies with rich data about the learning experience. Clickstreams, discussion forums, even video and audio recordings reveal information about how students interact with the content and each other.

At the same time, advances in brain science research are beginning to increase our understanding of the spectrum of student abilities. And while many schools have long relied on “thin” measures of learning and engagement, such as test results and attendance records, new tools make it possible to capture more nuance and breadth, information about student learning and the effectiveness of different teaching methods.

“With the amount and new forms of data we’re generating now, we can get a much more detailed picture of how people learn,” said Sanne Smith, a GSE teacher and director of bag. master’s degree program. “The infrastructure to collect and analyze data is just beginning to emerge. We don’t have the professionals who can mine this kind of data, organize it, visualize it and analyze it.

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The master’s program grew out of a new strategic initiative from GSE called Transforming Education with Data, which supports research and innovations in the emerging fields of educational data science and learning analytics. . The GSE initiative connects a computer science-focused university emerging from the Long-Range Vision to develop data science tools to address scientific and societal challenges.

The new degree in educational computer science brings together researchers from many disciplines – not only education and computer science, but also engineering, linguistics, sociology, psychology, political science and economics.

The particular focus on education also sets this program apart from others that prepare students more generally for a career in computer science—a focus that supports students in developing technical skills as well. to build a professional community.

“You learn a lot when you practice something you love,” Smith said. “In this program, students study computer science with a group of peers who are also passionate about education. At the same time, they create a network of colleagues who also care about education.”

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Combining academic coursework with real-world experience, the program begins with core courses in computer science and educational theory and practice before students enter more specialized tracks. During the summer, students can work with the faculty as a research assistant or do an internship at a company or institution, for example a school district’s central office, educational policy think tank or a technology company.

“These organizations have professionals who can analyze the data and ask the right questions,” Smith said. “There is a lot of untapped potential out there, in terms of different types of training data and the ability to use it to shed new light on problems. This program opens up new opportunities for the field.”

December 15, 2022 Stanford-l Center Honors for Innovation in Uncational Neuroscience Announcements | Rewards | Brain and learning science The master’s degree program in electrical engineering provides advanced preparation for professional practice through a customizable, course-based curriculum.

The information on this page is intended for external applicants who wish to take the MS degree full-time. See below for other MS admission processes in the department.

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Are you a current Stanford student? S Coterm Admissions Overview Are you a current graduate student at Stanford outside the department? S Adds MS overview

[1] Review eligibility guidelines [2] Prepare required materials [3] Submit your application [4] Submit official materials [5] Check application status

The MS program in Electrical Engineering leads to a terminal degree. Students wishing to enter the PhD program must apply through the general PhD admissions process.

• MS students complete 45 study units based on an individually designed course plan that satisfies the department’s depth, breadth and technical course requirements. There is no requirement for a thesis.

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The Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program is designed to build an interdisciplinary community of Stanford students dedicated to finding creative solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. The program honors up to 100 high-achieving students each year with full funding to pursue a graduate degree at Stanford, including the M.S. and Ph.D. in electrical engineering. To be considered, you must apply by the Knight-Hennessy Scholars application deadline, and apply separately to the Electrical Enginring department. Have fun! You can get all this and more from one particular service… It’s called Grad School and it’s available for rent.

A year and a half ago, I enrolled in a CS-related graduate program for professionals at Stanford, and finally finished it in December. Here is my shiny new certificate. In total, I took 4 courses, and I completed 5 quarters (I took summer vacation.) In this post, I will describe this program if you are interested.

SCPD is the Stanford Center for Professional Development. Here is their website. They offer courses on a variety of topics, from Foundations of Computer Science, to Cybersecurity Strategy. I enrolled in the artificial intelligence program with courses from the computer science department.

In this and most other SCPD programs, you only take classes with other Stanford students: you listen to lectures (online), submit assignments (written solutions to math problems or computer code), get grades, take exams and midterms, and discuss problems with teaching assistants.

Stanford Launches New Master’s Degree Program In Education Data Science

Each course takes fifteen minutes to complete. I completed 4 courses in 5 quarters because I wanted summer vacation. I’m sure there is a general time limit, but I can’t find any reference to it now.

Usually, each program offers several courses and you must complete a set of courses. As an example, for the AI ​​certificate you need to complete 4 of the 14 offered by the AI ​​certificate: one compulsory (CS221 Artificial Intelligence: Principles and Techniques) and three optional courses. The set of courses offered has been updated to keep up with the times.

You do not need to complete the certificate program; in fact, you can only take the classes you want and it’s easier​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​You still have to go through the same registration steps, but the expectations will be easier.

When you finish the program, you will get a piece of paper like the one above. And if you show it on LinkedIn, you’ll have a Stanford icon next to your profile 😉

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Expect a lot of hard work when you go for the certificate (if you’re just taking classes, choose your own expectations). The requirements listed on the certificate page are strict, so please review them.

There are so many guides, there is Into Data Science, there are books and free videos online… But there are things you can only get through guided education in a reputed institution.

If paying money for things or spending $5k without first doing your research isn’t your thing, you can get a lot of education for free or at least try the course before you buy.

It’s crazy how much of this is available for free. As here are the full lecture notes for CS231n. There are lecture notes for other classes as well. The lecture notes for CS229 are a book’s worth of “classical ML” basics.

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And of course, in addition to Stanford, there are other resources where you can learn about ML. Consider Google

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