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You don’t have to quit your job or move to a new city to graduate from a top university. We’ve partnered with leading universities so you can earn the same degree, complete the same curriculum, and learn from the same top faculty and professionals as students on campus. Choose from online bachelor’s and master’s degrees in today’s most in-demand fields.

State Universities With Online Doctoral Programs

With 100% online learning, tuition for most degrees hosted on the platform is independent of residency status. In fact, many schools offer affordable tuition for free, and you may qualify for scholarships, employer tuition benefits, or financial aid. Find financial resources to fund your degree and get the support you need to achieve your learning goals.

The Continents States University

Start your graduate journey before you officially apply. Take university pre-approved courses, majors and certificates and earn credits* towards applicable degrees. If you choose to apply and are accepted, the courses you complete will count toward your requirements. Because online content is “layered,” you can complete your degree and achieve your goal on your own terms.

The online degree is powered by technology that helps create meaningful interactions with teachers and peers. From online lectures to asynchronous, self-paced classes, you choose the one that’s right for you. At every stage of your learning journey, you have access to a dedicated online student support group, course tutors and peer network.

Every hour of every week, you join a live global classroom. You will not only listen to what we have to say, but also engage in interactive discussions with the teachers. You will work on real accounting problems.

I am happy to have the opportunity to work at one of the best universities on my own schedule. It will improve my life and that of my family in general and help me develop my career according to the latest technology trends.

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In our program, we combine the expertise of faculty who provide concrete ideas and frameworks with the experience of experienced entrepreneurs who act as mentors.

I spent my first week studying in Africa without cell or Wi-Fi. All content can be pre-downloaded.

The theoretical background gained in the Illinois MCS program allows these ideas to be applied in everyday life.

*Each university determines the pre-approved number of transfer credits that may count toward degree requirements in accordance with institutional policy. As a member of the Texas State University System, Lamar University has been educating students since 1923. Lamar University is a comprehensive public institution. Educating a diverse student body, preparing students for leadership and lifelong learning in a multicultural world. Lamar University Online strives to improve the future of Southeast Texas; Country; the nation; The world through teaching, research and creative activity and service.

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Lamar University is located in Beaumont, Texas. The region’s lush subtropical climate makes it an ideal place for students to explore. Students can enjoy their free time and go hiking in nature, enjoy warm beach days, go shopping or bathe the baby! Beaumont County offers a diverse list of things to do.

In the fall of 2015, Lamar University enrolled 14,965 students. 9,215 enrolled as undergraduates and 5,750 as graduate students.

Of the same students, 69% chose to attend school full-time. The remaining 31% received part-time education.

Among undergraduate students, 58% are women and 42% are men. The majority of undergraduate students (71%) were 24 years of age or younger. 19% of these students only participated in distance learning, such as online courses. An additional 30% participated in distance learning.

Master Of Arts

For master’s students, 81% of students continued their studies part-time. 19% chose to attend full-time. 71% of the enrolled master’s students participated only in distance learning. Another 8% will use some distance learning options.

Lamar University accepted 79% of 4,529 applicants to its undergraduate programs. 83% of men and 76% of women.

The required SAT and ACT test scores vary depending on your class rank. For example, students who are in the top 10% of their class do not need to pass the minimum score for admission. Students may be asked to submit a composite SAT score of 930-1080 or an ACT score of 18-21.

Similar criteria apply to graduate students. When applying to the graduate program, you will need to submit the following.

Degree Of Deception: When A Doctorate Is Just A Credit Card Away

Depending on the specific project you are doing, you may need additional materials. For more information, visit the specific program department page.

Lamar University had a 58% first-time enrollment rate from Fall 2014 to Fall 2015. This number does not include students who transferred to LU, attended another university or started part-time studies. 64% of students who started their studies in 2015 could be considered full-time, first-time students.

An education at Lamar University is possible even for students who cannot travel to the campus in Beaumont, Texas. Working students, students with family responsibilities, and geographically restricted students can access Lamar University and gain the opportunity to participate in higher education through online courses and programs.

The convenience of online web training means you can earn a college degree without leaving the community you know or the job you value. Online learning builds on the investment you’ve already made in coursework, meaning you’re that much closer to having the credentials you need to progress.

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With extensive experience in providing education through the Internet, Lamar University is ready to open new doors of opportunity for adults like you, connecting you with the best professors and curriculum you need to thrive.

At Lamar University, you can expect excellent student support services to help you succeed in your online courses.

77% of full-time, entry-level undergraduate students in 2014-2015. received some financial assistance. That means 1,084 students have received financial aid for their first year of college.

77% of these students received financial aid through grants or scholarships. Students received the following interdisciplinary assistance from the following sources:

Arizona State University Online

50% of students also received financial assistance from student loans. These students received an average of $6,273 in financial aid from federal and other student loan providers.

It should also be noted that students who live in the following states may pay lower in-state tuition.

As of fall 2015, Lamar University had 490 full-time and 105 part-time faculty members. 486 full-time teachers and 100% part-time teachers devote their time exclusively to teaching students. 4 faculty who are engaged in research or community service while on campus.

Lamar University hires graduate assistants to teach and assist professors in their research. In the fall of 2015, LU hired a total of 204 graduate assistants. Of these, 98 spent their time teaching and 106 assisted in research projects.

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In addition to classes, Lamar University fosters a unique collegial environment. These include valuable student services, extracurricular activities and campus events. Below are some things you can use during LU!

Many LU students spread the love by volunteering in South Texas. Programs partner with local non-profit organizations to contribute to the surrounding community. Students can participate in short, afternoon-long volunteer programs. Or they can volunteer their services for an entire semester or academic year!

Lamar Athletics get a lot of support from their Cardinals fans. There are many ways to get involved in sports on the LU campus. Lamar University has the following sports teams.

Lamar University is pleased to be a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity College (SOC) Consortium. As a member of the SOC, Lamar University is committed to helping members of the armed forces access its training programs and services through consistent, expedited procedures. These include transferring appropriate credits from other SOC member institutions, granting credit for relevant military training or experience, and providing flexible residency requirements and enrollment priority.

Thomas Edison State University

Lamar University is mindful of the needs of its military students. LU’s online courses are designed to provide flexibility and ease of transition for our service members.

Lamar University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. SASCOC is the Southern Regional Accreditation Organisation. The institute encourages schools to continuously improve the quality and effectiveness of the degree programs they offer. This includes providing new resources, programs or services for students to use.

LU Online offers students an alternative way to pursue their academic goals. These often accelerated courses can be a convenient way for students to begin or return to education.

Undergraduate students may accelerate 8-week semester sessions. Or they can choose to participate in a regular 15-week semester session. These students can study some of the following bachelor’s degree programs as part of online education at LU.

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The graduate program offers equally convenient degree program options. Also LU Online

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