Studio Apartment Dining Area

Studio Apartment Dining Area – Studio apartments are very common in Sweden Do you still think this post will change your mind? Because today’s home tour will show you how to create a luxurious look in a studio apartment.

On the best street in central Gothenburg, this luxury studio apartment I am sure you will be happy to know that the apartment complex dates back to 1904 and the original features have been preserved.

Studio Apartment Dining Area

Studio Apartment Dining Area

Newly renovated studio apartment with 3.5 meter ceiling height, decorated with beautiful ceiling ornaments. The color scheme is blue with shades of grey, which feels really luxurious, calm and natural.

Small Studio Apartment In Rio Designed With Multifunction In Mind

The studio is big (or small) at 34 square meters, but it has a great layout with a clear living area and a separate sleeping area.

Studio Apartment Dining Area

The entire studio is painted “Shadow Blue” in a beautiful shade of Jotun Blue with the well-decorated ceiling painted in a soft shade of gray to create a soft and cozy look.

The kitchen is IKEA The kitchen cabinets were made by Carpenter and painted a soft gray color It is combined with a limestone worktop

Studio Apartment Dining Area

How To Decorate A Small Apartment: 10 Secrets

The studio apartment has a spacious alcove, big enough for a double bed. For a harmonious look, the alcove apartment is painted blue like the others

The sleeping alcove has no windows and is a really cozy nook. You can easily create more privacy (or feel like a one-bedroom apartment) by covering the corner with a screen or glass wall.

Studio Apartment Dining Area

The built-in cupboards are painted the same shade of blue as the walls, bringing them together and therefore less bulky and important. The cupboards have 20th century brass fittings.

Moveable Tables Were Designed For This Small Apartment So They Can Change From Kitchen Counter Seating To A Dining Table

The bathroom has also been updated, it is not large, but very functional with a white gray hexagonal tile combined with white floor tiles.

Studio Apartment Dining Area

Every inch of space is used, and the space next to the sink is perfect for a glass shelf

The ceiling is painted black for a bit of contrast and the bathroom is painted black to make it look better. Adding a dining area to an existing small urban apartment can sometimes feel overwhelming. It’s easy to understand why many homeowners struggle to create the perfect dining area in a small apartment where every square inch counts. . But with the right amount of creativity and proper planning, you can easily add a smart dining area without wasting too much space. This cute little space doubles as a workspace in a small apartment or serves as a cozy conversation piece when needed. The idea here is to create a dining space that communicates seamlessly with the kitchen, living space and other areas adjacent to it.

Studio Apartment Dining Area

How To Maximize Space In A Studio Apartment

Small apartment dining rooms come in a variety of sizes and styles, and it’s definitely not a special room surrounded by four walls. It is part of the open plan living that communicates with the adjacent kitchen or sits in the corner, helping you escape the crowd around you. The size and style of the dining area depends on your personal preferences and your lifestyle. If you are looking for clever ideas that will redefine your small apartment, these unique dining spaces are really useful.

Combining the dining area with the kitchen is one of the easiest and best ways to design small apartments. Here you can not only save space, but also create an ergonomic arrangement that makes both the kitchen and the dining area feel like one. A simple style helps a lot or for those who don’t need a dedicated and spacious dining area, a small breakfast area is fine. It doubles as a cozy dining space for couples, and you don’t have to dedicate extra space to a dedicated dining room.

Studio Apartment Dining Area

In a small apartment, a flood of natural light makes a big difference, and placing the dining area next to a window gives it extra, charming panache. It allows you to enjoy the views outside after sunrise and take in the city skyline. A window seat with built-in storage can make this small dining area more functional, while a splash of bright color looks great in this light-filled area.

Ways To Divide A Studio Apartment Into Multiple Rooms

When it comes to space-saving dining tables, nothing beats a round table with a pedestal stand. This frees up leg space and the lack of edges allows the chairs to be retracted when not in use. A small, round, white dining table dressed in neutral colors is the perfect addition to an open plan. If you feel that a round table is not for you, you may want to give an oval dining table a shot as it is usually a space saver.

Studio Apartment Dining Area

A pendant light above the small dining area not only illuminates it beautifully, it creates a space within the large open plan living that has its own personality and helps define the space without using any boundaries. A large pendant in a small dining area is a hot trend right now and you can easily try it as it elevates the dining area, while a large pendant anchors the space in style.

Creating the perfect dining area in a small apartment means finding a solution that works best for you. Sometimes it’s in a corner to create more space for all the other furniture in the apartment. There are times when a small dining area sits at the center of everything and becomes the showstopper. Make sure the style of the dining area The living space and adjacent dining room are matched to create a more curated apartment.

Studio Apartment Dining Area

Before & After Of Our Small Apartment Dining Space

Sherry is a blogger who wants to live her life to the fullest. She enjoys everything related to modern trends in design, decorating and style. nurtured his interest in exploring relationships […] designed movable tables for this small. apartment so they can sit at the kitchen counter and move to the dining table

Pedro Haruf Architects designed a small apartment in Belo Horizonte, Brazil for a young manufacturing engineer who needed to make the most of the interior layout.

Studio Apartment Dining Area

An apartment with an open-plan kitchen and living room doesn’t have enough interior space for a dining area.

Red And Brown Tones In A Small Apartment With A Kitchen Inside A Niche Space

As a solution to this problem, there are two thin tables with four chairs between the living room and the kitchen. These tables also have wheels, which make them easy to move.

Studio Apartment Dining Area

When the coffee table is moved, the other two tables on wheels can be relocated to serve as dining tables and use the open seating area. Another advantage of these tables is that they can be moved by the window to create a desk when needed

A look at the rest of the apartment, which includes wood floors, green MDF accent walls and a wood accent bedroom. All prices were correct at the time of publication

Studio Apartment Dining Area

Who Needs A Dining Room In A Condo, Right?

When a home turns into an office and that home is on the small side, you need to find double-duty furniture that works hard for you. In the kitchen, that means finding a table that’s a work table as well as a dining table. It should be perfect for smaller spaces, but roomy (and stylish) enough to take those Zoom meetings.

However, finding said table is easier said than done – and that’s where we come in. We’re constantly on the lookout for small-space solutions, so below, we’ve rounded up some of the best small-space dining tables. Perfect for working out

Studio Apartment Dining Area

There’s a lot to love about this modern-yet-vintage table from Wayfair: how it blends shapes with its rounded top and cross-sectional base, how it combines MDF wood and powder-coated metal, and how it oozes style. Fits any home… but the best part is the small size. You can fit four on this desk, but if you need to use it for work, you’ve got all the room you need to spread out and work.

A Studio Apartment With An Urban Style Dining Room

Go simple and classic with this square, oak-finishing table from Walmart. It’s clean, basic design – a square top and four sturdy, square legs – does it.

Studio Apartment Dining Area

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