Systems Analysis And Design Course

Systems Analysis And Design Course – 1 System Analysis and Design Course Overview Hafid Agoram Wednesday: 18:00-21:00 Room: H303 Phone: Front Office: Hamilton 218 Hours: MW: 9-11 Learning Focus: This course covers the information systems development process in detail. | Management Perspective The MIS application development process (system life cycle) is covered in detail from the planning stage to the implementation stage. Students have to do a time-bound team project. The project consists of combining all IS development phases into one case. The project presentation is scheduled at the end of the semester. Project details will be given in the third week of the course. Text and Reading: Systems Analysis and Design, Second Edition, Alan Dennis and Barbara Haley Wixon, Wiley, ISBN Other References and Readings: Assigned or shared in class. The class uses a number of exercise case studies to facilitate students’ understanding and application of key theories and concepts. All students are welcome to all classes Student assessment:

2 The student’s work during the semester is evaluated as follows: Grade: Percentage 1. Midterm exam 20% 2. Class work (2) 15% 3. Team work 30% 3. Final exam 35% Class participation: Total: 100 classroom participation % Student participation is very encouraging You should read and come to class prepared to discuss specific material Good preparation allows you to discuss specific readings and cases and participate constructively in experiential exercises. Detailed course overview: An overview of the topics covered in the course is shown on the following pages This allows you to get an overview of the content and show the deadlines for various readings and class preparation assignments and tests. Stealing is cheating! This is a violation of University policy and strict action will be taken Students should ensure that all work and word work is authentic and properly credited and documented.

Systems Analysis And Design Course

3 Class Dates Chapter Topic January 1 January 9 Relationships between Business Processes, Manufacturing Processes and Information Systems January 2 Chapters 16 January 3, 4 and 5 January 23, 30 Chapters 6 and 13 Chapter 4, 5 System Development Methodology Planning and SDLC Analysis Phases (System Development Life Cycle Task 1 distributed on February 6, 6 and 7 and 27. March 12 Chapter 6 System Design Strategy Choice February 20 Project Start Midway User Interface Design User Interface Design Process Navigation Design Input Design Output Design Task 2 27. Database Storage Data Storage Format Optimized Data Station Design Structure Diagram Program Specification Task 2 12. Construction Management Programming Design Test Submission Documentation Task 3. Installation Transformation Management Distribution Management Post Implementation Activities 13 Apr 09 Project Presentation

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4 VIII semester project (group) requirement: Find a small organization that uses an information system application that you can work with in this course. The system should be small and needs more development You can also find an organization that doesn’t have one and doesn’t have it and wants to have one Finally you can employ a virtual case A 2-page document must be submitted to the class with the following information Each team member’s name Each team member’s phone number Organization Name A description of the business process or existing information system you plan to work with. Task: Develop information systems that support one or more business processes The DFD should have at least 8 processes or modules The data model should contain at least 10 entities 1 Prepare a system query for IS 2 Discuss the analysis strategy you used in the project (BPA, BPI, BPR). 3 Provide a detailed discussion of the stages of project initiation in the project planning phase. 4. Provide a detailed discussion of the project management stages of the project planning stage. Perform an estimate to estimate the time required to implement the system, the time for the planning phase, and use industry standards to estimate the duration of the remaining phases of the project. (20% planning, 30% analysis, 25% design, 25% execution). You need to compare this time estimate with the actual time spent on the project 5. Develop the context of the business process DFD 6 Develop a level 1 DFD 7. Develop a level 2 DFD for the two processes 8. Develop a level 1 physical DFD 9 Consider possible organizations in this industry Draw a table showing each entity with its corresponding properties 10 Develop a data model of entity relationships 11 Define relationships between diagram entities (business rules). 12. Development of a relational database design model (ERD). You must draw all the tables and clearly identify the keys You must justify the choice of keys 13 Develop the architectural design of the system 14 Describe the software and hardware specifications 15 Develop the system interface diagram.

Creating a system structure diagram 17 Developing a program specification for each module of the structure diagram At least five rows must be entered in each table and the tables must be connected with each other. 19 Run at least 10 different SQL statements on the data in the database 20 Don’t forget to give me the CD containing your database and queries. The final report should include the following: TIME: April 8, 2008. Cover page b. Contents c. Body: 1-20 points over d. Theory e. CD containing the system

PERANCANGAN SISTEM INFORMASI Session 9 Programming Based on Systems Analysis and Design Second Edition Author :: Alan Dennis and Barbara Haley Wixom Publisher :: John Wiley & Sons Computers

School of Business, Administration, and Information Sciences Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus Department of Computer Science CS 649 Database Management Systems Fall 2011 Course Schedule: Thursday

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General Information: ISM 4113: System Analysis and Design Course Syllabus Class Times: Tuesday, Thursday 9:35 11:30 Class Location: HVNR 240 Professor: Dr. Office of Aditya Mukherjee; Phone: STZ 360, 39-20648

Systems Analysis Design Third Edition Alan Dennis Indiana University Barbara Haley Wixom University of Virginia Roberta M .

General Information: ISM 4210: Database Management Course Syllabus Class Times: Tuesday, Thursday 9:35 11:30 Class Location: HVNR 240 Professor: Dr. Office of Aditya Mukherjee; Phone: STZ 360, 39-20648

Philadelphia University Department of Management and Financial Sciences Department of Business Networks and Systems Management First Semester, 2009/2010 Course Syllabus Course Title: Systems and Networks.

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Director: Withro H. Wiggins Phone: (315) 446-5418 (home) Email: Office: Adjunct Location: Time: Hours: Blackboard Wednesday through Tuesday (online) Course Description.

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Course Overview (Undergraduate): Course Title Database Design Course Code ICT211/511 Faculty Business Semester 1, 2007 Disability and Learning Support Services The University offers a range of services.

A Project-Based Approach to Instructional Systems Analysis, Design, and Implementation Nabil A. Yousif 1 and Masoud Nagedolfezi 2 Abstract-In Course in Computer Information Systems at Fort Valley.

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Computer Science Technology ITSC 1301 Introduction to Computers Website: Course Syllabus Course Description: Introductory course offered Credits: 3 (2 lecture, 2 lab).

Systems Analysis and Design (Compulsory) Bit 1 Year Semester 2 Introduction One of four courses for Semester 1 of the Bachelor of Information Technology programme. Authors: 04 lessons

Business Analyst (BA122) Software Engineering Workshop (SEW) Duration: 4 days CDU (Continuous Development Units): 28 Description: A practical workshop on the role of business systems.

Location: Hinds Hall 117 Wednesday 5:15-8:05 PM Doug Taber 315-558-2359 Hours: Meeting IST639 increases understanding of technical fundamentals by reviewing coursework.

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Midlands State University Faculty of Science and Technology Department of Computer Science and Information Systems … / … / 2011 Preamble Students are expected to produce a fully functional dissertation project.

CURRICULUM CIS 3660: OBJECT ORIENTED SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND DESIGN SPRING 2010 Director: Dr. Silvana Faza Office: WDE 2400 Working hours: 9.30 10.45.

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