Teaching Dance In Secondary Schools

Teaching Dance In Secondary Schools – Tenth-grade students at Ernst Thälmann High School in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, practice with “TikTok Laxed” on May 18, 2020. In this screenshot from a video by their teacher, Pham Thu Tung.

A high school teacher in Ho Chi Minh City is forcing his students to exercise with the viral TikTok dance to improve their health.

Teaching Dance In Secondary Schools

Pham Thu Tung, a teacher at Ernst Thälmann High School in District 1, who is behind the idea, said the purpose of the exercise is to help students socialize and create a happy classroom atmosphere after the prolonged school closure due to the complicated Covid-19 epidemic.

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“To prevent [transmission of] covid-19, our school has temporarily canceled the weekly Monday flag saluting ceremony at the school playground. Instead, students will spend this time in their classrooms,” Tung said, referring to the respiratory illness caused by the new coronavirus.

“After a three-month break, I noticed that the students seemed more inactive than before, so I thought it was important for them to participate in joint activities that improve solidarity and create a happy atmosphere in the classroom,” Tung said.

Tung chose “TikTok Laxed” — the viral song that launched the worldwide dance challenge on the video-sharing platform TikTok — to practice.

Tenth grade students at Ernst Thälmann High School in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam practice with “TikTok Laxed” on May 18, 2020 in a video by their teacher, Pham Thu Tung.

Co Curricular Activities

“Last Friday, I sent my students a video [of people] dancing on TikTok Laxed. I told them that this dance is interesting. I suggested that they watch it and practice it at home so that the whole class can do it on Monday as a physical exercise in class, says Tung.

The dance was performed by the students of class 10A2 at Ernst Thälmann High School, under the supervision of Tung, on Monday morning to start a new day and a new exciting week.

“Laxed (Siren Beat)” was originally created by 17-year-old Kiwi Joshua Nanai and was posted on the YouTube video-sharing site in 2019.

But the song’s popularity only exploded when it hit TikTok, which is owned by Beijing-based Chinese company ByteDance.

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Loads of people, including celebrities from around the world, filmed themselves dancing to the catchy song in response to the dance challenge that followed.

The app was launched in 2017 and has become a huge hit not only in China but also in Vietnam and many other countries.

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2 Vietnamese bar girls go on crazy sex parties for money, despite high health impact 2 years ago Science, thinking, creativity and intelligence come not only from the brain itself but from the whole body. Movement combinations increase memory, order and order skills. Creating dances also increases self-esteem, which is very important for learning. We already see the need for children to move during the day. Having experienced the positive impact of music and dance on student development, I believe it is important that dance is included in all primary (and secondary) curricula.

Step By Step: Primary Dance

There are so many reasons why dance is important to the health and development of our youth. First and foremost, children need to move! Any way to get kids moving is a must (especially in the digital age). Dancing burns calories, strengthens muscles, improves balance, increases flexibility and gives your heart a good workout. Dance has also been shown to increase cognitive development. Current research documents the importance of exercise for the brain and confirms what dancers have always known – body and mind are connected in important ways.

The use of dance in academia also helps children develop skills necessary for learning, such as creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration. Through the creative process, students are encouraged to use their imaginations, collaborate with peers to solve problems, and discover multiple solutions to challenges.

It is for these reasons that I have chosen to incorporate music and dance into every athletic program here at MCS. The elderly get so happy when they hear happy music and move their bodies! I have found that they learn steps and rhythms extremely quickly. When the kids get to elementary school, junior high, and then the youth community, even though their musical tastes may change, they’re still incredibly excited to move their legs. Also their repertoire of dance numbers is amazing! Some kids have chosen to create their own dances, and it’s always fun to watch. I hope that all our children and teenagers will never lose the desire to play music and just dance! If you are passionate about dance, you may eventually decide to become a dance teacher. There are many different routes you can take to do this, which may include:

Steps to become a dance teacher Step 1 – What kind of dance teacher do you want to be?

Benefits Of Dance In Physical Education: Read On To Know More

Becoming a dance teacher takes many forms depending on where and how you want to teach. For example, to teach in a state primary, secondary or special school in the province, you need Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), which is obtained after completing teacher training.

As a primary school teacher, you may not be able to teach dance as your only subject, but you can teach it as part of a wider physical education. In upper secondary school, you can teach dance as an independent subject or as part of physical education or wider theater arts. To teach dance at university, you need a PhD in a relevant subject and perhaps wider experience in the industry at advanced level.

However, if you want to work as a freelance or private dance instructor or teacher, you do not need to achieve a QTS, but you must have a recognized teaching qualification in good standing.

It is important to understand that where you teach will affect the nature of your teaching, the type of students you will have and the degree to which you can specialize in a particular dance genre.

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Your role as a dance teacher will likely remain fairly similar wherever you teach, including:

However, this will vary in complexity depending on the level of instruction, the nature of the students and the specific work environment.

Taking a course in college may lead you to become a junior teacher at a smaller institution, but becoming a professional ballet company teacher will be quite different. You must be prepared to work for over 20 years making contacts in the world of dance while working at major dance companies to gain the experience needed for this role.

To teach in a primary, secondary or special school, you need to have a university degree in performing arts or dance, and complete QTS through teacher training after graduation.

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If you want to teach in a college, you’ll need at least a Level 3 degree in dance or performing arts, but this will vary depending on how long you’ve been teaching.

As a freelance or private dance teacher, you can teach based on your professional experience in the industry, supported by your industry qualifications. This may include the ISTD, Royal Academy of Dance, IDTA or others. A full list of approved awarding organizations is provided by the CDTA.

Once you have a clear idea of ​​the type of dance teacher you want to be and the qualifications required to get there, it’s important to understand the time, cost and resources needed, salary expectations and when you can start teaching.

Careful planning and research before embarking on your chosen path will help you make a correct and informed decision that you will be happy with when you reach your goal of becoming a qualified dance teacher.

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