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Technical Sales Engineer Job Description

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Job Description – Senior Sales Engineer The Senior Sales Engineer is responsible for supporting sales teams with product placement, validating customer voice/data/internet and cloud application requirements, performing product demonstrations and gaining trust from prospective customers.. The Sales Engineer will have expert level Knowledge of Unified Communications, Hosted PBX, SIP Trunks, IP Telephony Transport/Applications/Endpoints, Internet Access and Applications, Managed Security, Unified Messaging, Audio/Web Collaboration, IM/Presence and PBX/IP PBX Integration. If you are interested in working closely with technical and scientific products, but do not want to deal with development, a career in technical sales may be right for you. In addition to getting the first glimpse of new technology products and being at the forefront of emerging industry trends, technical sales representatives are among the most sought-after professionals in the United States, with rapid job growth, abundant job opportunities, and competitive salaries. Careers in technical sales also offer exciting challenges—reps can use their technical knowledge to help prospects solve business problems, execute creative sales campaigns, and promote company products they believe in.

Sales Engineer Job Description Template

A technical sales representative is a salesperson who has the technical expertise and in-depth scientific knowledge of the technology they are selling. Depending on the organization, a technical sales representative may be responsible for the end-to-end sales process or be part of a larger sales team in which they are responsible for demonstrating a technical product, explaining complex concepts to customers, and establishing technical requirements. . of customers.

A technical sales representative markets technological and scientific products to prospective customers. This is achieved in the following ways:

* Use sales techniques such as storytelling, active listening and communication skills to persuade prospects to buy a product

* Working as part of a sales team, picking and delivering different parts of the sales process as required

Internal Sales Engineer Job Description

Technical sales representatives can earn a competitive base salary plus commissions and bonuses. The average salary of a technical sales representative in the United States depends on age level, education, location and years of experience.

Entry-level technical sales representatives have an average base salary of about $55,000 per year, with commissions bringing average compensation to about $80,000, according to PayScale.

In more competitive markets like San Francisco and New York, the base salary for entry-level technical sales reps is about $85,000, according to, with commissions bringing total compensation up to $100,000.

Mid-level technical sales representatives have an average base salary of about $68,300 per year, with commissions bringing their total average compensation to about $95,000.

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In more competitive markets like San Francisco and New York, mid-level tech sales reps can earn about $101,000 in base salary, according to Glassdoor, with commissions potentially doubling that.

Senior-level technical sales professionals have an average base salary of about $97,000, with commissions and bonuses topping their total average compensation of more than $150,000, according to Glassdoor.

In more competitive markets like San Francisco and New York, senior-level tech sales reps can earn about $145,000 in base salary, according to Glassdoor, with commissions potentially doubling that.

The description for a technical sales specialist role in IBM’s automation division is typical of a technical sales representative job listing.

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Compared to the job description of software sales roles, technical sales jobs place more emphasis on technical skills and knowledge. Some of the common skills listed in technical sales representative job descriptions include technical expertise in the products being sold, subject matter expertise, in-depth knowledge of customer issues and supporting customers as they adopt new technologies.

Apart from the subject and technical expertise, the following qualifications and soft skills are essential requirements for getting a job as a technical sales representative.

Training requirements may vary from company to company. Although a college degree is not required to work in technical sales, many recruiters are looking for candidates who have a bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, marketing, business, engineering or a related field. Some online courses and bootcamps also count as related training.

All technical sales representatives should acquire a range of technical skills and soft skills. On the technical front, this means learning how technology works, understanding industry trends, and developing in-depth technical knowledge to help companies use technology to solve business problems. In the area of ​​soft skills, technology sales representatives should develop strong communication skills, practice their interpersonal skills, and learn how to make sales presentations.

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While it is important to have technical expertise, prior experience in customer service and the sales process is just as valuable to hiring managers. Hands-on experience working with sales teams, troubleshooting product issues with customers, and other forms of on-the-job training lead to a more confident sales pitch.

Real-time computing is playing a growing role in logistics, telecommunications, transportation, medical equipment, software as a service (SaaS) and other data-heavy industries. Technical sales representatives benefit from the experience and scientific knowledge of real-time projects so they can sell and provide customer service to customers in real-time.

All salespeople should have accurate product knowledge and be able to discuss product specifications with prospective customers. Technical sales representatives should be able to go even further. In addition to in-depth knowledge of technology products, they should be able to clearly and concisely explain complex technical and scientific concepts to customers and discuss in detail how a product can solve an organization’s technical problems.

The responsibilities of a technical sales representative can vary from company to company. Below are some of the typical responsibilities of technical salespeople.

Pre Sales Engineer H/f

Similar to software and technology sales reps, technical sales reps need to know where their products stand relative to the competition. Sales representatives need to customize their own products, understand the competition, and know the strengths and weaknesses of related products.

Technical sales representatives proactively identify potential customers by researching an organization’s best contacts and developing effective ways to approach and promote prospective customers. This includes analyzing customers, understanding the nature of their technical problems and matching them with product solutions.

Prospects are more likely to become paying customers if they trust their technical sales representative. Strong interpersonal skills—such as active listening, reliability, patience, and teamwork—are important for building relationships and driving product sales.

The best salespeople track a customer’s purchase history to learn what tools and technologies the customer was already using when they adopted the company’s technology and whether it was a check-in or upgrade. Returning to existing customers is an important part of the sales process.

Sales Engineer Job Description Tech

Sales technology is only one aspect of the role of sales technicians. Technical sales representatives are also responsible for ensuring the smooth implementation of technology and resolving obstacles. This is where flexible thinking and strong problem-solving skills come in handy.

To keep customers loyal and happy, technical sales representatives typically offer customer service support to ensure that customers get the most out of their technology.

Below is a comparison of two technical sales representative job postings. One is for an established multinational technology company, Dell. Another is for software development startup, AgilityIO. Although both listings have similarities, this comparison will highlight the main differences and their significance.

The job title. “Inside Product Specialist III” is a technical sales role at Dell that has an average base salary of about $64,000, according to Glassdoor. It is not uncommon for legacy companies with larger sales teams to assign different job titles and levels to their technical sales representatives. Don’t be intimidated by unfamiliar or complicated job titles—they’re often used internally to determine compensation and the type of work a salesperson is exposed to.

What It’s Like Working As A Technical Sales Rep In Australia

Place. Although Dell is hiring for Nashville, TN, Oklahoma City, OK? and Red Rock, TX offices, ​​​​​​You can assume that there is a possibility that you will work remotely unless a listing specifies that an employee’s physical presence is required. “Even if the job is first established as an office role, employers may make exceptions for the right candidate, so never pass up an opportunity because you can’t.

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