Top Graduate Schools For Psychology

Top Graduate Schools For Psychology – Psychology has long been one of the most popular degree options for students. This field of study not only explores the most universal questions of humanity, but also opens doors to many different career opportunities and provides a strong foundation for graduate studies. However, not all bachelor’s degrees in psychology at colleges and universities are the same. Among the student body, aspiring psychology majors should exercise discretion in selecting a school and a curriculum that provides both the knowledge and opportunities they need to achieve their long-term goals and enjoy of a pleasant and satisfying student life. To achieve this goal, we studied scores of small university psychology programs and selected 50 small colleges that stand out among the rest in terms of program characteristics and student body opportunities.

The following 50 small colleges that offer undergraduate psychology programs also offer students the individual attention they can only find in a tight academic community, while providing them with the high-tech resources and undergraduate opportunities typically found at larger universities. big Note that programs that received the same number of points based on the above ranking and ranking methodology are listed by net price (as found in NCES’s College Navigator database), with the most affordable schools which are ranked higher. We hope you enjoy our list of small colleges that always keep their student in mind.

Top Graduate Schools For Psychology

Pepperdine University is a small university that offers a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in industrial organizational psychology. Students benefit from the school’s links with local community facilities such as the nearby Juvenile Detention Center and the State Hospital. Advanced students can participate in the two-semester honors research program in Psychology, where they design, conduct and present individual research projects. All students have the opportunity to be active in the school’s Psychology Club and/or the Pepperdine Chapter of Psi Chi.

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Colorado College’s Department of Psychology is housed in the state-of-the-art Tutt Science Center, a LEED-certified facility with three computer labs, two wet labs, various research areas and smart classrooms. The undergraduate psychology program focuses on educating the student body with traditional, time-tested concepts, not trendy ones represented in the media. With a strong research base, the program prepares graduates to work in the mental health arena or to continue their studies in a master’s program in psychology. Ethics is also a major focus of the program and all students are required to adhere to ethical behavior during their studies and research.

Hamilton College’s undergraduate psychology program allows students to explore a variety of exciting topics in the field, including an introduction to the brain and behavior, the social psychology of the self, autobiographical memory, and neural plasticity . The school also offers many research opportunities for undergraduate students, including independent studies, senior projects and scholarship programs. Interested special needs students can study for a semester at the New England Center for Children in Boston. Hamilton students are eligible for a variety of internship opportunities in academic, government and non-profit settings.

Bridgewater College’s bachelor’s degree in psychology encourages the student body to be actively engaged in their studies, conducting research in laboratories, preparing presentations to classmates, participating in internships, and even dissection of the brain. In the classroom, students explore topics such as functional neuroanatomy, sensation and perception, and historical issues in psychology. The school has strong community ties, leading to internship opportunities at local institutions such as the Boys and Girls Club, the Bridgewater Retirement Community and the Center for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Colby College, a small university that excels in student reviews, offers a bachelor’s degree in psychology with an option to focus on neuroscience. Students are offered a wide range of research opportunities, starting with the introductory course and continuing throughout their senior year. Research topics include cognitive development, memory and language, personality and social development. Students also benefit from the research of others through the school colloquium series, where renowned psychologists present their latest findings. The topics of the specialized courses are the psychology of drugs, our life as animals, the biological basis of behavior and the evolution of life.

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Bryan College approaches the Bachelor of Science in Psychology from a faith-based perspective. The school supports student research through an annual university research conference, which provides an open forum for students to discuss ongoing research and present the results of their experiments. In the classroom, students delve into topics such as counseling theory, gender and sexuality, and an introduction to Christian pastoral care. For the past six years, Bryan’s psychology student body has scored in the 99th percentile on the ETS psychology major exam.

Amherst College adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the study of psychology, offering students the opportunity to combine various topics in psychology and other disciplines for a more meaningful understanding of human behavior. Research opportunities for undergraduate students are plentiful and include departmental honors and research assistantships. Five research laboratories located on the Amherst College campus allow students to study topics such as physiological psychology, behavioral neuroscience, cognitive psychology, social/personality psychology, child learning, and communication and social interaction. Specialized courses include stereotypes and prejudice, psychopharmacology, personality and political leadership, and social development and interpersonal relationships.

Mount Olive University offers a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. The department recently built a new state-of-the-art research laboratory with an experimental and observation room, a conference area and a student computer lab. As part of the program requirements for both degree options, students must complete an off-campus internship in either research or clinical consultation. Students can participate in both the school’s psychology club and its Psi Chi chapter, organizations that are active in community projects and service learning.

Berea College offers a practical degree program leading to a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Berea students have unparalleled research opportunities, as well as opportunities to work within the department, including adjunct faculty positions. Alumni of the program have attended and presented at area conferences such as the Kentucky Academy of Sciences Conference and the Southeastern Psychological Association Conference. Special program topics include cross-cultural psychology, personality theory, and social gerontology. The school is also home to a chapter of Psi Chi, the national psychology honor society.

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Regardless of whether it is a small college, Dickinson College’s undergraduate psychology program offers a wide variety of courses. Courses covering animal learning and cognition, perception, memory and thought, psychology of women and gender, and psychopathology are not lacking in education for Dickinson College students. The school offers several study abroad opportunities for psychology majors, including popular programs in Brisbane, Australia; Norwich, England; Toulouse, France; and Copenhagen, Denmark. Students find networking opportunities through the Psychology Club and the school’s Psi Chi chapter. The school also offers students various internship and work opportunities.

Macalaster College offers a bachelor’s degree in psychology that can be tailored to individual interests and career goals. Students are encouraged to pursue their research topics, participate in individual internships and study off campus, both abroad and at home. Prominent course titles in the program include Psychology in the Material World, Psychological Anthropology and Psychology of Sustainability. The Psychology Department’s Olin-Rice Science Center contains more than 10,800 square feet of dedicated classrooms and research laboratories equipped with the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment.

Lafayette College offers a bachelor’s degree in psychology for students interested in entering or pursuing graduate studies in the field of mental health. Because Lafayette chooses to focus solely on undergraduate education, students have the opportunity to do meaningful research with experienced instructors. Honors students have additional opportunities in the laboratory while working on their senior honors theses. Close links between the university and community organizations allow for many internship opportunities. In the classroom, professors lecture on a variety of topics, including quantitative methods in psychology, human factors and engineering psychology, and mood disorders.

Smith College’s Bachelor of Science in Psychology is one of the most popular options for the Smith College student body year after year. The program is organized around three different tracks: Mind and Brain, Health and Disease, and Man and Society. Courses offered in these tracks include psycholinguistics, sport psychology, happiness, and the psychology of the Asian American experience.

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Psychology students at Smith have many opportunities to get involved on campus, including student advocates, research assistantships, and student liaisons. Summer research opportunities are also available, as is membership in the school’s Psi Chi chapter.

Nova Southern University offers a flexible bachelor’s degree in psychology that can be tailored to individual interests and career aspirations. Students can choose to attend traditional day classes or night school. The program is also offered online for those who wish to use this distance learning option. Major course titles include Evolutionary Psychology, Behavior Modification, Multicultural Issues and Stereotypes in Psychology, Prejudice,

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