Top Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Top Marketing Tips For Small Businesses – How to start and boost your small business marketing, TV personality Max McMurdo shares his experience of building a sustainable furniture business, and marketing expert Jo Sutherland gives great tips on where and how to market your small business, sustain your business and socialize. media work for you.

Jon Watkins Welcome to the latest episode of the FSB podcast, visit the podcast for advice and important information for small businesses and the self-employed. In this episode, we’ll share tips on how to start marketing your small business or improve your existing marketing campaigns. It is very important to promote your business and connect with potential customers. But it’s not always easy to know where to start. It’s getting more complicated as more channels and platforms emerge, changing the requirements for small businesses that want to market there. So today we’re going to take some of them and share the best tips from some marketing experts on how to improve your small business image with your customers. Our first expert is Max McMurdo, a designer, author and TV presenter who you may recognize from TV shows such as Dragon’s Den, Amazing Spaces, Pill Your House Free and Find, Fix, Whip. Max has a number of businesses of his own, so he can talk about his marketing experience and share insights. Our second guest is Jo Sutherland, founder of Wise Bird Marketing, a marketing agency supporting passionate and dedicated small businesses in the hospitality, retail lifestyle and B2B sectors. Thank you for joining us. I thought we’d start after each of you gave us about 30 seconds; i have shared a little but you know why you are here? How can you help our audience?

Top Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Max McMurdo So thank you very much, by the way I am by no means a marketing guru. But I may have learned to sell my business and myself the hard way. So I run a very small business, basically by myself, and I design and build things out of junk. So the first project was a chair made from a shopping trolley, designed and built in my mum’s back garden, and then I thought, ‘Yeah, I’m going to be worth a million pounds because this is amazing!’ ” and realizing, “Oh, I’ve got to sell it, haven’t I, in order to sell it, I need people to know about it, and in order for people to know about it, I need to sell it”. where my marketing career began. BTW, I’m still rubbish at marketing and proud to be rubbish. But I like to think that I’m real, and for me, my business is less about selling a product and more about selling a lifestyle, a way of life, and selling myself, so I’m interested in asking Joe that because it can be very difficult to sell yourself without seeming arrogant.

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Good stuff Jon Watkins, Joe, you’re kind of from the other side – you’re a marketing expert and guru.

Joe Sutherland Hi, great to be here John, I think the gurus might be a bit too much, but thanks a lot. I spent many years at a content agency. This means that it is primarily a creative thing, it is printing magazines, brochures, working with brands that maintain good relations with their customers, sell more goods, attract new customers, make existing customers more loyal. At first it was mostly print, then digital, you generally know, big retailers say Sainsbury’s, Tesco M&S. It’s cruel marketing, you know. It’s really watchable and I’m just gritting my teeth. Finally, working with more B2B brands makes it a bit different. It is more appropriate. You’re speaking to a much smaller audience and you have to communicate differently. But I really got to know small businesses when I worked as a commercial director for a women’s digital lifestyle brand. The whole point of this brand is to connect women with local businesses and encourage them to visit bars, restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, and we announced a local business award. 22,000 small businesses come in and that’s when I really understood the pressure. I also met with my business partner Sasha about these issues and we sat down together and realized that there was a huge gap in the market for pointless marketing support for small businesses. Easy to access, jargon-free, no-nonsense and reasonably priced, it can be impressive and confusing. And if you’re good at making things, doing someone’s hair, or running a great coffee shop, you’re probably not great at digital marketing.

Jon Watkins Yeah, Joe, I’ll jump in because maybe you don’t really know what we mean by marketing, like, you know if you don’t come from that background or have a traditional marketing perspective. When you talk about the beginning, you know the world is much more complicated in magazines and flyers and things like that. What are we talking about when we talk about small business marketing? What does this mean for small businesses? Joe, why don’t you kick us and then Max can strap on?

Jo Sutherland Well what Max said to me really resonated with me because it’s so easy to think oh I have to be on Facebook and Instagram actually the first thing you should do is we tell everyone we Customer understand your goal. You understand your purpose and can sell yourself better. It’s not like you say I’m selling a lifestyle, it’s just that, you’re not selling a service or a product – well, you are, but you really have to think about how to make people’s lives better. , how to do it Even better, you give people something they can’t get from anyone else. So when I talk about marketing, I mean your purpose and telling people what it is. Yes, it can be sent to them via a website, social networking site, podcast or direct email. by post But the first thing we tell everyone, it’s amazing how people fight, people say I’m a florist, I sell flowers. You don’t, you make people happier because people can give their friends really nice things. So that’s the first thing in marketing, which is to communicate your purpose.

Best Online Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Max McMurdo Well, like I said, I became an entrepreneur by accident. So I really don’t know. At first I thought, like I said, I made a chair out of a shopping cart and a sofa out of a bathtub, and I thought, yeah, I need to sell them. So I need to promote them. I’m old enough to remember the Yellow Pages. So I thought, what should I do? There’s no section in the yellow pages for, say, people who make things out of junk, that section doesn’t exist. It’s weird, I don’t know if Jo agrees, but my first marketing campaign might be going to Camden Market, officially it might be a retail store, but I’m just putting myself in front of people to advertise and get feedback from customers there and know what you’re looking at clients. And I spent half my time walking around, looking at what they were buying, explaining why they were buying, and I guess understanding my customer base. And more and more has changed. Like I said, at first I thought I had to try to sell my product, I pretended to be a big company, I pretended to create a bunch of fake emails. postal addresses. So when you come to our sales department, it actually scares people because there are a lot of big stores where you can buy from big corporations and support, you know, a multi-millionaire getting richer, but really, when I’m more honest and real, I do it all myself in a small workshop Bedfordshire, I’m not a big business, you can talk to me on the phone. And I often suggest this because, well, mostly because I’m a control freak. And I don’t want the delivery driver to damage my furniture. And how wonderful that you can actually talk to designers and developers.

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