Top Universities For Graphic Design

Top Universities For Graphic Design – If you look at today’s most successful tech companies, you’ll notice they all have one thing in common: stellar design. Companies like Microsoft, IBM, Disney, and Google need stylish websites, apps, and media, and they need skilled designers to get them. A graphic design degree gives you access to the software, tools, and concepts used by design professionals.

You don’t have to move across the country to combine technical skills and creative skills. There are countless online graphic design programs where you can get the skills and knowledge you need to start your career. To rank them all, we used data from the National Center for Education Statistics and average ratings from institutions that ranked schools such as,, AffordableCollegesOnline, and Graphic Design Degree Hub to come up with a top 10 online graphic design list. design programs are the best.

Top Universities For Graphic Design

Our list of the best online graphic design programs includes some programs that are not available online. We called some of these schools to confirm that their programs were fully available online and cleaned up our list accordingly.

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Is third on our list. However, if you live in Florida, in-state tuition at the University of Florida is $3,000 less per year. UF ranks eighth on the list.

Nine out of ten students graduate from the University of Florida. Unfortunately the graduation rate for their online campus is not listed, but it is 87% for their main campus.

Savannah College of Art and Design is actually the only school on this list that offers placement opportunities. Not all schools have to offer formal jobs

, it is not always in their best interest to satisfy them. However, SCAD has an impressive school placement rate of 98% overall. However, this percentage includes people enrolled in graduate programs, so it does not count only jobs. SCAD is our number one recommended online graphic design school.

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Graduates of the SCAD graphic design program have been employed by prestigious companies such as Disney, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. Famous designers from all over the world come to talk and interact with the students. Students begin to study the basics of design, explore concept art, study the evolution of design, and develop the specific skills needed by graphic designers.

Online students take e-learning courses, which are ideal for independent learners. All of your tasks have specific deadlines, and once you complete them, you have complete control over your schedule. These online courses don’t have specific meeting times and classes are available 24/7. You will also join the class conversation by critiquing the work of your peers and posting on the discussion board.

Elective credits give you the freedom to explore SCAD-related programs. While your core classes explore the world of graphic design, you may want to explore how your field overlaps with the following.

SCAD’s award-winning faculty bring a wealth of professional experience (including a valuable list of professional contacts) to the table in addition to academic expertise. The college is designed to serve students who want to start their careers, starting with majors.

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But let’s hear it straight from the horse’s website: “As a graphic design student at SCAD, you’ll be fluent in the visual language that defines today’s powerful brands and leading organizations. Our comprehensive graphic design program covers not only design fundamentals, but also product packaging, entrepreneurship, and mobile technology. , explores interface design and user experience. The result? An award-winning professional portfolio, real-world experience working at industry giants, and the chance to make a lasting mark on the ever-changing global visual landscape before you graduate.”

The Academy of Arts University has been in existence for nearly 90 years, but continues to be at the forefront of innovation in learning. The school has been teaching graphic design online for over 15 years, and in that time they have mastered the web-based teaching process.

Students and teachers from all over the world learn together in digital learning without rigid class schedules. Each semester, students have 15 “modules” to complete on their own schedule. Courses include instructional videos, audio-enhanced slideshows, digital documents, interviews, and more. Teachers can provide detailed feedback, including audio commentary, on any submitted work. An additional online discussion area allows students to share work, receive feedback, and discuss ideas with classmates and professors.

Online students have access to a student resource center including an online academic library, guest speaker archive, career assistance, software tutorials, and more. Online Career Chat ensures that no one misses out on important career guidance as an online student.

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You can check out some class demos right now to see if this online program is right for you.

Here’s what they want you to know: “Our curriculum guides students to develop well-suited skills in print, print media, packaging, branding, identity, web design and motion graphics. Our faculty are nationally recognized experts who challenge students to achieve industry standards. Graduates of this program are well-prepared to meet the rigorous challenges of graphic design and work for many of the world’s most prestigious firms. The many awards our students have won for their work demonstrates our outstanding approach to audience-driven design and marketing strategy.”

For those who don’t have the time to complete a four-year degree, an Associate of Arts degree provides students with a solid foundation in graphic design. The program offers curriculum in conceptual problem solving, innovation, critical thinking, formal design, branding, and marketing strategy—everything you need to get started.

>At the time of writing, all currently enrolled students have free access to Adobe Creative Cloud, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and more.

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Fun fact: The Academy of Art University hosts over 70 student and graduate art exhibitions each year.

Among the best online graphic design programs, Bellevue University is the most affordable. BU Design transitions you into a career in graphic design by helping you see the role it plays in every organization and part of every product we use. You’ll interpret the visual world and gain the foundation you need to create aesthetically pleasing print and web design.

Bellevue University does not differentiate between online and on-campus programs. Taking an online course with BU doesn’t mean compromising on the quality of your education or missing out on important learning opportunities. As an online student, you’ll gain a solid understanding of design elements and develop creative visualization, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. You will also learn to conceptualize and deliver multiple design solutions for multiple media.

Combining hands-on and applied learning with theory, all Bellevue University degrees are designed to transform student learning that fits your personal and professional life. If you’re not sure you’re ready for an online degree program, Bellevue University has the perfect academic preparation tool. A 20-minute assessment can help you decide if it’s a good time to pursue an online degree.

Learn To Be A Graphic Designer

During the program, you will develop a professional portfolio representing creative design work for a variety of print and digital design projects. This will be a valuable asset as you pursue your career or pursue graduate education.

“Courses in SNHU’s Bachelor of Graphic Design program focus on aesthetic and creative problem-solving using the latest technology while providing cultural and social context for the work you do.

“As a non-profit, non-profit university, SNHU is dedicated to helping you succeed. Benefits of pursuing a BA in Graphic Design and Media Arts at SNHU include:

SNHUcan, a dedicated mentoring program, connects you with a network of SNHU alumni, students and friends to help you develop your career. Mentors seek out new talent and share their professional expertise to help students succeed. As a SNHUcan teacher, you can get invaluable professional development and career advice from those who have been there.

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Fun fact: More than a quarter of your credits come from electives, so you have the freedom to pursue other fields or majors.

Every part of Full Sail’s program is designed to look, feel and work like your industry. Active professionals regularly work with Full Sail, earning degrees and educators continue to contribute to their fields. To demonstrate your experience to future employers, Full Sail places great emphasis on portfolio projects. You can also choose a faster-paced degree program than other schools to help you adapt to the 24/7 nature of your industry.

“The goal of the Bachelor of Graphic Design program is to

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