Top Universities For Mass Communication

Top Universities For Mass Communication – Media plays a key role in any democracy. A career in mass communication and journalism reveals new experiences and passions every day. And many young minds fail in this discipline. Each year, more than 70-80 million students enroll in media programs (journalism and mass communication) across the country. The competitive nature of the professional media field requires a lot of hard work, dedication and excellent communication skills.

This is the right place if you are looking for the best colleges because in this article we have compiled a list of top 10 best colleges in India for mass communication and journalism courses.

Top Universities For Mass Communication

Symbiosis is a multi-campus university. The universities exemplify the motto of “Promoting Global Awareness Through Quality Education” and work with international students from all over the world who are exposed to Indian culture and hospitality. Many campuses are fully residential, with recreational facilities such as swimming pools, concert halls and health centers. Considering the excellent results, the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India named the university as “Symbiosis” in 2002 which is now a university.

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AJK Mass Communication Research Center is India’s leading media organization. MCRC was founded by A.J. In 1982, Qadwai collaborated with York University in Toronto and the Canadian International Development Agency. MCRC offers a wide range of media education and training, professional and academic professors, and professional audiences. Modern media, art, craft and engineering classes are offered at MCRC.

The IIMC Society, an autonomous body registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1867, manages the institution. This development is provided by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The Institute consists of a Management Board, Executive Council, a Chairman and Director General of the Institute, faculty representatives and media personalities. It was inaugurated on August 17, 1965 by the then Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Mrs Smith. Indira Gandhi, with a small staff of two UNESCO advisers.

St. Xavier College, an independent curricular unit of the Xavier Institute of Communication (XIC). It is a professional media center that offers a variety of training and production services. The institute is located in two campuses in Mumbai: St. Xavier’s College and St. Xavier’s High School. St. Xavier’s College, Xavier Institute of Communication, Xavier Institute of Management and Research (XIMR) and Haras Institute of Indian History and Culture are part of the St. Xavier’s College Society Trust, Bombay.

Website: Mass Media Courses – Mass Communication, Journalism, Advertising and Marketing, Diploma Courses and Certificate Course by Xavier Institute of Communication (XIC). (

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Lady Shri Ram College for Women has long been India’s premier institution of higher education for women. It is currently one of the best institutions in the world for social sciences, humanities and business and offers B.Sc. Statistics program. Many of its strengths include professional courses such as elementary education and journalism. Positioned at the cutting edge of knowledge, LSR not only adapts to the changing world, but is also the guiding spirit behind many educational initiatives.

The Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media (IIJNM) is one of the leading postgraduate journalism and media schools in South Asia. The institute is located in Bangalore, in the heart of India’s high-tech industry. It provides an excellent curriculum that combines theory and practice to prepare graduates for positions in the media industry. Its print, television, radio and multimedia journalism programs represent the best practices in the media industry and media technology.

Department of Communication, University of Hyderabad has been selected as the best university department in a multi-national survey. The department prides itself on being one of the best research centers in the country, where PhD scholars conduct research that goes beyond methods in the humanities and social sciences.

The university offers graduate and doctoral degree programs. At the master’s level, the focus is on print and new media, communication and media studies, and radio and video production.

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With a rich heritage spanning over three decades, the Department of Media Studies at Christ (classified as a university) has grown into a trusted leader in media education. India Today – MDRA Survey and Weekly – HANSA Research Survey have consistently ranked us among the top ten mass communication education institutes in the country. In its 2020 survey, India Today ranked us first among the “Best Emerging Colleges of this Century”.

In 1960, the Government of India established the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) in the former premises of Prabhat Studios in Pune. Currently, the FTII campus is located on the premises of the former Parbat Studio. Prabhat Studio was a pioneer in film production, which moved from Kolhapur to Pune in 1933. The ancient studios of the period still exist and are used as production sites for Parbat’s films. The former Prabat Studios are now listed buildings. FTII students still work in the world’s oldest operating film studio.

The New Delhi-based Educational Media Research Association established the National Institute of Mass Communication in 2003 in collaboration with the Institute of Mass Communication in Ontario, Canada. The University of California in the United States has also recognized the National Institute of Mass Communication and its courses.

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The goal is for students to receive high-quality media training to use media technology as effectively as possible to keep up with the rapidly changing communications industry.

Yes, mass communication and journalism is a good career choice as it opens up many disciplines like film making, radio, public relations and many more.

Starting salary for telecom professionals can be around Rs. 12,000 to Rs.25,000. However, an experienced professional can expect to pay Rs. 50,000 to Rs.1,00,000 per month. The most popular mass communication universities offer courses such as journalism, media studies, advertising, photography, cinematography, communication, public relations and diplomacy. These top universities are located in countries like USA, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, UK and Canada.

Media is considered as the fourth pillar of democracy. We are all so connected to the media that today life without media seems unimaginable. The word “media” only refers to journalism and news to the general public. However, this is a broad term.

Bachelor Degree In Journalism And Mass Communication

Media isn’t just YouTube shorts and 5-minute art, it’s Netflix and Spotify bringing together movies and music from around the world. Media is not just Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, but also the stock profiles you see every morning. In simple terms, the sole and major purpose of media is communication.

Media is a huge industry with endless possibilities. It goes without saying that surviving in this highly competitive industry requires a lot of hard work, dedication and great communication skills. Mass media and communications majors majors choose advertising, PR, broadcasting (radio, television, electronic media), journalism, digital marketing, and more.

So, if you dream of studying mass communication at one of the world’s best universities, you’re in luck. We have compiled a list of the top 10 universities that offer media and communication courses, along with their international rankings and tuition fees.

The Communication and Journalism MA is for undergraduate students who wish to simultaneously pursue a Master’s degree in Media Studies or Journalism.

Mass Communication Course After Graduation

Journalism courses such as media law, visual journalism, and business/innovation help graduate students get a better education.

Master’s in Social Sciences, focusing on areas such as Internet and Society, Strategic Communication, News and Entertainment, Political Communication, etc.

Universities require a good knowledge of the language of instruction. The language of instruction is German and English.

It offers undergraduate programs with specializations such as media and communication, gender equality, media and culture, strategic communication, international media, etc.

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MA and Ph.D in Communication Studies with a focus on film, sound studies, public policy and media technology. The degree offers a balance of social sciences, humanities and more.

Graduate with minimum 50% marks or equivalent from any recognized university/institution of national value.

It offers courses such as journalism, communications and new media to help students develop the professional and entrepreneurial skills needed to thrive in a changing media environment.

The program prepares students for successful careers in the dynamic fields of print/electronic journalism, television/radio, advertising and corporate communications.

Best Universities For Mass Communication In Pakistan

Mass communication is a rapidly changing field that focuses on how and why messages reach large audiences. Regardless of where you study this course, mass communication gives students a solid understanding of different types of media, including print, television, radio, digital media and social media.

No matter what major you choose, mass communication will help you analyze its role throughout history and consider how it continues to shape society today. In addition, you can learn about the laws that govern communication opportunities and realize your scientific knowledge by creating your own content.

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