Uc Berkeley Ms Data Science

Uc Berkeley Ms Data Science – I am honored to be selected by my fellow alumni to be the 2019 Master’s Information and Data Science commencement speaker at

It is an honor to stand here before you today to represent the 2019 graduates of the MSc in Information and Data at Berkeley.

Uc Berkeley Ms Data Science

First of all, I would like to congratulate all of us on this achievement and thank our friends and family for their support and for putting up with us all this time. For those of us in the audience who don’t know how this program works, we’ve been communicating with each other through an online video streaming app for about two years, and for some of us, it’s first time we meet in person, and it’s good to confirm again, that we are not living in a simulation experiment.

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My name is Spiros Garifallos and I would like to share with you my experience and the lessons I learned in this program.

I am from sunny warm Athens, Greece, where I was born and spent my first 35 years. A few years ago, I decided to move to the US, and after doing so, I realized that there are very few things you can take with you on that trip. In fact, there is one thing guaranteed, you are yourself. Then it became clear to me that the only meaningful investment in life is ourselves. I took inspiration from Solon, one of the seven sages of ancient Greece. He said “Γηράσκω αεί διδασκόμενος” which is a motivation to keep learning new things as you grow.

After some thought, I decided to invest all my free time, energy and money in myself, so I enrolled in the MIDS program. But you may ask, why Data Science? I graduated in electrical and computer engineering, and one day I read a quote by Andrew N.G. that AI is the new electricity. I immediately felt out of date.

I remember that some of us were a little skeptical at first about the true value of this program. We were afraid that the program might not be tough enough, that we might lose time. Far from here. In the second semester, we all start dreaming about the moment of graduation.

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Now, it is clear to all of us that Data Science is not only about technology. It is an intersection of many scientific fields such as ethics, law, social, behavioral and neurological sciences. I would venture to compare data science to what philosophy originally was, an investigation into the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence in search of truth.

Another lesson I learned is that all complex systems, including the human brain, have many design optimizations. This is called reducing false negatives. We’re designed to detect threatening situations like a lurking predator very quickly, but that comes at the cost of a few false alarms. Bias is systemic and not limited to people, but because we are data professionals it extends to everything we touch.

For the scientist, this is a radical realization: to produce something good, you need to have the appropriate culture.

This brings me to my final point: we are all fortunate to live in an age of open access to knowledge. In fact, much of the curriculum used by the program is available or publicly available, and I’m sure many other schools teach the same or similar material. But then again, everyone agrees that UC Berkeley is one of the best schools in the world. Have you ever wondered why? I think I know; it is culture. In this ceremony, you will notice a strong focus on things like diversity, freedom, respect, spirit and moral values. And the reason is that this is the only way to reduce bias.

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I think the biggest value we got from the program was that we embraced the culture of the school through its traditions and history, the dean and leadership, the school’s teachers and our professors, all the way to us as students and alumni. I want to thank you all for this wonderful gift that I plan to cherish and give to others. As Alexander the Great said, I thank my father for my life, but my teacher for the fact that I live well. The Master of Engineering is designed for students who plan to join the engineering profession after graduation. This accelerated program is designed to develop professional future engineering leaders who understand the technical, economic and social issues of technology.

A master’s degree is an important start to a long-term career in electrical engineering and computer science. A master’s degree will allow you to specialize in a more technical way, giving you a head start in your career and a long-term advantage, making it easier for you to follow new developments and change direction in your career. Berkeley’s Master of Engineering program goes beyond technical specialization to offer courses in engineering leadership and a team-oriented capstone project. The project allows you to practice under guidance the technical and non-technical skills you learn in the classroom.

Our M.Eng. program offers innovative graduate courses in science and technology subjects organized into technical concentrations that match your interests. However, success in engineering requires skills that go beyond science and technology. In today’s engineering development organization, you almost always have to work in a team, and you have to communicate your ideas and influence people (colleagues, investors, customers) through verbal and written communication. Even when you’re facing complex technical challenges, you must consider the fit between your ideas and the needs of potential users, how your choices give your organization a competitive advantage, and whether how to protect your intellectual property. Increasingly, you have to develop ideas in an interdisciplinary environment, consider complex systemic issues as well as detailed technical issues, and position yourself in an ecosystem of suppliers, complementary products and strategic relationships. Our Master of Engineering curriculum anticipates all this and prepares you for these real challenges.

Berkeley is one of the best programs in the world. Here you will learn from great teachers, as well as from an unrivaled student body. Join us for an academic year and gain the academic experience of a lifetime. You will be better prepared for a fulfilling and long-term career in engineering design, development and management.

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The Fung Institute has an M.Sc. online information sessions. Watch a pre-recorded video, attend a webinar or attend a live event.

Although we do not require applicants to our computer science programs to have a degree in computer science, we do expect them to have a substantial technical background equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Admission to these programs requires experience in programming, algorithms, data structures, and theory at the bachelor’s level or higher. See recommended coursework.

The department offers concentrations in both electrical engineering and computer science. The 2022-2023 degree program offers the following concentrations. It is important to note that choosing one of these areas does not prevent you from taking courses in other areas.

Data and Systems Science: prepares you for engineering careers in data-driven industries that require an understanding of the fundamentals of data management as well as the latest technologies and methods for collection, storage and information analysis. Data and systems science. Major projects and requirements.

Uc Berkeley Msse Information

Physical Electronics and Integrated Circuits: Prepares you for engineering careers in fields that require an understanding of modern analog and digital integrated circuits, including radio frequency communication circuits, analog-to-digital converters, sensor interfaces, and design techniques used in today’s modern integrated circuits. schemes Projects and Physical Requirements in Electronics and Integrated Circuits Capstone.

Robotics and Embedded Software: Prepares you for engineering careers in industries that apply robotics and embedded software in manufacturing, automation, process control, automotive, aerospace, medical instruments, entertainment , and other markets. Designs and requirements for robotics and embedded software.

Signal Processing and Communications: Prepares you for engineering careers in fields that use signal processing or communications. Markets include wireless, computer networking, entertainment, video processing, biomedical, and more. Signal processing and communication Basic designs and requirements.

Visual Computing and Computer Graphics: Prepares you for engineering careers in fields that apply advanced computer graphics, automated design, and human-computer interaction techniques to the markets of education and training, entertainment, commerce, design, and manufacturing. electronic journalism and similar fields. Visual Computing and Computer Graphics Capstone Projects and Requirements.

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The Design Experience is a combination of an introductory class held in the fall semester to introduce students to basic concepts and tools, combined with a Capstone Project in the spring semester. Students are expected to develop multifaceted and interdisciplinary skills as opposed to some of our more specific Capstone Project topics.

Office of the Registrar website fees are per semester. Check the latest rates here: Registrar’s Office.

Applying to the MEng program automatically makes you a candidate for merit-based college scholarships (also called Fung Fellows). In addition, there is a grant awarded to applicants who increase educational diversity and demonstrate financial need and complete the financial and essay portion of the application. Learn more about the merit-based grant

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