Universities In Houston With Nursing Programs

Universities In Houston With Nursing Programs – You may have heard of [email protected], our 12-month accelerated care program located in Houston. If you are thinking about making a bold move for your future and entering the University of St. Thomas continue his nursing education, we would like to share some information about the history and beginnings of our University.

The Basilian Fathers founded the University of St. Thomas Houston is known as the Catholic University of Houston. Although we are committed to the religious, moral and intellectual traditions of religious education, we welcome students of all faiths as well as those of no faith.

Universities In Houston With Nursing Programs

Thus, the University of St. Thomas maintains a proud tradition of offering more than 35 undergraduate degree programs and more than 20 graduate programs in six academic programs in a collaborative liberal arts-focused community:

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In all disciplines, UST’s core mission is to educate students to think critically, communicate effectively, be professionally successful, and lead ethically while upholding the Catholic intellectual tradition and the dialogue between faith and reason. We do this while staying true to our founders’ core values ​​of kindness, discipline and knowledge.

We currently enroll more than 3,000 students and employ more than 300 faculty members from various profiles. At the University of St. Thomas find your place. The Lone Star State’s graduate nursing program was ranked higher than the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Nursing (UTHealth), according to the recently released 2018 Best Schools for Effective Students guide.

UTHealth’s School of Nursing is ranked 23rd nationwide out of 532 master’s degree programs surveyed by the U.S. News & World Report. Also, among 186 Doctor of Nursing Practice (D.N.P.) programs ranked by US News & World Report, UTHealth’s D.N.P. program at No. 23 remains the highest in Texas.

“We are very proud that UTHealth continues to be ranked in the top five percent of baccalaureate nursing schools in the United States, and we are also very proud to be recognized for the quality of our Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) programs,” said Lorraine. Frazier, Ph.D., R.N., president of the Huffington Foundation for Leadership in Nursing Education, John P. McGovern, Distinguished Professor of Nursing and dean of the UTHealth School of Nursing.

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“The collaborative strengths of all six UTHealth schools and the opportunities provided by our location at the Texas Medical Center create a unique, high-quality educational experience at all grade levels,” she said.

In a 2017 survey, UTHealth’s master’s/doctorate in nurse anesthesia program was ranked 8th out of 10 in a list of “healthcare disciplines” in the United States. UTHealth’s last five classes of graduate nurse anesthetists achieved 100 percent passing rates on the first attempt at the State Certification Examination administered by the National Board for Certification and Retraining of Nurse Anesthetists.

UTHealth’s D.N.P. The program was ranked 24th last year. Historically, UTHealth was the first nursing school in Texas to offer a D.N.P. first degree, first completion of D.N.P. class of nine students in 2009.

“The D.N.P. program educates nurse practitioners/clinical nurse specialists, nurse managers, nurse anesthetists and nurse informants as clinical nurse scientists who make an innovative and tangible contribution as health care leaders improving the quality and safety of health care for individuals, populations, communities. and organizations,” said Joanne V. Hickey, Ph.D., R.N., coordinator of the Doctor of Nursing Practice program at the UTHealth School of Nursing.

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“Our students and graduates are leaders shaping the present and future of healthcare, and we are proud of them!” said Hickey, Patricia L. Starck/PARTNERS Endowed Professor of Nursing.

For the 2018 Best Graduate Schools Guide, programs at 532 medical schools with master’s or doctoral programs accredited by the Collegiate Commission on Nursing Education (CCNE) or the Accrediting Commission for Nursing Education were reported in the summer of 2016. 292 of them answered. were found with complete data and selected for ranking.

UTHealth first appeared as the top graduate nursing program in the 2001 US News & World Report rankings.

With more than 1,530 students currently enrolled, the UTHealth School of Nursing has graduated 10,709 nursing degrees since 1972. For more, visit nursing.uth.edu

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