Universities That Offer Hospitality Management

Universities That Offer Hospitality Management – The hospitality industry, known as the “Business of Happiness”, does not offer a one-size-fits-all experience. This diploma is for you if you want to meet people from all over the world. Creating unforgettable experiences, serving from the heart and solving problems is some of what the hospitality and hospitality industry has to offer.

The Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management opens the door to opportunities in the world as we train you to become a leader in the future.

Universities That Offer Hospitality Management

Our course creates a business foundation for you – adaptability, knowledge and understanding of important business topics. Afterwards, the study tour is integrated to include special electives in Hotel Management and MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) Management.

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Join us on our journey to prepare for an ever-changing business world and make your mark in the hospitality industry!

Today’s workplace needs graduates who can communicate confidently in a variety of situations. In this module, students will develop essential 21st century skills in presentation and writing skills in a variety of business environments. This module aims to develop effective business presentation and writing skills by identifying key business message design principles required for effective communication in the workplace, adapted for similar communication purposes, not to different business people. Students will develop the ability to use and practice persuasive and professional public speaking in presentations and writing in new and social environments. In addition, students will learn digital literacy skills to conduct business research and effective oral communication skills to translate important messages and information in business documents into presentations.

The ability to analyze and work with data is an important skill in business. The ability to collaborate, efficiently and securely in the digital world using the right technology is also growing.

In this module, students will learn to analyze data and present business solutions using spreadsheet software effectively. They will also learn about digital transformations to be ready for corporate, global and modern business today and tomorrow.

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In today’s business world, people and companies need to understand and analyze data to make the right decisions. In this module, students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to transform raw data into useful information and use the information obtained to make business decisions. In particular, students will receive instruction in descriptive statistics, regression and regression, discrete and continuous distributions, statistics and hypothesis testing.

In a world that is becoming complex, uncertain, complex and difficult, employers value graduates who can develop independently and develop solutions that meet the needs of users. In this module, students will gain knowledge and skills to effectively create and refine human-centric solutions. There will be opportunities to practice and experience key stages of Design Thinking, such as problem identification, problem solving, ideation and prototyping, as students will use a range of tools and methods.

The hospitality sector is an important part of the tourism industry, providing travelers with a safe and comfortable stay while away from home. The students will gain knowledge of the various aspects of tourism development and the differences in each, with different organizational structures and business models in management and with the presence of housing and various offices within such businesses. They will learn about the introduction of digitization and innovation in the accommodation industry, as well as the operational and financial aspects necessary to run a successful accommodation business.

Business management involves planning, implementing, managing and monitoring resources and business processes to achieve organizational goals, especially the goal of increasing shareholder value. This module provides students with knowledge of accounting for companies, including analysis and interpretation, and strategies relating to accounts receivable, inventory and working capital management. It also uses the concepts of the time value of money and the risk associated with returns to inform students of its impact on related topics such as budgeting, short- and long-term financial decisions. Finally, students will be guided through the financial planning phase and a performance and cost analysis for decision making.

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With the world economy changing rapidly, individuals and businesses must use macroeconomic concepts to evaluate financial problems in an economy. In this module, students will be equipped with concepts and analytical tools to assess the impact of factors on the country’s income, living conditions, production level, price level and including international trade. These include changes in business cycles, economic policies and trade relations between trading countries. Students can assess the impact on individuals and companies from these variables.

In today’s complex and dynamic business, one thing that remains relevant and important is the basic skills of management. In this module, students will acquire people management skills to become effective and efficient managers. This module introduces key concepts of leadership and personality, organization and organization and their application in the workplace. Students will study topics such as management functions planning, organisation, coordination, management and leadership. Students will also be introduced to areas such as personality, attitudes and emotions, decision making and motivation, team building, organizational planning and strategy.

In today’s business world, people and companies must maximize the use of limited resources to achieve the best results. In this module, students will receive information about how people and companies make decisions about food and production and the role of the authorities in making these decisions. Specifically, students will be taught microeconomic principles and concepts related to scarcity, choice and time costs; concepts of demand and supply; work and prices and theme in store.

In today’s business world, employers are looking for graduates who are well versed in accounting principles and practices to accurately measure business operations and evaluate business results. In this module, students will be taught the concepts and principles that govern the recording of business transactions and the preparation of accounts. Students will also learn how to classify and present different types of assets in the Statement of Financial Position and understand the internal controls for asset management. This enables students to interpret accounts and gain insight into business operations.

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Marketing activities are often practiced in all industries to build strong brands and achieve customer relationships. In this module, students will gain basic marketing concepts and techniques for developing value-added marketing offers. There are opportunities to conduct market research, gather market information and make strategic and strategic decisions for brands based on the company’s business goals. Students will also design a customer-driven marketing plan for a product campaign using Marketing Mix strategies (Product, Price, Place and Promotions).

To give you a holistic education, offer general learning modules (GSM). So, as well as taking modules relevant to your chosen diploma course, you’ll be exposed to areas outside of your regular school. Through the combination of interdisciplinary GSMs directed and electives, you will gain interesting and relevant knowledge that can be useful to you in your preparation for the world of work and life after graduation.

In the 21st century workplace, communicating ideas and new ideas requires new critical communication skills. In this module, students will learn important communication strategies, styles and techniques to become effective communicators. This module aims to develop advanced business communication skills to drive innovation by designing a communication strategy to engage key audiences through persuasive ideas and performative pitches. Students will also use digital storytelling techniques to achieve desired communication outcomes for online and in-person presentations. Good interpersonal and communication skills are highly valued in all professions. Therefore, this module will help students make a difference by improving interpersonal and negotiation skills for intercultural communication and personal branding for work interviews.

The success of a business depends on the relationship between people and businesses. Each party in a business relationship has a set of expectations about what they have to offer and receive. The law is useful in defining and clarifying these ideas to the parties in the relationship. It creates a certain degree of security. In this module, students will understand how Singapore’s legal system works to resolve disputes in business. Students will also learn about different areas of law, such as the Contract Law, the Commercial Law, the Sale of Goods Law and the Intellectual Property Law, key factors in regulating business activities in Singapore.

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As businesses move into the future, data will be collected in greater amounts and in different ways. The ability to understand and understand data therefore becomes important. This module gives students an understanding of the concepts of Data Analytics with a focus on Business Analytics and Exploratory Data Analytics through data visualization. Students will learn how to organize and prepare data and how to analyze data.

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