Universities With Fashion Merchandising Majors

Universities With Fashion Merchandising Majors – The program is designed to provide students with an understanding of the fashion and textile industry, consumer behavior, product development, business principles and technology applications.

Product design and development emphasizes the overall design and manufacturing process from inception to finished products and final sale to consumers. Professional laboratory and industrial software provide students with extensive hands-on experience in design, product development, and the latest applications of fashion retail technology.

Universities With Fashion Merchandising Majors

Merchandising combines an overview of the fashion industry, consumer behavior, product development, planning, purchasing, business operations and entrepreneurship.

Bachelor’s Degree In Fashion Merchandising

Fashion Design and Merchandising offers accelerated programs to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees in short periods of time. Students in the Accelerated Program take graduate-level courses and earn both undergraduate and graduate credits. Students should consult with potential graduate advisors to determine if graduate credits can be applied to a graduate degree program. Applications for this program are submitted to freshmen (i.e., after completion of at least 60 hours of graded undergraduate study).

Generations X, Y and Z share the overwhelming belief that we must all work together to change the world, and they are voting to buy. From fiber sources to end products, stakeholders and consumers are demanding transparency in measuring and reducing the environmental and social impacts of textile products. View the 2020 Sustainability Conference presentation.

Students are required to complete specialized internships in national and international companies to prepare for positions in high-quality apparel. See our Internships page for more information.

The Retail Certificate offered by the Fashion Design and Merchandising (FDM) program is B.S. Track degree tracks by adding opportunities for students in each program to complete a formal, coherent group of courses with a retail focus. The purpose of the Retail Certificate is to introduce current students to the dynamics of the retail industry and provide them with some tools and training to succeed in this fast-growing industry. See our Retail Certificates page for more information.

Fashion Industry Studies Major

Students can apply for college, university and departmental scholarships through one application. You can find the scholarship application by logging into myState. Select Financial Aid and Scholarships from the Banners tab. Applications will be listed as General Scholarship Application Submission/Review.

Student organizations provide an excellent opportunity to network with professionals and peers. There are many organizations available through departments and universities.

Every summer, FDM faculty lead intensive study trips to New York, London, Paris, Milan, Florence, Rome and/or Venice. These unique learning opportunities allow students to build personal global networks with fashion industry professionals while experiencing different cultures. See more of our trip on Instagram. Visit the MSU International Institute for more information.

Students earn a 2.0 GPA (as calculated by Mississippi State University) in all courses applied to the college and transfer to Mississippi State University from any locally accredited community, junior or senior college, regardless of length of enrollment, if they earn a 2.0 GPA from that college. You can. 30 hour core course. Transfer students should refer to the Equivalent Transfer Courses Guide to determine which course to transfer to. Students from UD Fashion and Apparel Studies meet Ruthie Davis, a high-end footwear designer and department advisor, in New York. City Studio. Under Davis’ mentorship, students explored product development and merchandising activities, from material selection and footwear design and development to branding, packaging, marketing, and advertising.

Fashion Merchandising Program

Students meet fashion industry professionals at career fairs hosted by the UD Fashion and Apparel Department.

FASH 210: Fashion and Sustainability Seminar Students explore the art of zero-waste design in a design challenge inspired by Project Runway. Students contemplated this technology as a means to reduce 15-20% of textile waste from apparel production.

Through product development and critical thinking assignments, fashion students develop a range of well-rounded skills that will enable them to excel as professionals working in the fashion industry.

Do you think fashion is just about looking good? Think again. The fashion industry is fast-changing, dynamic and global. Fashion professionals must prepare themselves in a variety of technologies and fields of study to succeed in the ever-changing creative industry.

Fashion Design & Merchandising

As a student in this program, you will gain competencies in many aspects of the industry, including product and assortment planning, product development, consumer behavior, sourcing, distribution channels, communication and sustainability. The complexity of the industry provides fertile ground for impactful research, application of critical thinking in the classroom, and collaboration with corporate partners. Understanding the global platform on which the apparel industry is based is key to the content of the program.

A strong foundation in tiered business with courses specific to the apparel and fashion industry is at the heart of the fashion merchandising curriculum. The depth and breadth of course options provide students with a holistic program to build upon. Communication technology, retail mathematics, textiles, product development, consumer behavior, and global business are key areas students will explore. Many courses are project-based and develop strong teamwork and collaboration skills essential for career success. Our programs will uniquely prepare students for the many career paths the apparel industry has to offer. Success in the world of fashion requires more than a keen sense of style. You also need to translate your vision into a product that is sold. This program combines fashion theory with practical business knowledge to create the skills that prepare you to become a successful fashion business professional. Learn more about our online program.

Our fashion merchandising and design programs are the gateway to a $1.2 trillion industry. Upon graduation, you will have a portfolio of work to show off to employers and the skills to stay in demand.

Recognized as one of the best in Michigan, our programs provide real-world skills using industry technology. We know the fashion industry is going digital, so as fashion merchandising and design experts, we have hands-on experience working with CAD, 3D printers, model digitization and 3D virtual design merchandising software. Fabrics can be tested in a textile testing laboratory. At the Center for Commerce and Design Technology, product prototypes are tested using body scanners and thermal dummy. You can also interact with corporate partners like Carhartt, Target, and Adidas to help solve real-world problems.

Fashion In Forward Motion

Our courses provide a foundation in both design and commerce, leaving graduates ready for a variety of possible careers in the industry. Can’t decide? We provide minors in design and visual merchandising. We know you are busy and have a lot going on. That’s why we offer on-campus, online and hybrid courses. In addition to gaining hands-on experience on campus, you will receive hands-on training as part of your required internship experience. In recent years, students have interned at places like A&F, Louis Vuitton, Target and Bloomingdale’s.

Those experiences are rewarded. Employers know that our students’ technical expertise is matched with problem-solving and leadership skills to differentiate them.

Great patterns don’t stop in a sketchbook or sewing machine. Today’s fashion requires high technology. This concentration prepares you for a career as a designer, CAD designer, stylist, fashion trend coordinator or color analyst.

It’s one thing to love fashion. but can i sell it? In the Fashion Merchandising major, you will learn to combine your sense of style with your ability to gauge what the public wants. Graduates of this program pursue careers in purchasing, store management, visual merchandising, product development, styling, and more.

Fashion Business Management

We bring fashion design to life with the latest technologies, including modeling and 3D printing. This online intensive course prepares you to create and sell a fashion line for a dynamic career in product development.

We skillfully use art and science to create engaging presentations and exhibits that influence consumers’ buying decisions. You will learn how to work with the latest visual merchandising techniques in this online concentration to sell your retail space using branding and advertising techniques.

Whether you design or manufacture clothing, or work in marketing and retail, a degree in fashion merchandising and design opens up a wide range of career opportunities.

Students and faculty at Central Michigan University’s Center for Business Technology and Design have been providing diapers for the past few months. Introducing Lumi, CMU’s baby thermal mannequin. The Fashion Design and Merchandising program offers a professional concentration in Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising. The Fashion Design curriculum enables students to develop the conceptual and technical aspects of apparel design, from material testing and ideation to finished garments. Studios and laboratories are well equipped to provide students with the space and tools they need to explore materials and forms that achieve their design goals. Fashion Merchandising Options promotes understanding and practical skills related to the buying and selling and development of fashion products. The instructors bring a range of professional experiences to the course of the program and are actively involved in the creative field. Guest lecturers share relevant experiences with students and provide networking,

Fashion Merchandising And Design, Bs

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