Universities With Good Music Programs

Universities With Good Music Programs – Traditionally, a career in music has focused on teaching and performing. There is now a growing variety of music, from the recording arts to jazz and popular music. These seven Alberta colleges and universities have responded to this growth by offering diverse degree programs and degrees in music.

Founded in 1908, the University of Alberta claims an enrollment of 37,000 students (2009/10 data). U of A is a world renowned name. The computer science program was ranked third in Canada and 55th in the world in 2010, while its business school was ranked 89th.

Universities With Good Music Programs

The U of A offers three undergraduate music programs: Bachelor of Arts (Hons) with a major in music, Bachelor of Music and, like the University of Lethbridge, Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education. Students may major in composition/theory, history, drama, or world music. The Faculty of Music also offers a degree in Music.

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Students gain valuable ensemble playing experience by joining one of A’s 13 plus musical ensembles. These range from wind ensembles and symphony orchestras to madrigal singers and Indian music.

The University of Alberta also offers a Master of Music, Master of Arts (in Music) and Bachelor of Music. Graduate students may specialize in academic, applied music, music conducting, or composition.

Ambrose University’s history is rooted in some of the oldest universities, including Canadian Nazarene College, Canadian Theological College and Alliance University College. Founded in 1921 as the Calgary Bible Institute, the institute focused on training young adults to serve in the church or as missionaries abroad. It received university accreditation in 1999 and in 2007, it began functioning as a single institution known as Ambrose University College.

Located in Calgary, Alberta, AUC boasts one of the largest private academic libraries in Western Canada and has received the Alberta Government Award for Academic Excellence. With an enrollment of over 600, Ambrose’s high faculty-to-student ratio guarantees small classes.

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Ambrose University offers a four-year Bachelor of Music program and three- and four-year Bachelor of Arts (Music Major) programs. Students receive lessons on their first instrument, music theory, listening training and performance.

Students gain valuable experience by participating in Chamber Singers, College Singers, Community Singers, Chamber Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, or Guitar Ensemble. Programs are flexible in terms of learning and multiple opportunities for leadership development (eg, practicum and management).

McEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta, was founded in 1971 as Grant McEwan College. The school has over 42,000 students. MacEwan U offers 60 programs, including associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, certificates, continuing education, professional training and degrees. In 2009, MacEwan College became an accredited university.

In 2011, MacU unveiled a new Bachelor of Music in Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music program. It is the first secondary institution to offer a university degree combining jazz and contemporary popular music. Students learn basic technique, history and music theory. They may focus on one or two of the following specializations during their two years of study: Composition, Drama, Literary Arts and Composites (a combination of these two).

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As with all music programs at the post-secondary level, students should have the opportunity to work in a musical group, such as a jazz band, show band, jazz ensemble, jazz choir, guitar band or percussion band. The faculty also awards a two-year Bachelor of Music and a four-year Bachelor of Music.

Located in Calgary, AB, Mount Royal University was established as a college in 1911. Today, it claims an enrollment of over 14,000 students and offers bachelor’s degrees, application degrees, university transfer courses, diplomas and certificates. MRC is MRU in 2009.

Mount Royal U offers two music degree programs, a bachelor’s and a jazz degree. Both streams focus on developing students’ performance skills and provide a strong foundation in music history, theory, composition and composition.

There are many groups at Mount Royal including the Cantorry Music Department, guitar groups, jazz ensembles, flute ensembles, percussion ensembles and a jazz choir. There are also several youth groups at the MRU Conservatory. Several of their teams operate in Western Canada. Notable alumni include opera singer Daniel Okulich, 2010 Winter Olympics composer David Pearce and violinist Andrew Davies.

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As of April 2013, the MRU jazz program was one of the post-secondary programs in response to significant education cuts in the 2013 Alberta budget. It continues. Efforts to revive the project. Please visit Save Our Artwork for updates.

Founded in 1964, Red Cross College offers more than 75 programs, including degrees, diplomas and university transfer programs. According to “Universities in Canada” on the Study in Canada website, Red Deer College has more than 10,000 students enrolled.

RDC offers a two-year Bachelor of Music degree that provides students with a solid foundation in ear training, music history, music theory, ensemble, independent music study and compositional technology. As with MRU, students can focus on the classical or contemporary stream. They can work on a combination of the two streams.

Red Deer is the only college in Alberta to offer a one-year preparatory program in music, geared toward musicians with little or no musical training. Students learn techniques for listening, acting and composing music. After completing this program, students should check into a graduate program.

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The University of Calgary is one of seven research universities in Canada. Founded in 1966, the U of C offers more than 100 undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees and claims an enrollment of more than 29,000 students.

The University of Calgary’s Department of Music offers undergraduate and graduate programs in music. At the undergraduate level, students can enroll in the Bachelor of Arts (music major), Bachelor of Music (majoring in composition, history and theory of performance) and Bachelor of Music in Integrated Studies (combination of both fields).

Students can study composition, music, performance and mobile arts in U of C’s master’s degree program. The U of C also offers a PhD program in music or signature.

Accomplishments for U of C ensembles include touring throughout North America, broadcasting on CBC Radio and performing at the Honens International Piano Competition and Festival. Most notably, the Wind Ensemble has performed at the CBDNA National Convention and the World Congress of Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE).

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Founded in 1967, the University of Lethbridge offers 150 undergraduate and graduate programs and employs approximately 7,000 students. This preschool prides itself on its creative arts education programs. Students can study a bachelor’s degree, and both degrees can be earned in five years.

U of L offers several music programs, including a four-year Bachelor of Music, B. Mus. in Digital Audio Arts, Bachelor of Arts (Music Major), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). Students can also combine their music degree with another, such as a business administration or education degree, in a five-year joint degree program.

Students can also enroll in a two- or three-year B. Mus degree. Program. L’s Masters of Music degree and Master of Arts in Music are offered in voice, piano, collaborative piano, French horn, violin, conducting and composition.

Notably, the University of Lethbridge’s Bachelor of Music in Digital Audio Arts is the first degree program of its kind in Western Canada. Its audio school combines academic learning experience in audio labs and primary studios.

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Music students must meet not only general university or college admission requirements, but also exam requirements to be accepted into a music program. Therefore, students interested in music should talk to their music teacher and school guidance counselor in high school to prepare.

Highest performance is expected. Requirements vary from one instrument to another, but are similar when comparing music schools. For example, at the U of C, pianists and singers are expected to be at level 10 (Royal Conservatory, Canadian Conservatory, or equivalent) or higher. Other musicians must be level 8 or higher.

Examinations are usually held in winter and spring. Of course, students who wish to submit their exams can do so on DVD.

There are many more options for music students than colleges and universities. Jazz and popular music, digital audio arts, music education and composition are some of the music programs available at universities and colleges in Alberta. Regardless of whether a student intends to study music, he or she should thoroughly research the various programs and admission requirements and consult with their guidance counselor and music teacher to ensure that Make sure all requirements are met before the exam.

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Affiliated with Sheetmusicplus and CD Japan, I receive branded sales. Proceeds help fund the studio’s blog and YouTube channels. Your support is greatly appreciated. Many Christian colleges offer religious arts degrees that students can use to begin careers in churches or the music business.

What sets Grand Canyon University apart is its emphasis on religion and business and music. GCU’s program incorporates elements from Colangelo University’s College of Business and College of Fine Arts and Production.

According to the university’s president and CEO Brian Mueller, its goal is to educate highly skilled students who will be able to serve as leaders of music services in churches.

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