Ups Store Ground Shipping Rates

Ups Store Ground Shipping Rates – By now, most companies have heard about the upcoming UPS and FedEx dimensional weight pricing that will affect all ground shipments starting December 29, 2014, and January 1, 2015.

If dimensional weight pricing is in effect, shipping costs for these carriers will be charged based on the quantity relative to the weight of the package. This means that the cost of carrying large, light products such as a wallet or backpack will be higher in 2015 than it is now.

Ups Store Ground Shipping Rates

If you know that e-commerce will affect your business – it’s not too late. You still have time to consider other shipping options, such as USPS Priority Mail.

Ups Vs Usps: Services & Pricing Comparison

The Postal Service recently introduced lower rates for Priority Mail in September, making it an affordable shipping option for packages weighing between 1 and 40 pounds and a good alternative to FedEx and UPS Ground. Additionally, USPS Priority Mail is faster than FedEx and UPS Ground, which take an average of two days to deliver a package coast to coast instead of five to six days. Since the USPS doesn’t plan to raise rates in January, you can enjoy these new Priority Mail rates until the New Year.

See how USPS shipping rates compare to FedEx and UPS weight rates in the chart below.

Also, be sure to check out our Dimensional Weight Price Calculator to see how the new DIM weight rules affect your costs and where you can save money with USPS!

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The US Postal Service’s new rates and updated service will begin on Sunday. Want to know how this affects your shipping strategy? Check out the new 2018 USPS Postage Rate Increase Guide, which can be downloaded here:

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Box Sizes For Fedex, Ups, And Usps In 2021

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Ups Charges To Reroute Your Package If You Won’t Be Home

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