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Usc Masters In Teaching Online – We prepare leaders for educational equity through practice, research, and policy. We solve the toughest educational problems through innovative thinking and research.

USC offers a range of programs designed for aspiring teachers, experienced educators and organizational leaders at various stages of their careers.

Usc Masters In Teaching Online

Noguera, Sean Harper, Christopher Emden, William Tierney, Estella Mara Pensium, Morgan Polikov, and Julie Marsh are among the nation’s most influential education scholars.

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As director of the Dream Keeper Initiative, Saidah Leatutufu-Burch EdD ’21 leads efforts to promote prosperity in San Francisco’s black communities.

Victor Castro Mead”19 and Richard Denny Ed”22 are creating new educational programs at West Point that combine virtual reality and game-based training technologies with research-based education.

“The diversity of people in the EdD program has allowed me to open my mind to other ways I can use this degree.”

At City Heights Prep, Vargas intends to be “one of the many torchbearers for USC’s mission and vision.”

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“I was drawn to the Trojan family, their enthusiasm and close-knit community. USC also has a strong list of resources, opportunities and services that have supported my entire experience.”

Our eight research centers, led by world-class faculty, conduct cutting-edge research in many critical areas. The work of our centers is guided by the desire to make a positive impact at all levels of educational policy and practice.

Investing in our work and embedding it in society’s needs is central to our mission. USC builds on our rich history of community partnerships to use education as a force for positive change. Spring/Summer 2022 issue

It explores the wide and varied work of the USC community–past, present, and emerging–at and around USC.

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Beginning Sept. 19, USC is launching the first in a series of masterclasses aimed at bringing students, staff, faculty and alumni together to discuss important ideas and issues that cut across education.

Melboe’s introductory lecture, “Leadership in Times of Radical Change: A Call to Leadership for a New Future,” will examine how breakthrough leaders overcome crises to create innovation and explore the relationship between radical change and leadership for a new future.

Dean Pedro A. Nogueira welcomed six new faculty members for fall 2021, and several new members arrived to join them on January 1, 2022.

This summer, in partnership with the University of Southern California, students enrolled in the USC Leslie and William McMorrow Academic Initiative (NAI) will participate in the launch of the Summer School Math Academy for eighth grade students transitioning to ninth grade.

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The 2022 American Educational Research Association (AERA) will head to San Diego with more than fifteen USC researchers who have prepared papers and presentations for the nation’s largest educational research community. The University of California College of Education offers two types of excellent doctoral programs. The PhD is research-oriented, while the EdD focuses on educational practice and the application of theory and research. Although equally rigorous, a PhD is fundamentally different from a Ph.D.

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program in Urban Education will prepare you to achieve educational equity through research. The program offers four concentrations: Educational Psychology, Higher Education, K-12 Education Policy, and Teacher Education.

The Education Doctor of Educational Leadership (EDL) program prepares you to become a critically aware leader with skills to think strategically, understand and apply evidence-based research, and develop strategies to create equity and promote continuous organizational improvement. The program offers four concentrations: Educational Psychology, Higher Education Administration, K-12 Leadership in Urban Education, and Leading Educational Change.

The Online Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (EDL Online) program prepares you to become a critically aware leader with skills to think strategically, understand and apply evidence-based research, develop strategies to create equity, and promote continuous organizational improvement. The online version of this program offers only the K-12 Leadership in Urban Education Settings concentration.

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The Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership online program (OCL Online) will prepare you to promote systemic improvement and equitable practices and policies in your organization through the application of research-based strategies.

The Global Executive Doctor of Education (Global EdD) program will prepare you to drive a wide range of improvements across education systems through policy practice, innovative practices, evaluation and social entrepreneurship. Before each term begins, you will have the opportunity to choose whether to enroll in a hybrid or online learning experience for that term. Copyright © 2023 Los Angeles Times | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | California Collection Notice | Do not sell or share my personal information

Enrollment at the Susan Durak Beck School of Social Work exploded after the University of Southern California adopted online degree programs. The school is now facing a budget crisis that could result in nearly half the staff losing their jobs.

A decade ago, the University of Southern California was exploring the path of online education, which promised an influx of new tuition dollars without the expense of dormitories and extra classes.

Financing Graduate School

The then representative of the college, C.L. Max Nikias, USC signed on with an East Coast digital education startup, and soon after, the university’s prestigious School of Social Work launched an online master’s program.

Recruitment exploded. Student numbers have grown from 900 in 2010 to 3,500 in 2016, making the School of Social Work the largest in the world.

This rapid growth, designed to ensure a stable future, instead hindered the school. As the Times reported in May, USC’s Susan Durak-Peck School of Social Work is facing a budget crisis and could lose nearly half its staff.

Although USC has yet to provide details on the full scope and reasons for the financial emergency, a few things are clear: Hiring teachers and administrators for an online program has proven expensive. Fees for the company operating the digital learning platform accounted for more than half of the revenue from online education. Other low-cost programs have appeared on the market. The push to fill online classes has led to the enrollment of less qualified students, a decision by many faculty that harms the learning experience and the school’s reputation.

Biggest Offender In Outsize Debt: Graduate Schools

Efforts are underway to restore admissions standards, but stricter standards mean fewer students and less money for the school.

USC’s emerging problems have echoed on Wall Street, where a startup partnered with the university years ago has grown into a publicly traded company valued at more than $2 billion. Presented by 2U Inc. The Maryland-based company provides its services to universities across the country and abroad, but relies on USC for about a fifth of its revenue.

Industry analysts have repeatedly pressed 2U executives about the evolving state of the social work school, and the company cut its revenue forecast last fall, citing instability in part in L.A.

“We will continue to work with the school to achieve the best possible results,” 2U CEO Chip Pochek said on the February earnings call. “We have to be patient here.”

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In a statement to the Times, “2U has consistently met our financial contribution goals for the school.”

The university, which has a contract with the company through 2030, said the factors leading to the school’s budget crisis are “much broader” than its relationship with 2U.

The seriousness of the School of Social Work’s problems is evident in the measures being considered to support its financial situation. Part-time teaching jobs have largely been eliminated, and professors have significantly heavier course loads. A university committee has recommended that 45% of the faculty should be fired. A USC spokeswoman said in a statement that “all administrative costs” are being screened for savings and that “HR continues to work through what the employee impact will be.”

2U derives 60% of its online tuition from the social work program, and the contract carries severe penalties if USC violates the provision. People familiar with the agreement told The Times that it contains a so-called poison tail that requires the university to continue giving its share of revenue for two years after cancellation.

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CEO Posek described the company’s contracts with universities as essentially “irreversible.” In a statement, the company said the clauses, which it called “teaching” clauses, were justified on the basis of 2U’s upfront investment of up to $10 million in new graduate programs. The company said the arrangement will ensure 2U helps students enroll and sign up for the services they promised. Its statement said that since its inception in 2008, “the firm has never had a client fail to renew a degree course contract”.

Before commencement last month, the school gave talking points to faculty and administrators that I expected some attendees would be concerned about 2U. If a parent or student raises the issue, they should respond that there are no plans to end the partnership “at this time,” the flier said.

2U, originally known as 2tor, began promoting USC shortly after its inception. She had no proven track record with universities but had a compelling vision. Founders and Alumni of Princeton Magazine

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