Usc Online Masters In Communication

Usc Online Masters In Communication – “I face tremendous challenges every day, but I know that I have the training and resources in a variety of classes to help me achieve my goals. Because of my education, I have the opportunity to work with a diverse, global group of people. and able to work successfully with a powerful group.”

A World-Class Education for Communication Professionals USC Annenberg is recognized as a leader in communication schools worldwide, setting the standard for communication professionals. Faculty have deep academic expertise and extensive professional experience, combining communication research and theory with their everyday application in organizations around the world.

Usc Online Masters In Communication

Data driven strategy. Real world application. Students learn to apply common language, tools, and problem-solving techniques through a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary program designed around evidence-based research and communication best practices. Graduates are equipped to gather, interpret, analyze and translate information – turning complex ideas into actionable strategies.

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The USC MCM online program is designed for ambitious communications professionals who want to develop valuable skills across all industries that can add lasting value to their current and future roles and advance their careers. Can serve them. Students can choose from three areas of concentration or take the general MCM.

Develop skills to effectively collect and analyze data, then generate insights to drive better decision-making for organizations.

The online Master of Communication Management has encouraged the career development of professionals at all levels in an ever-growing range of fields. See what USC’s MCM can do for you.

“There was no other program with the prestige of USC and the Annenberg School. I never saw the value I got from my master’s in communication management.

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The faculty is one of USC Annenberg’s richest sources of academic distinction. They are drawn from a wide range of academic disciplines and include distinguished scholars and researchers, editors of leading journals, officers of prominent national and international professional associations, and highly regarded consultants in public and private industry. This diversity is reflected in the classroom, adding a rich experiential perspective to data-driven instruction.

“Strong communication skills” are ubiquitous in today’s job postings, regardless of function or industry. So what does this mean for communication professionals? How do they stand out in the resume field that sells strong communication skills?

Communication is more than just an art or a science. It is a strategic balance of the two. Understanding balance is a key differentiator for professionals in a competitive market.

USC Annenberg’s online Master of Communication Management is designed to teach students how to think — not just think — to thrive in a data- and analytics-driven workplace. It extends the learning experience beyond textbook examples that link problem solving. Theory is the basis but not the goal.

An Introduction To Strategic Communication

Smart decisions come from knowing your goals, asking the right questions to the right audience, and understanding the results. An online master’s degree in communication management equips students with the skills to understand, design, and distribute communication measurement models that speak the language their key audiences—such as managers, executives, stakeholders, and customers—understand. are

As a center for debate, USC Annenberg is redefining the communication field among scholars and professionals in journalism, communication, public policy, media and education for the 21st century and beyond. The reputation of Annenberg’s faculty and the rigor of the program is reason enough for such distinction. But at the heart of Annenberg’s prestige is the breadth and depth of his research.

Digital media and technology, cultural communication, public interest and global leadership exams are setting new standards not only for education but for application in organizations around the world. More than 15,000 Annenberg alumni contribute to a professional network of industry leaders and communications professionals who can put “USC Annenberg” on their resumes—a powerful differentiator in a crowded and competitive market. . Students graduating at USC’s 2020-21 commencement. Ceremony at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, May 18, 2021. (Photo: USC Photo/David Sprague)

When it comes to getting a master’s degree, the advantages are obvious: it has more flexibility, you have access to a global perspective, most courses are designed for working professionals, and the program There is also an additional type.

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However, prospective students are often concerned that joining a distance learning environment will not allow them to immerse themselves in the wider university community. However, many graduate students are proof that this is not the case – especially at USC.

To find out how students can become more involved with their peers, we spoke with three current students and alumni who enrolled in programs at USC and completely transformed the Trojan community.

When Amarilis Bolaños decided she was ready to pursue a master’s degree at USC, she wasn’t sure which program she wanted to apply to. In the end, the COVID-19 pandemic helped him decide which path to take.

“I applied to the Master of Public Health program because during COVID we heard all kinds of talk about public health. It was something I felt passionate about, especially with the current events that was happening. I wanted to be a part of something that could help,” she told USC.

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Another reason the MPH program appealed to Bolanos was that she would be able to successfully balance her work schedule and academic demands at the same time. While practicality and flexibility were key for Bolanos, she admits she missed the convenience of meeting fellow students in person.

To get more involved at USC, she decided to join the USC Master of Public Health Student Association, where she first served as secretary and is now director of finance.

“I really wanted to do something outside of school and classes that was more personally engaging, and the Public Health Association explained why I was at USC in the first place…I wanted to meet other people. was, and this is a great opportunity to do that,” he explained.

MPH student Amarilis Bolaños wanted to build lasting connections with her partner by joining the USC Master of Public Health Student Association, where she is now the director of finance. (Photo: Courtesy of Amarilis Bolaños)

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Since joining, Bolaños has visited campus several times for in-person events to make additional connections. She noted that it was a relief to network with her group and develop a strong bond with the USC community.

“Definitely keep an eye on the emails you get early on about how to join. It can be overwhelming, but read them,” he advises. “Focus on one thing you can be passionate about and learn from. If you’re really passionate about it, you’ll invest in it.

For Nicole Garcia, USC’s stellar reputation for “developing leaders” as well as its vibrant alumni network drew her to the Master of Science in Human Resource Management (MSHRM) program.

“I graduated [MSHRM] because I wanted to continue working … but it was great to be able to directly apply what I was learning [in my career]. It’s a great way to get your masters.” The big pro is: real-time application… [Professors] were also able to give me immediate help, understanding and guidance,” Garcia explained.

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As an HR professional, Garcia enjoys connecting with people and making a positive impact on her colleagues. While attending USC, she saw an opportunity to combine these two passions by co-founding the Human Resource Management Association (HRMA).

“It was a way for us to connect outside of courses and share different life experiences or different field experiences with classmates,” she said.

The HRMA chapter was able to bring together students from diverse backgrounds – from HR directors at Nike to coordinators building small startup teams – to network, seek advice and leverage each other’s strengths.

“Doing it through HR and coming together about things we feel passionate about has been helpful,” Garcia explained.

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By co-founding the USC chapter of the Association for Human Resource Management, MSHRM student Nicole Garcia expanded her reach to fellow students beyond the virtual classroom. (Photo: Courtesy of Nicole Garcia)

Today, the Directorate for Human Rights helps students do just that: connect and share information and experiences. It certainly helped cement Garcia in the world of USC.

“If you want that community, it’s expanding your reach. It’s messaging your classmates — maybe it’s email, maybe it’s LinkedIn. Maybe when you’re in class, Ping someone on the sidelines to get in touch with what they have to say… it’s just about trying to be available and reach out to your classmates and faculty as much as possible,” Garcia concluded. .

The main reason people go back to school is to gain more clarity about the next steps in their career. This was the case for Bradley Jacob, who chose to pursue a Master of Public Administration (MPA) at USC.

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“I used to work in finance, but I wanted to turn to more mission-oriented work. I wasn’t sure what that would look like, whether it was working in an elected official’s office or a state or federal agency. or the advisory side. I wanted to approach this center from a strong academic position.

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