Victorian Decor Living Room

Victorian Decor Living Room – The living room may be the heart of many people’s homes, but how did it get there? Advocates of the Arts and Crafts movement saw that the formal recreational facilities that Victorians loved were unnecessary.

Instead, they abandoned the concept of the living room and introduced the living room, a flexible space provided with comfortable and functional items rather than beautiful and formal ones. Built-in bookcases became a must-have and furniture began to be placed against the walls to create usable space in the bedroom.

Victorian Decor Living Room

Victorian Decor Living Room

But how can you bring a touch of Victorian style to your living room? Read on for 10 tips that can easily transform your space into a Victorian living room.

Victorian Living Room Ideas You’ll Love

It’s easy to add a touch of Victorian style with decorative items that can be found inexpensively at thrift or antique stores and online auction sites. Look for metals, taxidermy, needlework and cushions, glass vases, mirrors, clocks and timepieces. The Victorians were avid collectors and often had shelves full of curiosities.

Victorian Decor Living Room

Rich paint and wallpaper colors were common: think ruby ​​red, forest green, midnight blue and brown. If you’re feeling brave enough to keep the entire room a dark shade, choose one feature wall for emphasis.

The buzzword for the Victorians was “extravagaga,” and it’s easy to incorporate elements of luxury without being overwhelmed by the period’s favored interior. Think daybeds or velvet curtains, a button-back chair in the bathroom or a Victorian chandelier as a feature light in a modern bedroom.

Victorian Decor Living Room

Look for Victorian candlesticks (mirrors that were once part of a vanity set are easy to find and cheap to buy) and light up your room in the evening with candles and a fire.

Make your own Victorian pincushion – One of the most popular items of the era was Queen Victoria’s dog, a black and tan spaniel. You can find free patterns online.

Victorian Decor Living Room

Fireplaces were key to the Victorians because they not only warmed rooms, but they were a focal point and a place where noise could not be heard. If you have an old fireplace that needs to be restored, there are plenty of guides online to make sure you don’t damage the metal, marble or tile. Many fuses were installed during electrical fires in the 1960s, so it’s worth checking if they’re hidden behind a panel. Visit Salvo to discover restored fire stations and their surroundings.

History Of Victorian Interior Design And Modern Uses

Add a Persian-style carpet in rich colors, leaving a border of black floorboards. Generally, the Victorians painted only the visible part of the floor, and removing the carpet would reveal lightly patterned, simple floorboards. Fortunately, if you are looking to stain wood floors, standard wood paint is available in containers large enough to cover most living rooms.

Victorian Decor Living Room

The Victorians were big fans of using different textures. Try placing cushions with lace, velvet and brocade covers, trim curtains or drapes with lace, add luxury window treatments or front curtains, and use lace or beautifully woven tables and trays.

If you have original features like ceiling roses and moldings, emphasize them. If they have been removed, consider reinstalling them. Although replacements are very expensive, they are often difficult to get a good fit and you may need the help of a professional.

Victorian Decor Living Room

Victorian Room Pictures

If you live in a house with high ceilings, consider painting it the same shade as your walls. It may seem excessive, but it can make a large room look rich and wonderful.

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Victorian Decor Living Room

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Ways To Inject Victorian Style Into Your Living Room

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Victorian Decor Living Room

Download Victorian Homes, a free e-book created by Adrian Flux Insurance Services. It’s full of Victorian home facts, tips on how to create a Victorian-style home – even if you live in a newly built home – and advice on how to find authentic Victorians and reproductions, fittings, furniture, accessories and art. The houses reflect the architectural styles that were popular during the reign of Queen Victoria. Older styles such as Medieval Gothic or Romanesque inspired the details we associate with Victorian style today.

In this article, you will learn how the Victorian style began, what are its distinguishing features, and how to compliment it in today’s homes.

Victorian Decor Living Room

Feast For The Senses: 25 Vivacious Victorian Living Rooms

. Specifically, the term comes from the historical period between 1837 and 1901 when Great Britain was under the rule of Queen Victoria.

The queen was known for her luxurious taste in interior design and architecture. His love of rich and ornate designs caught the attention of his countrymen.

Victorian Decor Living Room

Influenced by Queen Victoria’s beauty taste, the wealthy elite first adopted their style to reflect their family’s wealth.

Interior Designer Angelica Squire’s London Home

As a result of the Industrial Revolution, middle class people were also able to obtain and enjoy goods that were not available before. For example, chintzware, floral patterns, carved vases, decorated curtains and embroidered carpets.

Victorian Decor Living Room

Since then, Victorian houses have captured hearts for over 200 years. But there is more to this style than meets the eye.

People love the Victorian style because of its elegant expression and luxury. It attracts love especially to those who value British culture.

Victorian Decor Living Room

Because the Victorian style is rich in its history, homeowners find comfort in enjoying nostalgia. The presence of antiques reminds us of the noble Victorian era.

With their fine details and elegant presentation, Victorian homes have stood the test of time. This style has been in demand for centuries.

Victorian Decor Living Room

Not sure if Victorian is your style? Don’t worry, take our quiz to find out which style suits you best.

Modern Victorian Design & Décor Ideas

In old Victorian houses, the walls are often covered with bright floral wallpaper to achieve a beautiful aesthetic. Wallpaper with such designs covers almost every wall. Because in the 1840s, companies were able to mass produce wallpaper.

Victorian Decor Living Room

In the 1900s, wallpaper printing in rich golden brown and russet colors was popular. In today’s modern homes, instead of wallpaper prints, velvet tufts and wood decorations are used. They serve to add texture to the walls, achieving a Victorian aesthetic.

At the beginning of the Victorian era, prints were widely used and took the form of intricate florals. Later they changed to halftone, bird and leaf patterns. A characteristic of these patterns was the continuous division and repetition of the design.

Victorian Decor Living Room

Modern Victorian Decorating Ideas That Aren’t Stuffy

In today’s Victorian home, designers take a more subtle approach. Prints and patterns are used only in selected areas of the home, such as the dining room or the bedroom.

Mood lighting in halls and dining rooms is an important part of Victorian style. They not only serve the purpose of lighting up the space but also give a modern feel.

Victorian Decor Living Room

Most of the lighting took the form of sconces, chandeliers and a unique Tiffany lamp. This lamp is made of glass lamp shade.

Blue Transitional Victorian Living Room

Decorative designer Louis Comfort Tiffany was best known for his stained glass work during the Victorian era. Therefore, a lamp called Tiffany creates the perfect Victorian atmosphere at home.

Victorian Decor Living Room

The windows are often lined with velvet and brocade curtains made of rich and heavy fabrics. Beautiful curtains give homes a luxurious look. Therefore, blinds were a popular window treatment.

Victorian style is distinguished from other classical styles by the extensive use of fabric for furniture, accessories and window treatments.

Victorian Decor Living Room

How To Decorate Your Home Like A True Victorian

All fabrics were used. Most were heavy, strong and sturdy. The sofas and chairs are upholstered in rich linen damask, and the windows are lined with velvet and brocade curtains.

In today’s Victorian interiors, it is common to have tassels or woven tassels as decoration on cushions and upholstered furniture. Uniquely woven rugs are also used to add appeal and are great conversation pieces.

Victorian Decor Living Room

The furniture is made of oak, mahogany or walnut. Wood was chosen because it was the perfect canvas for unique and intricate handmade designs.

Explore A Wild, Maximalist Victorian Townhouse Near The Sea In Somerset

Today designers are repurposing these pieces with modern chairs with a button effect and polished wood dining sets. Intricate designs carved into wood are still a signature of Victorian furniture.

Victorian Decor Living Room

Because it is a dramatic style, the colors of Victorian design are rich and deep without being overwhelming. Using such colors gives the house a sense of luxury.

Individual elements do not stand out. Instead, a variety of rich colors combine to create one distinctly Victorian landscape.

Victorian Decor Living Room

Victorian Living Room With Blue Walls Ideas You’ll Love

Excessive use of accessories and decorations was common in Victorian homes at the time. It was a way for householders to display their wealth in their homes.

Homeowners fill their walls with framed pictures

Victorian Decor Living Room

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