Virtual Assistant Services For Small Businesses

Virtual Assistant Services For Small Businesses – Entrepreneurs start their businesses with a bold vision and grand plans. Yet the humanitarian work involved in building a business empire is all too easily bogged down. No matter the industry, every company has these important tasks that cannot be ignored and that ultimately prevent entrepreneurs from doing what they do best. This is where virtual assistants can help.

Think of a virtual assistant as an individual who clears your important administrative tasks from a remote location. They can (and often do) handle everything from answering emails to data entry, website management and even social media. Most are contract or independent employees working from home, so you have complete flexibility in choosing how much work you delegate. Debbie Roche, a Vancouver-based virtual assistant, clearly explains what people in her field do: “I help other small business owners with their day-to-day business operations. These are people who define themselves as their company’s owner, without knowing the need to be involved in all day-to-day tasks,” Debbie explained. “Maybe they don’t have the brains of a manager, or they don’t have the time. However, I take that work out of their hands so they can focus on the process.” Their business is more efficient. “

Virtual Assistant Services For Small Businesses

The question is, does virtual assistance sound right for your small business? Here are five of the biggest benefits of using their services.

Hiring A Virtual Assistant Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

Running a business can seem like an endless stream of dreaded emails, calls, meetings and appointments. These meals can be started right away at your leisure, leaving you with less time for important things. Brittany Hardy, owner of Empty Desk Solutions, explains in detail: “Sometimes we know our plates are full, but we can’t think about managing team members in-house. Virtual assistants are the perfect solution for many day-to-day business tasks that require part-time or full-time staff.

As the virtual assistance industry grows, so does the breadth of skills. VAs often have years of experience in areas such as marketing, copywriting, social media, human resources, and even recording. Claire Costa, a Vancouver-based virtual assistant, explains the benefits: “For small business owners, taking care of certain parts of your business can mean mistakes because it’s not your specialty. These mistakes can lead to A lot of extra work, so hiring a virtual assistant can be a great investment for your business since it’s your own free time.

As your business grows, you may need help. Unfortunately, you may not be ready to hire full-time management. Determine how much you can afford to spend on important administrative tasks, then seek virtual assistants to work within those boundaries. You don’t have to worry about tax implications, benefits, or signing long-term contracts. “Your virtual assistant only charges for the work done,” explains Claire. “You don’t have to worry about time tracking, coverage cuts, sourcing, and all the other challenges that come with a full-time membership. It’s the perfect middle ground for small business owners.”

“It’s a big responsibility for people to really take their business into my hands.” – Debbie Roche. It’s natural for virtual assistants to focus on simple tasks like data entry, email management, or travel arrangements at first, but you’ll learn to rely on them more and more as the conversation progresses. With time and trust, you can let your virtual assistant take on more aspects of your professional life, become your own executive rock star, and set aside more time for…  

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Having lived through the growing pains of a small business, you may be used to taking a “do-it-yourself” approach to management. If you’re working 100 hours a week, there really isn’t much time to think about big-picture ideas about goals and strategy. Offloading tasks to virtual assistants means more room to create new projects, make big decisions, or grow your business in innovative ways. Product Automation Platform No-Code Automate 5,000+ Apps How It Works Learn Security + Trusted Foundation as a 2M Business Flexible Workflow Integrations 5,000+ Browser Integrations Massive DataBeta TablesNo-Code DataSales CommunicationsNavigation Software for ZapsIntegrate Role-Based SolutionsBusiness OwnersIT OperationsSales Management Through WorkflowsLeadershipCustomer RelationshipsInternal ProcessesData Management by Company SizeStartups and Mid-Sized BusinessesBy Resources and Support by Role Segmentation Marketing, Business Owner, IT Operations, Sales, Learn More, Blog, University Webinars, Clients, Customers, Community Help Center, Hiring Professionals, Team & Team Relations Price Company

There comes a time in every small business owner’s life when they look at their to-do list and realize they can’t get everything done. Too many emails to answer, too many customers to get on a plane, too many marketing campaigns to set up—whatever it takes, you need help. Insert: Virtual Assistant.

Virtual assistants (VAs) are remote contractors who can take on many “gig jobs” in your business. They can specialize in a specific set of administrative tasks or act as generalists. However, transferring rights to the VA will help you grow your business smoothly.

Determining the backing points for when to hire a virtual assistant can be difficult, but there are some common signs that it’s time to start transferring rights:

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This list is not exhaustive, but it should give you an idea of ​​the variety of tasks a VA can perform.

Your mental health is the most important factor here, but you’re in business, so you’ll need to check the following points, weighed against impending fatigue. Speaking of which, you have to make sure your assistant saves you more than it costs.

Start by logging your time. It’s a decent thing, and it should stop there. Check out our list of the best time tracking devices to get started and find the best option for you. Once you know how much time you’re spending on each task, it’s time to do the math.

When designing a time tracking solution, you don’t want to make your tasks too detailed, but enough to see the model. For example, you can track things like “Social Media” or “Press and PR,” but you’ll also need a generic “Administration” category for things like appointments or phone calls to suppliers.

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Scenario 1: You spend 6 to 8 hours a week handling customer issues on the phone and email. At $22 an hour, you’re spending $132-$176 per week to resource a virtual assistant. In the same six hours, you might do other things (customer service that can be billed, increase your marketing efforts on Instagram, something that makes sense for your business) that would net you $300-400. In this case, the numbers show what getting a VA means economically for you.

Scenario 2: You spend 3 hours per week on high-level management tasks that require some background knowledge of your industry and business/product (e.g. talking to a manufacturer). You will need to find a VA with the same level of background knowledge as you (and pay accordingly higher – eg $30-35/hr) and you don’t have a job that will make money right away that you want to save. In this case, renting a VA isn’t worth it to you yet. You can hand it over when you have enough other work to transfer, but for now it makes the most economic sense to continue shipping yourself.

Scenario 3: You analyze your time and find that you spend 5-7 hours a week on administrative tasks. You have about 2 to 3 hours of profitable work, and you can do that amount, so you’ll be more or less profitable by hiring an assistant. This is usually the hardest position to get into because there is no immediate payment. If you hate your administrative work and just want to take it off your plate, it’s worth hiring an assistant, as long as it’s for peace of mind and to avoid fatigue. If you have a busy season 3 months from now, it might also be a good idea to hire an assistant now: you’ll have your VA fully operational when the busy season arrives. But if you like to use these administrative tasks to unwind at the end of the workday, the stress of shifting will disappear.

If math isn’t going the way you want, there are other ways to start. See the section on automation below to get started.

How A Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Small Business

If you decide you need help, it’s still worth deciding: Is virtual assistance the way to go? Sometimes a personal assistant might be just the person you’re looking for.

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