Virtual Phone Number For Whatsapp Business

Virtual Phone Number For Whatsapp Business – As an increasing number of fake phone numbers are doing the Whatsapp circles, people are finding it difficult to avoid fake calls and protect their privacy.

However, things are changing with WhatsApp as it bans accounts activated with fake numbers and takes strict precautions to open new accounts.

Virtual Phone Number For Whatsapp Business

But still, many people hesitate to use a regular phone number for Whatsapp from their local phone operator due to fraud and privacy concerns.

How To Create A Virtual Phone Number For Whatsapp

This is where virtual phone numbers come into play. Now you can use a virtual phone number for your WhatsApp account just like your regular phone number.

Don’t worry, WhatsApp has collected phone numbers from the best real and virtual phone numbers for WhatsApp providers.

As a result, you will be able to keep your personal phone number private and businesses will be able to reach a large audience with their marketing messages using a virtual number without having to worry about inserting a physical SIM card.

A virtual phone number is not tied to a fixed location like a regular phone number from your local phone service provider. A secure internet connection is required to handle incoming and outgoing calls.

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In general, virtual phone numbers can be used on any device that can connect to the internet, install apps, and make calls.

For example, VoIP desk phones, smartphones, laptops, or soft phones. It’s the best choice for any business with an office, remote or work-from-home setup.

Today, people use virtual phone numbers to register on social media as well as online messaging apps like Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and more.

Now that you briefly understand virtual phone numbers, it’s time to understand the process of getting virtual phone numbers for business and personal use.

How To Get Virtual Phone Number For Whatsapp 2023 [free & Paid]

DISCLAIMER: It depends only on WhatsApp to send SMS containing OTP code. does not block SMS sent to your number.

The process is slightly different for different platforms but the basic idea is the same. We have summarized the process of getting a virtual WhatsApp number into the following simple steps:

There are many such platforms in the market that provide WhatsApp virtual numbers. Choose the one that meets most of your personal and business requirements.

Make sure it’s within your budget. Only proceed to buy a virtual number for WhatsApp after making sure that the telephone platform is compatible with your needs and requirements.

How To Set Up A Virtual Number For Whatsapp Business?

One of the best features of virtual phone numbers is that you can get any country number from any location. Choose the country you are most interested in.

There are different types of phone numbers (local, mobile, toll-free, and national). Usually, people need mobile or landline number to activate their Whatsapp account. Choose the right type for you.

The platform offers a monthly or annual subscription as well as a pay-as-you-go service for using virtual phone numbers. Choose the package that feels cheapest to you and proceed accordingly.

Complete the purchase process by paying online via VISA / MASTER Card or PayPal or other payment methods. You can use the number after successful payment.

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The number of attractions for VoIP numbers for WhatsApp is very high because of its ability to improve personal and business communication.

There are many benefits in using WhatsApp on a daily basis. Here are some of them:

People should not use their personal phone numbers on WhatsApp to deal with scam calls on the app. Not only that, WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption and security measures for user privacy.

From a business perspective, virtual phone numbers are great for marketing and advertising work. Users can connect with existing customers and new customers to promote their business.

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That’s because WhatsApp has a huge reach, and many people prefer sending messages on WhatsApp than calling customer service or submitting a ticket.

Virtual phone numbers act as a medium between business leaders, customers, and employees. It improves internal and external communication.

After successfully purchasing a virtual or VoIP number for WhatsApp, you can now proceed to create a WhatsApp account.

This is a very simple process. As long as you have the original phone number, you can get WhatsApp in these two steps:

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Download Whatsapp and open the app on your device. You will find a drop-down menu to select the country the virtual phone number belongs to. Enter country and virtual phone number.

Once you have successfully entered your country and virtual phone number, Whatsapp will send a verification code to your phone number. You can use a softphone, VoIP phone, or any other device to access the virtual phone number provider’s dashboard.

Look for the SMS section and you will find a message from Whatsapp with a code. Enter the code to complete the verification process. If you are using a virtual landline number then wait for the verification code on WhatsApp to complete and click on the option to send OTP on the phone to listen to the code.

Although WhatsApp says that it only accepts phone numbers from mobile phone operators, it definitely accepts phone numbers from real virtual phone number providers.

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There are many cloud phone number providers that provide virtual phone numbers for multiple countries. Here we have listed some of the best platforms for you based on general reviews, price, customer support, features, and services.

We start our list with one of the best virtual cloud phone systems. It offers virtual phone numbers for 100+ countries.

Businesses can easily activate their Whatsapp to communicate with their customers. Their call center software makes it easy to monitor all calls and texts.

It allows users to make calls, receive/send messages, manage business numbers, and other things. Also, many companies have adopted MightyCall services to manage their contact centers from remote locations.

How Can I Get A Virtual Number For Whatsapp?

There are also many features and functions such as call recording, interactive control, call forwarding, etc.

Fourth on our list, Grasshopper is a simple but powerful virtual phone number provider that’s great for small and mid-sized organizations.

Also, VirtualPBX is the best virtual number provider for call centers and contact centers. It provides phone monitoring and handles departmental reporting tasks. is the first virtual phone number provided for many service organizations. It provides quality voice service, message, and video calling experience.

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Moving on to our list, we have Exotel – one of the well-known platforms for virtual phone numbers. Virtual phone numbers from Exotel for WhatsApp are ideal for small businesses and startups.

We have reached the end of our list. Here, Bitrix24 is a good virtual phone number for WhatsApp. You get easy call recording and call forwarding.

The goal of all virtual phone number providers is to provide virtual phone numbers and cloud phone services.

Although the main purpose of these platforms is the same to provide calls over the internet, they differ in what they provide.

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For organizations to achieve high levels of productivity and customer satisfaction, they need a good virtual phone number provider.

You are responsible for managing leads and boosting your company’s return on investment. As a result, to get the best business phone service, you need to do a thorough market research.

If you are looking for a free virtual number for WhatsApp, there is one thing you should consider. Free virtual numbers for WhatsApp are always active and can be used by others who have access to them. So if you are not careful, someone can access your account, gain access to your data, and use it against you.

This platform offers a variety of phone numbers from over 100 countries. This means you can get a number for any country you want which is better than traditional phone numbers.

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You have to be careful when choosing the right platform. Above we have listed some important points that you should focus on to complete the platform.

With more than 100+ countries registered on the platform, you are given different options to get all kinds of cheap WhatsApp virtual phone numbers for the US, England, Canada, Australia, and many other countries. -another language.

It provides a genuine number which means you will not have any problem to register your Whatsapp account for personal and business purposes.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions On Whatsapp Business

Yes. Whatsapp allows virtual phone numbers from original virtual phone number providers. This number can be used to create a Whatsapp account.

There are many cloud phone platforms that provide free virtual phone numbers such as Google Voice, E-oice, FreshDesk, etc. Alternatively, you can sign up for a trial version offered by the platform to use a free virtual phone number for a few days. .

Whether for personal or business reasons, follow these steps to get a Turkish virtual phone number for Whatsapp:

The price of a virtual phone number usually ranges from USD 5 to USD 15. The price may vary depending on the type of cloud-based phone system.

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