Visual Communication In Digital Design

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In fact, anything accessed from a digital device (apps, websites, etc.) is part of the realm of digital design and is made to look that way by a digital designer.

Visual Communication In Digital Design

But you certainly hear a lot of design-related job titles, and it can get confusing when you need to define what digital design is and who is responsible for it.

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Digital design is a broad term that refers to any type of visual communication that is displayed through a digital interface that the user can interact with. Therefore, digital design is based on aspects such as interactivity, user experience and adaptability to different screen sizes.

Digital design is part of digital product design, as it focuses on building the visual appearance of a product through software.

Now you can say that a graphic designer can do it too. While this may be true, there is a difference between digital and graphic design.

While digital design refers to content placed on digital interfaces, graphic design is primarily for print, but can also be found on digital devices.

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To understand this even better, a graphic designer creates visual elements such as logos, infographics, advertising materials or other media that aim to visually inform.

Digital designers produce digital experiences for various interfaces for people to interact with. When creating these images, digital designers consider other technical aspects such as framing or user testing.

But you’re right if you think that the two overlap in many cases. Digital designers must have the skills needed to create digital graphic design, such as typography or page design. On the other hand, graphic designers work with both digital and print media. In other words, they must think about making their design compatible with both digital and print.

This means that both roles need to know the current design tools needed and a basic understanding of color theory and typography.

Fundamentals Of Graphic Design

As I said before, a digital designer creates visual content for websites, apps, social media and other platforms.

Therefore, a digital designer must first understand what users want and value, and then deliver a combination of a great user interface and user experience.

Creating a digital design that delivers a complex solution in a simple way will help customers understand how the product works,

A digital designer must understand the concept behind the branding requirements. This means they have to turn the idea into a visual that delivers what the brand and users expect. Because a digital designer works closely with cross-functional teams, design collaboration is essential.

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Everything starts with an idea. The development team then works with the design and marketing team through implementation. Only then will it be proven that the concept is what the company wants.

Digital designers are always finding ways to simplify because they focus on users, so they can explore everything quickly and easily.

The design they create should be easy to use, but it should be in line with the brand’s personality. This means that the design concept should be built around the brand, not the other way around.

Let’s say your company has already decided on an aesthetic and you’re working with a designer outside of your company. In this case, you can create a brand kit in , then share it with your digital designer to make sure everything is on brand.

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A professional designer should be ready with different solutions and variants for what the brand is looking for. As in advertising, A/B testing is recommended in digital design.

Digital design also differs from graphic design in terms of process. The creative part and concept is done by the designers, while its implementation is done through coding by the development team.

Digital designers coordinate the visual appearance of the product. When they need feedback from other teams or the client, they offer their work on an offline model using Photoshop or Figma.

This means that designers don’t need to know a coding language because they can work with other teams. But some digital designers know a thing or two about front-end development.

Visual Communication Design Folios

Just as digital graphic design has many general visual elements, there are different interfaces that fall under the umbrella of digital design.

A business today cannot function without a website, making web design a crucial part of the digital world. Having a website is very important because it can contain the image and essence of the brand, but also important information.

It is also where people buy products or use the website for the services it offers. That’s why businesses follow UI/UX design tips to not only attract visitors, but also convert them into customers.

Landing page design is just as important as homepage design. Landing pages are stand-alone pages focused on a specific product or service, opening up space for more information about that product or service.

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A business often has more than one landing page, so digital designers need to make sure they all adhere to the same aesthetic.

Has different landing pages, targeting specific functions in each. However, the style is the same in all of them.

An app can be designed for mobile or desktop (or both) to focus on performing a specific action. It can be used for shopping, music, programming or other functions.

When creating an app, a digital designer also needs to think about app icons. This is an important aspect because the icon will be the image of the app in the app store. Since creating a logo is a completely different task, it can be created by a graphic designer.

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Banner ads aim to increase brand awareness and ultimately sell a product or service. Digital banner design is the equivalent of a billboard or other printed material. They can be static or animated, but either way these ads take users to a landing page.

This Philips digital banner design ad shows the different colors available for the toothbrush and highlights them through subtle animation.

3D design is often used for video games or movies, but brands can showcase a product using 3D design and create an animated presentation. This is a form of digital art design because this way you can create full story animations.

Take this example from Zook. They present a concept car with the help of 3D images, which really look like digital art designs.

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Brands often create eBooks that they share with their audience, and every visual they include has a digital designer behind them.

So the next time you read an e-book and flip through the pages, know that a digital designer worked on it.

A digital designer can create other designs that require engaging and interactive graphics. They can create visual dynamism that should otherwise be static. Consider infographics or PowerPoint presentations.

There are digital designers who will probably create all of the above. But some of them specialize in a particular area of ​​the vast world of digital design.

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First, you need to understand what kind of digital creation you need and then look for the right designer.

Great design meets more than one criteria. It should look good and be easy to use while maintaining the brand aesthetic. In addition, it must maintain consistency in terms of colors, typography and images, while being simple and functional.

The beautiful and functional design will attract attention. This is the first step. A well-crafted design will make users believe that it is from a professional brand that deserves their respect.

Before you start working on your design or collaborate with a digital designer, you need to do an in-depth analysis of your target audience. See what they like and don’t like and what solutions you can bring that other digital designs don’t like.

Visual Elements Of Design. And How To Use Them In Digital Design

Users consume content on different devices, and good digital design must ensure readability for each type of device.

To comply with this aspect, the design should follow a pleasing visual hierarchy and have sufficient white space to allow each element to be visible.

Since digital design is primarily for interaction, not reading, these two aspects are essential.

Now all the points mentioned above lead us to this one. A well-optimized, striking and readable design will convince people that it is worth seeing and interacting with.

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Getting this part of digital design right ensures that people stay on your platform or app long enough to discover your brand.

If you’re using a digital design for marketing purposes, once you’ve finished creating it, you’ll also want to check the numbers to see how your audience has received it.

This is why analysis is an important part of determining whether a digital marketing design is good or not. They show you a clear indication of the performance of the product/service.

According to each type of digital design, check likes, shares, downloads, time spent on page and

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