Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

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Some of our smaller central heaters work perfectly in a corner… Lea, Calista, Tatiana, Slimfocus, Bathyskafocus and Boafocus offer the beauty of a central heater that fits neatly into a corner.

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

Adapting to the potentially small space of a room, corner heaters can be installed with or without a plinth, while making a bold statement and seamlessly integrating into your existing decor.

Davinci Left Corner Gas Fireplace

With different designs, sizes and finishes, using a “center or hanging” corner fireplace offers a wider choice.

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

As the exclusive UK partner of JC Bordelet and leading UK stockist of Focus designer fireplaces, we don’t settle for simple things.

If you would like to explore our full range of corner fireplaces for yourself, download our brochure to find out more.

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

Electric Corner Fireplace: What You Need To Know

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You can also send us an email, which will give us more opportunities to discuss your project. We can advise on our full range of products including fireplace style, fuel type, color options and more. Whatever you have in mind for your fireplace, let us make it happen.

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

Oh yes! Wood has always been associated with fire, from simple outdoor settings to luxurious designs with custom fireplaces. Our wood burning corner stoves provide atmosphere and heat in a safe and controlled environment.

Overland Electric Corner Fireplace: Modern & Functional

We currently do not offer a specific ‘corner gas heater’, but we do have some smaller models that can be installed in a corner to reduce the footprint required in the room.

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

The price of a corner fireplace can vary depending on the size, style and fuel source. During the process, we provide accurate quotes for your custom fireplace, including other elements such as flue and installation, all in a proposal tailored just for you.

Corner fireplace maintenance includes regular cleaning and inspection. After each use, the fireplace should be cleaned of ash and debris, and the exterior should be periodically wiped to remove dust and dirt. It is also important to have your fireplace inspected and serviced by a professional technician at least once a year to ensure proper and safe operation.

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

Solution Fires Etronic 800 Slimline

Well, with corner fireplaces, there’s plenty of room for fun and individuality. We can customize them in a wide range of colors and prints, from smooth sophisticated tones to vibrant colors and even animal prints.

Our models have different shapes and profiles, so you can choose a design that suits the character of the room and the general beauty of your building.

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

Yes, we can replace some corner models with an electric effect, and we also have some central and pendant heaters in our range that can be placed in a corner.

Luxus® 32 Corner Right

Any fireplace that burns wood or gas will need a way to get rid of the combustion residue. We will develop a technical solution for your project, as well as cover the design of pipes and chimneys.

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

After going through the design and specification process, we create site preparation details, which include the installation of walls, thermal protection measures required for penetration and smoke design, as well as the interior ventilation and services. Our team then completes the installation as designed, leaving you with a fully functional, certified and beautiful designer fireplace. Fireplaces Direct >> Interior Design Advice >> Can you put a fireplace in a corner? The Complete Guide to Corner Fireplaces

Do you want to make the fireplace stand out from the crowd? Want to create an attractive and eye-catching feature in your home? Then the corner oven may be for you. Read on and the team at Direct Fireplaces will tell you everything you need to know about corner fireplaces…

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

Danby Designer 38

Let’s start with a definition. For the purposes of this article, when we talk about corner fireplaces, we’re referring to corner fireplaces, not corner fireplaces.

As you can see in the photo below, corner fireplaces create a unique and unusual focal point in the home, adding color and visual appeal.

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

The corners are by their nature embedded in the wall (the wall is a stud wall with a wooden frame and plasterboard construction).

Regency® City Series™ Chicago Corner 40le Gas Fireplace

Corner fireplaces create a special focus in the room, so it is unusual to combine them with a TV set above. This creates a media wall, which is a very trendy feature in today’s home.

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

If you want to create a truly stunning corner fireplace, you have many options.

However, since you are placing the fireplace inside the wall, there are a few things to consider when choosing a fireplace:

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

Modern Diy Electric Fireplace Wall

Electric fireplaces are the best choice for wall mounting. That’s because they don’t need hard drives and can just be plugged in.

Electric fires also have beautiful flame effects and – depending on the model you choose – can be controlled or controlled remotely via your smartphone. Many electric fires can be used without heat in “effect only” mode.

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

Make sure the fire you choose is a built fire (sometimes known as a hole in the wall fire). This means that the fire is meant to sit inside a cavity, ie. the stud sits flush with the outer surface of the wall.

Wall Mounted Electric Fires Electricsun Paula Small White Electric Fireplace

When building a wall, you need to create a “shelf” on the wall. It can be in the form of a groove or a cavity. You usually also need to add a bracket behind the cavity where you are going to vent the flame.

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

Do not rely on the fire as the only source of heat for the room. Electric heaters typically have a maximum heat output of 2kW and are designed to supplement central heating only.

Not every insert or hole in a wall fireplace is designed to be installed as a corner fireplace.

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

Glass 900mm Electric Fire Black Bowl Stone Led Wall Mounted Fireplace 7 Colours

When you’re shopping for a fireplace for a corner stove, choose one with a two-sided installation option. This means that two sides of the fire are exposed and the other two sides are built into the wall.

If you want to build a beautiful corner fireplace for your home, you need to consider not only the cost of the fire, but also the cost of building a wall to contain the fire.

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

We’re not kidding when we say you have a lot to choose from when it comes to choosing a corner oven!

Living Room With A Corner Fireplace And A Wall Mounted Tv Ideas You’ll Love

A corner fireplace can be bought from £899, up to a large, extended corner from £2,300 (correct as of December 2022).

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

Which option you choose is largely a matter of personal preference, but you’ll find that the fires at the higher end of the spectrum are very impressive, with advanced flame effects and features like smartphone connectivity.

As we wrote before, its value varies depending on the size of the wall you are building. The price of construction materials has also changed dramatically in recent months, making it difficult to estimate prices.

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

Dimplex Flat Wall Fireplaces Smp 904 St Rustic Fieldstone Flat Wall Fireplace

According to Checkatrade, if you factor in the cost of timber, plasterboard, skirting boards and electrical materials, building a wall for a corner fireplace can cost between £55 and £65 per m² (although this is just an estimate!).

When it comes to building a wall, you don’t just need fire! Take the opportunity to add other features, such as:

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

These are just some of the ideas to consider when creating a corner fireplace in your home. You can really let your imagination run wild!

Inch Electric Fireplace 1800w Wall Mounted Heater With Ins

We’ve detailed some of our most popular electric corner heaters below. These are not only recessed lights, so perfect for wall mounting, but also suitable for double-sided installation.

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

We’ve covered a range of price points, from our more affordable models to our top-of-the-range cornerers.

The Invision 1000 from Flare is a fantastic value corner heater with useful and attractive features.

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

Triton Corner Fireplace Mantle Piece

What really sets the Invision 100 apart is its six fuel colors, orange lights, and three flame lights. It creates a really beautiful and attractive fire effect.

With a seven-day thermostatic remote control, the Invision 1000 also makes a convenient and easy-to-use corner fire.

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

Ideal for two-sided installation, the Arteon 1250 is a versatile fire that allows you to create the corner oven of your dreams.

To 60 Inch 1800w Electric Fireplace 12 Flame Colour Heater With Saf

With its wide opening, the Arteon 1250 has a beautiful 5D flame effect,

Wall Mounted Corner Fireplace

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