Web Design And Development Degree

Web Design And Development Degree – Web development and online services are the fastest growing jobs in the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that job opportunities for skilled web developers will increase by 13% from 2028 to 2028. In 2019, the median salary is expected to be higher than $73,000.

With such great opportunities, an online bachelor’s degree in web design and web development expands one’s career prospects and allows graduates to have a competitive advantage in career advancement.

Web Design And Development Degree

Web designers and web developers are responsible for creating the functionality, aesthetics and appearance of various mobile devices and websites. The introductory course in this online bachelor’s degree focuses on basic design and programming skills in HTML, Javascript, and other multimedia tools and computer languages.

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Web developers are essential in all areas of the web development and software market today. They often work with content designers, graphic designers, mobile application engineers, and software developers to create functional websites for various industries.

The bachelor’s degree in web design and development focuses on multilingual development in areas including cybersecurity, access, graphics and new media. Students come out with excellent skills to create their own career path.

The program’s curriculum consists of introductory and introductory courses in creative and technical topics, including two-dimensional design, animation, digital graphics, technical writing, and typography. With an online design degree program, you can pursue graphic arts or information technology and choose a specialty.

Most of the online programs that have online master’s degree and web development programs require an internship or on-campus presence in addition to completing the online course. Some may also require a master’s degree course, which includes creating and presenting a professional resume.

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The top 30 online colleges and universities on this list are designed to fit your professional needs. With the best online learning resources available, online schools ensure that distance learning produces graduates who excel in their careers.

Located in Hays, Kansas, Fort Hays State University offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Information Networking program with a focus on web and mobile development and a Bachelor of Science in Information Networking and Telecommunications Web Development program.

Online degrees emphasize e-commerce, web data development, web development and applications, and operations management. Fort Hays partners with the National Center for Web Development along with Cisco/Adobe and Oracle in offering this degree. These programs prepare students for the Certified Web Design Apprentice and Oracle Certified Associate certifications.

Online bachelor’s degrees are designed to prepare students for careers in web development in a variety of areas such as business, education, entertainment, government and healthcare. Drawing, designing, animation and video for mobile devices and the web are important skills that students acquire. Another goal is to help graduates gain a better understanding of e-commerce, which opens doors to career opportunities in high-paying companies.

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The 120-hour asynchronous program is offered entirely online. Students can access classes through direct interaction with professors and live chats with their instructor. Personal training and questionnaires can be arranged and sent respectively. Students use the board to post assignments, participate in discussions, and ask questions. The courses were:

Students also learn about planning, designing and implementing business systems. Students must complete at least 27 to 28 undergraduate courses, including classes related to diversity, globalization, and presentation methods. Fees are $731 per credit hour. The university is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools of Higher Learning Commission.

Southern New Hampshire University in Hooksett, New Hampshire offers an online Bachelor of Science in Information Technologies program with a focus on Internet design and development. This degree develops students’ skills in:

They also learn how to operate and design platform agnostic for PC or MAC. The main goal of the program is for graduates to be able to achieve success in terms of design and production, as they become experts in theory and practice. Graduates will also gain technical and critical thinking skills.

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Courses are offered 24/7 completely online in a consistent format over 8 weeks. The 120-hour program includes courses such as:

Students must also take 42 credits of advanced courses such as Applied Statistics, Quantitative Analysis, and Microeconomics. Approximately 57 credits of major courses in topics such as scripting, computer technologies, and cyberlaw and ethics are also required.

The degree also requires non-technical skills to be acquired through classes in information technology, public relations, and project management. A total of 12 grants from four specialized courses focusing on user experience, mobile app design, and software development are also available.

Online resources such as day and night courses, academic advising, career services, an online library, and a writing center are also available. Tuition is $320 per credit hour. Southern New Hampshire University is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Commission on Institutions of Higher Education.

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Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Arizona State University- Skysong offers an online Bachelor of Applied Science and Web Development program. This degree prepares graduates for careers in:

Skills needed in print and digital printing, commercial photography and video, project management, multimedia technologies, digital media, technical photography, and web design and web development can be acquired through this degree. Students are eligible for the Western Undergraduate Exchange program.

There are several enrollment periods offered throughout the year, with the exception of accelerated classes that are offered online for 7.5 weeks in parallel and non-standard formats. Students must complete at least 21 courses in the following majors:

Major courses include creative thinking and visual design, visual communication, and digital illustration in print. Digital Workflow covers production processes, tracking, and other important business processes. Students must work with their advisors to select five elective credits.

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At the end of the 120 credit hour program, students must complete a project that will help them improve their critical thinking, communication and research skills. This major project also allows students to demonstrate their technical skills.

The tuition is $703 per credit hour. The university is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools of Higher Learning Commission.

The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California offers an online Bachelor of Fine Arts in Web Design and New Media program. The program equips students with the latest techniques and technical knowledge in the field of high-quality design and media.

The online course consists of 15 modules for one full semester. The course content can be accessed and completed throughout the semester, allowing greater flexibility for working students. These courses include:

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Tuition for one full year is $21,252. The university is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, the Commission on Accreditation, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, the Senior College, and the University Commission.

Bellevue University in Nebraska has an online Bachelor of Science program in web development. The 127-hour program consists of 36 general education credits, 36 major credits, and 55 elective credits. Some of the important courses are:

As part of the final part of the program, students must take a basic web development camp to use the skills developed in APIs, architectures and languages ​​to advance web development. Students must complete complex JavaScript projects in groups or individually while learning about database development, user interfaces, web services and other topics.

The program is also distributed randomly using a group system. The online platform is used for class attendance, library research, writing assistance, discussion and assignment. Free peer tutoring is offered through the Tutoring and Study Skills Center to help students succeed academically.

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Tuition is $415 per credit hour. Bellevue University is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA) of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

The University of Maryland Global Campus in Adelphi, Maryland offers an online Bachelor of Science in Digital Media and Web Technology program. This degree program combines the concepts, techniques and methods of creating digital media for different platforms. It also provides professional and personal services and career preparation to ensure that students are successful before and after graduation.

The 120-hour course is delivered evenly over eight weeks. The degree also includes regular interaction with faculty and close collaboration with classmates. Students can take fewer classes at a time to focus on their studies.

The program’s curriculum also includes an undergraduate course, three courses related to the major, and 49 electives. These courses include:

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Students may also take additional minors in business, communications or foreign languages. In the real world, which is web design, students have the opportunity to focus on XML or Javascript web development.

Tuition is $250 per credit hour. The university is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Located in Charles Town, West Virginia, American Public University offers a Bachelor of Science program in Web Development (Undergraduate Track).

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