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Web Design Atlanta

As a leading web design company in Atlanta, GA, we are committed to providing our clients with excellent web design services for all of their design needs. We understand that today’s society is more focused on using the Internet than ever before, so we believe and understand the importance of a quality, mobile-friendly website.

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We’ve been building websites for Atlanta, GA companies for over 2 decades, so you can trust us to deliver the same outstanding design for your website. We understand the challenges of the Atlanta, GA market, so your business needs Atlanta, GA web design services that deliver results.

With users as the main focus, we feel them from their perspective so that our efforts “engage” them.

As the best Atlanta, GA web design services company, we help you increase your website’s search visibility, attract your ideal client and convert visitor engagement into new leads.

At Your Endeavor Agency, we understand the role of your website, which is why our award-winning web design agency in Atlanta, GA focuses on developing custom sites for all types of businesses that support users, encourage conversions and track search engine optimization (SEO) ) Best practices.

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Our web design center in Atlanta, GA specializes in engaging the in-house talent that can turn your idea into reality. We are Black Bear Design, one of Atlanta’s best web design companies that has helped businesses of all sizes across the United States attract visitors. For customers!

Here at Black Bear Design, we’re a funky bunch who aren’t afraid to be different, and we carry that personality into our work. We are bold and believe that being bold is the only way to stand out in a crowded world. We design the website in the same way.

Every web design project is unique. We want to get to know your company, understand your needs and determine an appropriate timeline and project plan that fits your business. We want to bring to your service all the knowledge and experience that has earned us many web design awards!

We build responsive and search engine friendly websites. Our process is built to deliver fast and efficient results. Our web development team is conveniently located in Atlanta and Charlotte.

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This is where we sit down with you and learn about your brand and how website design can help drive it forward.

What functions and features will your website have? What kind of content do you want to publish there? What are your overall marketing goals? We don’t want your social security number, we promise! But we will be precise.

Do you think you know your customers well? We will explore this further to identify the type of content your customers are interested in, their demographics and the type of information they engage with.

We can’t set and measure goals if we don’t know where you started. We review your current website, SEO and marketing efforts and set benchmarks based on where you want to go.

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Do you know how you stack up against your competitors? You should. We research their websites to see what content resonates with their audience, how effective their keywords are, and what they are doing online. Then we design a website that gives you the advantage in design, usability and SEO.

Once we’ve gathered all the necessary insights about you and your competitors, it’s time to put together the building blocks of your website.

First, we map all website pages so we can develop the content. The sitemap is the main navigation structure and is very useful in the later stages of the process.

A style tile is a branding guideline for your website. In this step, we outline the fonts and colors we will use and provide examples of how to use them. Common elements shown at this stage include heading and paragraph font style, color and size, navigation styles and image styles that can be used.

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A wireframe is a blueprint for your website. We put structural ideas into a layout so you understand the placement of key items and the flow from page to page.

The website development phase is when the website design starts to come together. We start the coding process and pull together the sitemap, style tiles, wireframes and content to create the design and layout of the websites. By the time we get to the website development phase, you will be involved and see all the pieces that make up web design. Now you can click from page to page and enjoy a functional and responsive website.

The development phase is the longest of the four phases in our web design process. This is where most of the work is done with page layouts, custom graphics, icons, infographics, text layout and all responsive coding to make the site work on all devices.

The setup phase is very important. This is where we prepare the site for the move to a live environment and make sure nothing is missed or overlooked.

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Computer operating systems, browsers, devices, resolutions and custom settings vary widely, so you will always find a view that looks a little off. We have a team of third-party testers from all walks of life who use the site to find issues.

When launching a new website or redesigning an existing website, we want to map URLs to maintain or improve SEO. We also install tracking programs such as Google Analytics and submit your sitemap to the major search engines.

Once the website is designed and launched, what next? We are here to help with all your website maintenance and website marketing efforts through monthly maintained service plans or flat time blocks. A successful web design project is a successful website that helps build your business. Alexander Online Media is a web design and marketing agency serving businesses in Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding area. We use responsive web design that will make your new website project look great on everything from phones and tablets to desktops and laptops!

We use our 15+ years of web design, development and marketing experience to build you the perfect website that converts visitors into customers. No job is too big or too small.

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You are here because you know that a good website design is important to the success of your business. Let us worry about your website while you deal with the full workload of a business.

We are the geeks you are looking for. From PHP and JavaScript to HTML and CSS, we are Atlanta web designers who translate technical jargon into terms you understand.

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For over three decades, Authentic Pine Flooring has provided wide plank flooring to homeowners, builders, contractors and loyal customers across the United States. From milling, processing to delivery, APF is involved in every step.

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Atlanta business owners should be aware that many of their website visits come from mobile phones. With this in mind, we design all of our websites with mobile-friendly layouts that look great on all smartphones. What if your customers use tablets or desktops? Don’t worry, our web designs always cover at least 4 different breakpoints, so you can be sure your site looks great regardless of your device. All our web designs are created with a strong emphasis on mobile design.

At Alexander Online Media, we often recommend WordPress as a solution for Atlanta small and medium businesses. WordPress is a free content management system that powers many websites, large and small, around the world. Our WordPress web designers have over 15 years of experience with WordPress and have worked on many custom solutions for our WordPress clients. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you launch your website to its full potential.

We focus on mobile responsive design, usability and conversion metrics to help improve your bottom line. As Atlanta Responsive Web Design Specialists, we use an approach that combines modern design concepts with messaging for your ideal audience. At Alexander Online Media, we help small businesses transform by creating high-performing, conversion-optimized websites that work and look great on smartphones, desktops, and any screen.

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Whether you have a specific e-commerce platform that you prefer or you need to create a new solution, we are ready to help in all of Atlanta.

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