Web Design For Local Businesses

Web Design For Local Businesses – Every small business needs a website. There are currently 230 million online shoppers in the United States (and 2.14 billion worldwide), so you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers if you’re not online.

Even if you make most of your sales in person, consider this: 81% of shoppers do research online before making a purchase. That means if you don’t have a website, most consumers won’t find your products and services.

Web Design For Local Businesses

Fortunately, drag and drop websites make it easy to create a strong online presence for your brand, even if you don’t know much about small business website design.

Affordable Web Design For Vancouver Small Businesses

Okay, that’s all well and good. But how do you make your website look attractive and professional? If you find a good sample, most of the work will be done for you. But you might want to customize it a bit (change colors, layout, etc) to make it your own.

With that in mind, here are 17 great small business website designs to get your creative wheels turning.

Cartoon characters and bright colors immediately grab your attention. Remember, the top part of the page (known as the main body) is what visitors will see first. So make sure there is something to attract visitors.

A dark background like this doesn’t always work as it can sometimes affect readability. However, in this case, the dark blue background really brings out the other colors.

How Small Businesses Gain Leverage With Quality Web Design

The interesting branding continues with the feature section. Instead of using ready-made icons or real photos, they chose to illustrate fun. If you want to include something cool like this on your site, there are tons of freelance artists on sites like Upwork and Fiverr that can help.

Finally, they include some testimonials on their homepage, which is a great way to build trust. People will always appreciate what you say about your business, so make sure you have social proof on your site to show your visitors that you’re not the only one who thinks you’re the only one.

Your website should not be overly complicated or gaudy. In fact, often a simple clean design, like the one used by thea, is the most effective approach.

Thea lets her artwork take center stage without too much content to distract visitors from what she is selling. But they still make sure to have a CTA button at the top of the page so people can order easily.

Website Design Ideas For Small Businesses

They don’t just show art. Thea took pictures of her work hanging on people’s walls. Showing the products they use makes it easy for people to visualize themselves using them.

Thea has also included an FAQ page on the website. Not only does this ensure everyone’s questions are answered, but it’s also good for SEO. Many search queries are in the form of questions, so by answering the types of questions people are searching for, you have a better chance of appearing on Google.

The first thing you see is Candice, the owner of the business. For a business like this, where Candice works directly with customers, this is very important. It helps people get to know him right away and start building trust.

The highlight bar at the top of the page is a great way to draw attention to courses and examples. It directs visitors to their sales page, where they can provide more information about their products.

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We also like the consistent color scheme. Pairing the dress with blue on her website is really cool and helps the photo fit in with the rest of the website.

Although there are many colors here, they all work together. Notice how the blue color in the CTA button is also used in the background image? This way, the buttons stand out while still matching the rest of the color scheme.

The hero clone is also very clear. In a few lines, you know exactly what the business is and how it can benefit you.

The homepage ends with a strong call to action, which is a best practice that everyone should follow. The more CTAs you put on your page, the easier it is for visitors to click when they’re ready to sign up or buy.

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The fun animation that greets you on this page immediately grabs your attention. If you don’t want to just use static images in the hero section, this is a great strategy. It’s nothing too crazy. Only subtle animations like the one used here will achieve the desired effect.

Mac N’ Cheese Media also does a great job of using a consistent color palette throughout the site. Orange and black are the main colors, while blue is used sparingly to draw attention to important elements (such as CTA buttons).

Mattia has managed to create a colorful and clean website. Like DIY My Brand, we are greeted with Mattia’s image from the start so we can get to know him. The bright yellow used for the warning line also draws our attention to the visitor magnet.

If you are a trainer or consultant, the “Tools of the Trade” page is a great resource for your audience. Not only does it allow you to refer people to some great tools for your business, but it also gives you the opportunity to earn affiliate commissions.

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Finally, Mattia uses an exit intent popup that appears when visitors are about to leave the site. This is a great way to grow leads and make sure no one leaves empty handed.

This is a great example of a simple and effective hero part. Layering colors like the one used here is a great trick to make sure your hero image matches your color scheme. It also helps with the readability of the copy.

Orange buttons work well with blue and draw your attention to the main call to action.

Laura also used orange throughout her copy to highlight certain sections. Most people will not read all the text on the page and may just read the whole thing. So this is a great way to draw attention to words or phrases that visitors want to know.

Web Design For Small Businesses In 2023: Why Does A Business Need A Website?

And if you want to see Laura’s work, you can find some great examples on her portfolio page. If you are a designer, writer or creative person, then a good portfolio page is a must.

Light blue on a dark blue background works really well here. A little texture behind the image of the hero is also a nice touch. This technique risks making the page too busy, but the Company’s DNA remains subtle.

He’s also not afraid to show off a little by displaying the logos of some of the big brands he’s worked with. We know that self-promotion isn’t easy, but letting potential customers know that you have a track record of success is essential to building trust.

If you scroll through the website, you will notice that the dark and white background is constantly changing. Changing the image helps attract visitors. Also, using a white background for busier sections like the one above helps keep the look clean.

Reasons Why Hiring A Local Web Design Company Is The Right Choice

Bright colors on a white background are a style that never gets old. Here is another example of a good illustration. If it’s in line with your brand, attractive illustrations can be an effective alternative to real photos and will help give your website a little character.

Panda Hub also engages visitors with animated sections. These simple effects are a great way to liven up your website and add style to your design.

Another unique feature is the included GIFs to showcase the various services. It could be using images or icons, but GIFs really help you visualize the kind of service you’ll receive when you bring your car to Panda Hub.

Instead of pictures for the hero part, Darnell chose a video. When you click through, you’ll get a welcome from Darnell welcoming you to the site. This is a great way to connect with your visitors quickly.

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However, if you’re going to use a video like this in your hero section, make it so people have to click to start. Having a video autoplay with audio can be jarring.

Darnell also includes testimonials on his website. If possible, include a photo of the person making the recommendation, as it gives it a little more credibility.

The homepage ends with Darnell asking you to subscribe to his email list. Email list promotion is a great way to attract people to your channel and help them learn about your brand.

The deep color palette used here really suits the brand and target customer group. Remember, you don’t have to use bright and flashy colors. A more specialized design can be used for brands that want to appeal to a professional audience.

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