Web Sites To Sell Stuff

Web Sites To Sell Stuff – I will be working around issues using apps and websites to sell things locally. Selling our antiques has been a great tool in our arsenal to become millionaires. Here’s our step by step guide with the tools we used!

I remember when we first started trying to sell vintage stuff locally. I spent a lot of time going from website to app to app in the forum trying to figure out the best tools to use. He was frustrated and confused.

Web Sites To Sell Stuff

I went through this mud so there’s no need for that. In this step-by-step guide, I’m going to show you that we’ve been selling things locally (and online!) for years across many thousands of transactions. Heck, this was the foundation of my second big success: turning a hobby into a business.

Useful Websites That Will Help You Sell Your Old Stuff

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of all the tools and how to use them, I wanted to give you some inspiration behind why you’re selling your antiques in the first place.

It always amazes me how often friends and family get rid of perfectly used furniture, electronics and household items.

Jenny and I are certainly far from perfect in this regard – it’s frustrating to see how much waste is thrown into the rubbish (instead of the recycling bin) every week. And sometimes we get a little lazy and take the car for a ride across town when we can bike. But we must strive to improve!

Although I often adopt things I don’t love from friends and family, it’s still surprising that people don’t “automatically” know how to take simple steps to sell, donate or give away their items.

Four Sites Where You Can Buy And Sell Stuff

It seems natural to me as I’ve been selling my old used stuff to pay for my new and better stuff since I was about 14 years old. I still have my Heatware account with notes from 2000 (CD 24X)!

Even if you really think your old stuff is worthless, why not give it away and see if it’s salable?

If it’s really worthless, why not donate it to Goodwill for the tax refund or put it in the Craigslist freebies section?

Perhaps the most insightful recent studies show that money spent on experiences tends to lead to happiness more than money spent on things. You can enter the cycle of selling your used old things and exchanging them for new old things. You’ll have more money for what’s most likely to make you happy: experiences and your financial freedom.

How To Sell Stuff Online

Follow me on the surprisingly simple path of learning how to get rid of your old “junk” which may also include rough diamonds.

Here are some of our favorite local selling apps and sites where we try to answer the question “how do I sell my stuff locally” for FREE!

There are a variety of ways to sell your old items online and meet locally for the actual exchange.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg although it accounts for the larger places. For example, many people like Poshmark even though it focuses on a specific category of items: clothes and accessories. It is also more suitable for non-domestic sales where you will have to handle packing and shipping.

Best Websites (and Apps) To Sell Stuff Online

Before the days of eBay, Craigslist, and other sites for selling things locally, consumer-to-consumer sales often occurred through newspaper classified ads. There were generally no free menus.

These days, eBay still offers local pickup listings and you generally don’t pay a fee until a sale is made.

EBay is a good choice if you are not in a hurry and want to live listing somewhere for a while. This is especially true for high dollar items (think collectible furniture) that may be attracting interest outside of your neighborhood as someone willing to refer you to the deal.

However, there are better options for all but the most convenient of circumstances than your local eBay option. So where can you sell your stuff online for free?

Of The Best Resale Sites (that Aren’t Just Ebay)

For most categories, Craigslist remains free. You can create an anonymous account in 2 minutes. The website still retains the look and feel of the web in its early days with a very simple design.

My Craigslist account stays active with a constant rotation of things around the house and sometimes neighbors, friends and family who don’t feel like doing the heavy lifting.

I feel like Craigslist doesn’t have a good reputation, but I haven’t had any problems. Be aware that there are many, many different things and…

Although I had no problems, Jenny did include some shoes at one point and was asked for some photos of her feet.

Things To Sell Right Now To Make Money From Home

The anonymity of Craigslist definitely has its pros and cons. Make sure you check out the Safety section below, this applies to any local transaction meetings!

Facebook Marketplace has a very modern, easy-to-use interface for listing your stuff and selling it locally.

Facebook has a large audience, can use existing profiles to help build trust, and has its own internal messaging system. They have even created a seller review system.

If you already have a Facebook account, I’ve had great success selling antiques on the Marketplace platform and would recommend it. Having a Facebook opt-in system helps prevent “interest” spam emails. The Facebook profiles behind each message help make everyone more honest too.

The 7 Best Places To Start Your Online Store

You can even spend a little money to “boost” your listing if it makes economic sense to do so.

Nextdoor looks like a nice modern mix of Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace with a focus on your local area to find buyers – you’ve made a lot of great sales!

The Nextdoor website is a more interesting case. The platform is called the “Facebook of Neighbourhoods”. It’s something like what your local newspaper used to be, but run by your neighbours, with a forum for conversation. This is very suitable for the ‘Classes’ section.

Although images are important, there is more emphasis on ownership and description. Menus feel more “sticky” too.

Why Did Roblox Remove The Option To Sell Items On Mobile Website Browser? Kinda Frustrating Having To Get On A Computer To Sell An Item Now.

I estimate that 80%+ of our local sales have come through these two sites for selling things locally: Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

However, Facebook Marketplace’s audience size seems to be growing. People seem to be less interested in “getting a deal” and bargaining on Facebook Marketplace as well.

Of course, we’ve been doing that for over a decade. The other side of selling things locally has been catching up in recent years: apps!

In the 2000s there was the sudden availability of everyone selling things online: the explosive growth of the online flea market with eBay. These days, the growth of apps makes unloading the little things around your home a fast local affair.

The 5 Best Websites To Sell Stuff Locally Or Worldwide

OfferUp and Letgo are two very similar apps that compete in this area. Their goal is to make it as easy as possible for someone with a smartphone to open the app, take a photo as the basis for their listing, enter the price and possibly a rating or title of the item.

The focus of their listings is in the photo as the app uses a visual list of what’s for sale to help buyers find what they’re looking for.

This is definitely the easiest and least barrier to entry to your options for selling locally. That said, I don’t find them to be great options. Buyers tend to be less precise (as, again, it’s focused on the images). They are looking to spend a little less money because the apps have negotiation systems built into them.

I think they are great options if you are in a hurry to do an auction or sell a lot of things. A great example of where it is appropriate is if you are moving from one house to another and need to reduce clutter quickly.

Apps & Websites To Sell Stuff Locally (detailed Guide How)

Be wary of attempts to convince you to make your listings available nationwide, which will require shipping, possibly fees, and risk with the buyer.

I’ve summarized Nextdoor’s offerings in the Best Websites section above, but you should know that they have an excellent, up-to-date app with similar features.

The program acts as an interface to the same set of tools and lists so you can create your initial list using the desktop to more easily edit images, add a description, and perform a search.

You can use the app to keep up to date with minor changes, price adjustments, and communicate with potential buyers. Nextdoor has its own messaging system that works well with email and the app will let you keep track of things very easily.

Best Selling Apps And Websites For 2023

OfferUp and Letgo listings seem to slide down pretty quickly, and Nextdoor listings seem to be much more stable, which I think helps with our sales.

Facebook Marketplace has been one of my favorite apps and websites for selling things locally, it has a great interface and huge audience potential!

The regular Facebook app includes the Market system. As with the Nextdoor app, you’ll have access to all the menus and similar tools found in the website version.

The Facebook app widgets are a bit meatier than the Nextdoor widgets and people tend to like them

Tips To Sell Your Stuff Fast On Kijiji

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