What Colour Furniture Goes With Grey Walls

What Colour Furniture Goes With Grey Walls – Gray is one of the most popular colors in interior design because of its versatility and wide range of colors. Pale and lilac tones are used in cool Scandinavian homes, dark graphite gray can be moody and romantic in traditional environments, and beige “greys” are the color for minimalists. Whether decorating a living room or remodeling a bathroom, gray is always a safe choice.

Gray’s versatility can make finding the right color combination tricky. There are several colors that do not go well with gray. Sunny Mediterranean hues warm cool tones, classic, crisp whites work wonders in gray bathrooms, and soft blush pink tones look great in gray bathrooms. graphite.

What Colour Furniture Goes With Grey Walls

What Colour Furniture Goes With Grey Walls

Tracey Haig, director of Saints Journey, said: “The general trend towards gray home decor is a bit of a late night phenomenon. “Just adding color can definitely modernize and update it,” he says. “Rules for matching cool gray with other ‘cool’ colors like blue, light green and cool white.” “Pair dark gray tones with warm tones such as burnt orange, mustard and turquoise.”

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We asked interior designers and design experts for their advice on which colors go best with gray. Read on for 17 ideas you can try at home…

What Colour Furniture Goes With Grey Walls

Soft gray is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens or anywhere you want a fresh, clean design. “No mid-range gray can beat a crisp, bright white.” It has a fresh appeal that exudes sophistication and can be paired with light brown wood (see here) to great effect,” says interior designer Sophie Warren-Smith.

This living room is a great example of using pastel colors to soften the harshness of dark gray. “You’d be right to think that graphic shapes and gray are a typically masculine look. So add curves to your blush pink and plaster walls to soften the look and keep it pretty relevant,” she says.

What Colour Furniture Goes With Grey Walls

Beautiful Pairs Of Curtains For Grey Walls

When designing a quiet space like a bedroom, try to combine colors with similar tones, such as pale gray and yellow. “Stay on trend and combine yellow with soft grey,” says Sophie. This yellow is a bright tone that “calms down” the gray in the rest of the room. Add contrast by decorating with rustic wood and white.’

“These beautiful colors work well together because they are all in the same tone.” Clip rails are perfect for breaking up gray spaces and hanging mirrors and towels. The rather light mint tub adds another dimension. “By using accessories in these three colors, you can create a beautiful, calming space,” says Sophie.

What Colour Furniture Goes With Grey Walls

“You might think blue is too cool a color to add to your bedroom, but you might be surprised.” “Combine silver and chalky cornflower blue for a beautiful, dreamy look,” says Sarah.

Grey Living Room Ideas: A Dash Of Decor In Masculine Colours

“Yellow adds a spring vibe to this gray and lilac combination and creates a student look that’s neither too dark nor too bright,” says Sophie. “The choice of cushions, which are a mixture of gray and yellow, will perfectly suit the look.

What Colour Furniture Goes With Grey Walls

This dark gray color is a great choice for a lilac room. Bright colors can look washed out and don’t provide enough contrast to make the yellow stand out.

When designing in muted colors, it’s tempting to add warmth with brass or gold, but we love the refreshing combination of silver and mint green.

What Colour Furniture Goes With Grey Walls

Contrasting Living Rooms With Dark Grey Walls

“Perfect for spring and summer, this scheme brings the colors of nature into your home,” says Sophie. “The key is to create a balanced look. This is achieved by keeping the colors in similar tones.’

This living room perfectly embraces the popular beige tone of gray. “Texture is key to adding warmth to neutral interiors. Knitted rugs, plush cushions and ceramic accessories add depth and interest to the space, making it feel cozy and inviting. “I’m ready for my evening nap,” Sarah says.

What Colour Furniture Goes With Grey Walls

“If you love two shades of gray but can’t decide which one you like best, this shade of gray could be a good option,” says Sophie. Here, charcoal gray door and window frames anchor a simple design composition that can be easily replicated at home.

What Color Furniture Goes With Gray Walls? [9 Great Options With Pictures]

“If you want to create a completely different look, choose a darker color,” says Sophie. “Not only are the walls of the chimney here painted a cooked, dull grey, but there is also a skirting around the fire. Turquoise is a secondary color that adds depth to the pattern while providing a beautiful contrast. Complete the dramatic look with dark wood furniture.’

What Colour Furniture Goes With Grey Walls

“2023 is the year of earthy and minimalist tones,” says Yvonne Keel, senior product manager at Hillarys. “So it’s no surprise that terracotta goes well with our favorite shade of gray.” Add some ‘light’ to your gray living room this year and add terracotta through window treatments or soft furnishings like throw pillows. Terracotta splashes add visual interest to a space and not only warm the space, but create a positive feel and welcome guests into the space.’

“For those who prefer a monochromatic theme, incorporating different shades of gray with accents of white and black is an effective way to create depth and visual interest in a space,” says Jen Nash, manager of exquisite design at Magnet.

What Colour Furniture Goes With Grey Walls

Gorgeous Grey Living Room Ideas

“Grey can sometimes be seen as a cool color, so mixing it with warm colors like burnt orange can work well,” says Sophie. “Plain patterned cushions go well with the color scheme of this living room.”

“The soft pink of this bed goes well with the geometric wallpaper and light gray blanket,” says Sophie. “The dark triangles in the wallpaper sing, while the white square print on the bedspread and pale pink cushions add a subtle yet elegant feel.”

What Colour Furniture Goes With Grey Walls

Pictured: Daisy Double Bed Frame in Blush by Button and Sprung and Cyan Lohko Modular Wallpaper in Blush by John Lewis.

Blue And Grey Living Room Ideas To Bring This Dreamy Combo Into Your Home

“Calm, understated grays and light blues can make a room feel more modern and clean, while darker shades (like navy) add depth to a blue room,” says interior designer Vicki Foster of ScS. “Choosing white instead of gray as a combination removes the nautical connotations, allowing the blue to stand out from the neutral colors while avoiding over-design.”

What Colour Furniture Goes With Grey Walls

“These two colors may at first look more like a clash than a combination, but they are a combination that makes an immediate impression and creates a refreshing energy,” says Vicky.

Light gray walls and a dark sofa with red accessories work well together, as does a light sofa with nearby artwork, cushions, plants or crimson potted plants. Grays and reds can also be paired with crisp white to add freshness to a decorated space.

What Colour Furniture Goes With Grey Walls

Furniture Color Recommendation For Grey Walls In Small Studio

“The green bed is upholstered in a woven fabric that adds texture, which contrasts with the very soft chalky gray walls. Yellow curtains and lamps are the perfect accent color, crisp white linens add balance and colorful cushions tie all the colors together,” says Sophie.

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What Colour Furniture Goes With Grey Walls

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Liverpool property spotlight: Where to buy How to paint a room like a pro How to decorate a period living room How to choose the best lighting for your living room From light silver to dark charcoal, there’s a gray to suit every room. Designers love chameleon-like colors that can be warm, cool or just the perfect balance between the two. The finest grays change with the light throughout the day, adding depth and visual interest to interiors. Gray’s neutral nature makes it an ideal partner for other colors. Whether you’re looking to create a soothing tone-on-tone environment or looking for furniture that really stands out, here are some of our favorite colors to pair with gray.

What Colour Furniture Goes With Grey Walls

When Philip Smith was looking for a desk, “my mother’s friend came by,” he says. “I was in love with my mom’s friend, she was going through her stuff and said, ‘Here’s the desk with your name on it.’ It brought me to tears.” The gray-blue patina has chrome chairs and green-gray walls. It looks great with the paint.

Atelier ND transformed the landing into a unique reading nook with vintage Renew Rosette chairs (the only ones that fit under a pitched ceiling), then blocked them with electric orange and complementary grey-green.

What Colour Furniture Goes With Grey Walls

Gray Color Schemes That Showcase The Timeless Neutral


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