What Goes In A Moscow Mule

What Goes In A Moscow Mule – This Moscow Mule recipe combines simple ingredients to great effect. Vodka, ginger ale and lime make a classic drink.

It looks bubbly, sharp, impressive and goes down easily Meet the Classic Moscow Mule! This drink was invented in the 1940s but has never gone out of style It only has 3 ingredients and you can make it right in the glass: perfect for parties or lazy nights on the patio! Here’s how to make this refreshing vodka cocktail

What Goes In A Moscow Mule

What Goes In A Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule is a classic cocktail made in the 1940s with vodka and ginger beer. It is part of the Buck cocktail family: a drink made with wine, ginger ale or ginger ale, and citrus juice. Therefore, this drink is also called Vodka Honey! The official definition of a Moscow mule is:

Orange Moscow Mule

Due to the carbonation in Moscow Mule ginger ale, this drink is not stirred in a cocktail shaker. To preserve the bubbles, strain the drink into a glass served over ice This is one of the easiest cocktail recipes you’ll find What to do:

What Goes In A Moscow Mule

Moscow Mules are traditionally served in a copper or cut-out cup. Should it be served in copper? There are several reasons for choosing this drink:

Best Choice for Copper Mugs for Mules? Solid copper! It’s the only way to get fresh cold sips: no other metal works with copper plating. The mugs we’re using in these photos are currently out of stock, but we recommend these Moscow-style solid brass mugs.

What Goes In A Moscow Mule

Pineapple Moscow Mule Recipe

Copper Moscow mule mugs make great gifts as wedding favors, especially for couples who love making beautiful cocktails.

What is the best vodka for a Moscow mule? Rule of thumb: avoid very cheap or high-end vodka and use mid-priced vodka. Why? The ginger beer and lime flavors in Moscow beer are very strong and can overpower a great vodka.

What Goes In A Moscow Mule

But you don’t want to go too low: low-quality vodka can spoil the drink Avoid very cheap vodka ($10-$15 for a 750ml bottle). Brands such as Tito’s and Smirnoff, as well as other mid-range brands such as Gray Goose, do well here.

Pomegranate Moscow Mule Cocktail

There are many brands of ginger beer on the market! Look for ginger beer made with real ginger without artificial flavors or sweeteners. Here are some brands we recommend:

What Goes In A Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule has endless variations! You can use different types of wine to make different types of mule, or you can add fruit juice or herbs to change the taste. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

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What Goes In A Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule Recipe

This is the original Moscow Mule recipe, best made at home With fresh mint, lime juice, spicy ginger ale and your favorite vodka,

A friend of mine made my first classic Moscow Mule at the Mules and Jewels night and I was sold.

What Goes In A Moscow Mule

Once you know what’s in this classic cocktail, the Moscow Mule, you can create a variety of Moscow Mule recipes with different flavors.

The Best Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe

This super simple Moscow Mule recipe requires just a few ingredients and is one of those cocktails that non-cocktailers love

What Goes In A Moscow Mule

As with all my cocktails, I recommend following the recipe the first time you make it, and then tweaking it to suit your taste.

A Moscow mule doesn’t need a fuzzy element. You can find all of these products at your local grocery store

What Goes In A Moscow Mule

Pear Moscow Mule

I love this easy vodka cocktail so I always have ginger ale on hand It’s a great mixer for drinks! Along with lime and mint, other Moscow Mule ingredients are shelf stable

Ginger ale is the dominant flavor (unless you go heavy on the vodka) and it’s a very refreshing drink like a mojito.

What Goes In A Moscow Mule

The best Moscow Mule recipe is served in a copper Moscow Mule glass topped with fresh mint and a few dashes of bitters.

Moscow Mule Cocktail

This drink is also great because you don’t need any special equipment and it’s easy to make for friends or family when entertaining at home

What Goes In A Moscow Mule

If you want something a little unusual, check out my favorite Cranberry Moscow Mule, Flaming Mule and Lemonade Mule.

You don’t need bitters to make this recipe, but the bitters really help to neutralize the taste. Not visible in the photo, but a must have in your home bar!

What Goes In A Moscow Mule

Best Moscow Mule Recipe

You know I like to keep my home bar small, but with the ingredients you need for this Moscow Mule, you can make Bitter and Soda, Dark and Stormy, Lavender Lemon House Moscow Mule, and a few other drinks.

You can give a light boost Or not. This is one delicious recipe you can’t go wrong with

What Goes In A Moscow Mule

Bitters add depth of flavor to cocktails that finish them off I ignored bitters for a long time because I thought they were just some garden bartender’s fantasy.

A Classic Moscow Mule

But bitters are very important to your home garden And you only need a few drops per drink This little shaker bottle will last you for years

What Goes In A Moscow Mule

As in a mojito, mint doesn’t do much to flavor a Moscow Mule, but the aroma is intoxicating when you lift that cold copper glass to your mouth.

Reed is my favorite ginger ale for Moscow Mules because it has a nice, crisp ginger flavor (with a bit of a bite) and not too sweet. You can find it in most grocery stores or specialty liquor stores Other brands are available and taste varies by brand

What Goes In A Moscow Mule

How To Make A Moscow Mule: Citrusy & Spicy Baking A Moment

You don’t have to serve this cocktail in a copper mug, but I love it! They are so much fun to drink in. The copper mugs are very cold and if you hold them like my friend in the picture, your hands may freeze – but it’s worth it! They help keep your drink cold

Yes, if you need to add a little sweetness, you can add simple syrup Start with ½ ounce and go from there Or you can make a flavored simple syrup like ginger syrup or lime syrup for extra flavor! (See my strawberry simple syrup recipe here).

What Goes In A Moscow Mule

Yes! Instead of ginger ale, you can use a teaspoon of fresh ginger with club soda. This will make it less sweet, so you may need to add simple syrup to balance it out.

Strawberry Moscow Mules

If you want to save this recipe, be sure to save it for later! If you haven’t already, you can follow me on Pinterest and connect with me on Facebook , Instagram , and YouTube . If you make this recipe, don’t forget to tag me in your photo and leave a star rating below.

What Goes In A Moscow Mule

With fresh lime, spicy ginger ale, and your favorite vodka, this is the perfect Moscow Mule recipe for you! Garnished with fresh mint, this refreshing vodka cocktail is a great classic recipe to make at home.

Servings: 1 serving Calories: 191 kcal Carbohydrates: 14 g Protein: 1 g Weight: 1 g Polyunsaturated fat: 1 g | Sodium: 9 mg Potassium: 35 mg Fiber: 1 g Sugar: 11 g | Vitamin A: 14 IU Vitamin C: 9 mg Calcium: 7 mg Iron: 1 mg

What Goes In A Moscow Mule

Scratch Made Moscow Mules + Ginger Beer Concentrate

Sharon lives in Southern California with her lovely family She loves to share ideas to make a mother’s life easier and encourage busy women to take time for themselves! Sharon’s “me” time often consists of watching Hallmark Channel movies, drinking sauvignon blanc, trying not to eat salt and pepper potato chips, and planning boyfriend walks. How to Make a Moscow Mule: This drink is easy to make with just 3 ingredients! Freshly cold and citrusy with a warm ginger bite

I often turn to a good drink recipe for a nice margarita, citrus, or strawberry daiquiri, or homemade lemonade in the summer heat.

What Goes In A Moscow Mule

It can be as fresh as a Moscow mule! And with those warm ginger bites, it gets better even as the weather cools

Simple Gin Moscow Mule Recipe

A little citrus, a little spicy and very fizzy and refreshing Contains lime and ginger and spiked with vodka

What Goes In A Moscow Mule

Then comes the ginger bite You’ll feel a warm sensation on the tongue and in the back of the throat This heat ignites a slow burn that grows with every sip! going

Finally comes the lime It’s sharp and tart with a floral citrus note; It will pucker your lips! You’ll want another sip!

What Goes In A Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule Cocktail Was An Influencer Before The Internet

Use whatever you want! Or an equal amount of non-alcoholic vodka for a non-alcoholic Moscow mule Yes, it is

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