What Online Schools Offer Social Work Degrees

What Online Schools Offer Social Work Degrees – We’ve ranked the best online colleges for an online master’s degree in social work. All of these colleges/universities are located in the United States.

We have compiled this ranking using our own developed algorithm that selects the best colleges based on a specific set of criteria. The criteria are described below and help online students make informed college and degree decisions.

What Online Schools Offer Social Work Degrees

Social work is a noble profession based on the skill, dedication and heart of a person who strives to improve the lives of others.

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A social worker’s responsibilities can range from supporting people who have experienced stressful events or environments, difficult situations, or emotional trauma, to recognizing and diagnosing a variety of clinical disorders related to emotional, behavioral, or mental health. .

There are many options when considering a career in social work. One may choose to focus on a particular issue or sect of the population. Some examples are the elderly, military and veterans, drug addicts, or children.

This ranking of the best online social work colleges was created using the Success Student Rankings algorithm. This algorithm uses the following data to calculate a school’s ranking:

USC’s online Master of Social Work degree can be completed entirely through their Virtual Academic Center, while working with a real client base through one of USC’s select agencies or organizations in your community – no need to move to campus.

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The USC MSW is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and the Western Association of Colleges and Schools (WASC).

FSU is the first school to offer an online MSW and the #1 MSW program in the state of Florida. They are also ranked among the top 50 elementary schools by US News & World Report. There are two degrees to choose from: Advanced, tailored for students earning a BSW from a CSWE-accredited school, and Traditional, for students earning a bachelor’s degree in another concentration. Their degrees are clinically focused and allow for asynchronous coursework.

An Advanced degree requires 39 credit hours and can typically be completed in an average of two years, while a Traditional degree requires 61 credit hours and three years. These courses are completed twice over a 16-week semester or a 12-13 week summer semester. Advanced training requires one practicum, while the traditional route requires two practicums and a total of two weeks on campus during the student’s second and third semesters.

Boston University is a private research university and the Boston University School of Social Work has been around for almost a century. BU offers two online MSW degrees: Clinical Social Work (CSW) and Macro Social Work. Clinical social work focuses on the development of social workers in hospitals, child welfare, child care, and more.

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Macrosocial work develops the skills needed to support change initiatives and address the root causes of social problems. BU offers several career options for the MSW degree, depending on the applicant’s experience and education. All include online classroom credit hours and rigorous field education in or near the geographic area. BU’s MSW is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

Ranked in the top 12% of “Best Graduate Schools” by US News and World Report, Rutgers is one of the top social work schools in the country. They do not require the GRE for admission and offer an Advanced Standing track that allows qualified students to complete their degree in four semesters.

Some course offerings include psychopathology, social welfare policy and services, and field education practices. Rutgers now offers an online certificate in violence against women and children, which is also offered as a major. The Rutgers MSW is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

Fordham University’s online MSW program is offered to students in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut because, although the classes are online, the practical experience and requirements apply in that area. Fordham also offers a hybrid program in partnership with Molloy College that combines a traditional classroom experience on the Molloy campus with online courses.

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The current online program was developed by faculty who ranked 11th in the traditional MSW program at the time. Fordham offers full-time or part-time degrees that include clinical or leadership and macropractice concentrations.

There is also an “advanced level” option for students with similar experience or degrees from other accredited programs. Each course lasts eight weeks, and students can enroll in four courses in the fall and spring, and two courses in the summer. Under this timeline, a student can complete an MSW in two to four years.

The University of New Hampshire offers a 28-29 month MSW program that requires 62 credit hours to complete. Each credit hour costs $770-845 per hour.

The degree can be completed through online courses and two mandatory nine-month internships, which may take place in your geographic area. Most of the courses offered can be taken at your own pace, but some courses are available as live courses that require virtual attendance at a specific time each week. The UNH degree offers four practical areas:

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No campus visit is required, and MSW students can earn a concurrent intellectual and developmental opportunity certificate.

UNH is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, and the UNH MSW is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

Baylor launched a new online MSW program in 2014 that may be appropriate for students in the Advanced track (who have already completed their BSW) or for students completing their first year of an MSW at another CSWE-accredited school.

The online degree offers two concentrations: a clinical or community practice concentration. Courses are completed online at a specific time. Baylor does not require applicants to take the GRE. Baylor integrates faith into the curriculum and their courses include a Christian worldview, but a student’s faith (or lack of faith) is not required. BU’s MSW is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

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IU calls its online MSW program “MSW Direct” and offers full-time and part-time options for both “Advanced” (BSW completed within the last five years) and “Continuous” students. Honors students must complete 39 credits and regular students 60 credits. Students have five years after entering the program.

IU requires an initial orientation on campus. In addition, the program is completely online and through internships. All required courses are available each sixteen-week semester and thirteen-week summer semester, allowing the student to “drop out” of the program and then re-enter as needed.

The IU MSW is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and has maintained this accreditation continuously since 1923.

Recognized as one of the “Best Universities in the North” by US News & World Report, the University of New England (UNE) offers full-time and part-time opportunities for a 100% online MSW.

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The program is offered in two tracks – “Traditional,” which requires no experience or education, and “Advanced Standing,” for students who have completed a BSW. The tracks have three concentrations: clinical, community, and integrated practice.

Their courses are asynchronous, meaning there is no set time that students must register for each class. The UNE MSW is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

Purdue University Global, a member of the Purdue University System, offers an online bachelor’s degree in Human Services in Youth/Family Services and Management. The 180-credit program combines theory and practice. Course topics include criminal justice, domestic violence, family welfare, and administrative skills. Students may also undertake additional professional internships.

The program complies with the Human Services Educational Standards Board. Graduates meet the requirements of Credentialing & Education’s Human Services Center for Certified Practitioner exam. Purdue University Global is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

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Located in Lynchburg, Virginia, Liberty University is the nation’s largest private, not-for-profit university and the largest in Virginia, with a total enrollment of more than 110,000 students. Online enrollment is over 94,000 students. The university offers a faith-based, online BSW that requires an “intensive” period on campus.

The degree includes a total of 120 required credit hours, some of which include core courses such as Intercultural Communication and Engagement, Chemical Addiction, and Ethics in Professional Helping. The degree also requires nine hours in the Christian Life and Thought category.

Humboldt State offers online options for bachelor’s and master’s degrees. HSU’s online coursework is called DL, or distributed learning. Distributed learning students follow the structure of traditional courses offered on campus and participate in an online weekly class at a scheduled time once a week during the semester.

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