Where To Sell Email Addresses

Where To Sell Email Addresses – Email lists and contact information have value, so you may be wondering how to sell email lists online. You may have a collection of high-value leads/contacts that are useful in their own right, or you may simply have a large segmented subscriber list.

Either way, people will be willing to pay for this information, which gives you another way to monetize your website and/or individual email lists.

Where To Sell Email Addresses

In this post, you’ll learn how to sell email lists for all of these scenarios using WordPress and the WooCommerce Product Table. That is, you will learn how to create your own online store where you can:

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To give you an idea of ​​how to sell email lists online, let’s look at a real-life example:

Television Production Contacts provides an interactive directory of individual contacts in the television production industry. Visitors can see important information such as a contact’s TV credits, social media and company information. Buyers can then purchase individual contacts that interest them.

Production TV Contacts has worked to create a searchable database of 2500+ accurate contacts, so visitors are willing to pay a little money to save time and not dig around.

First, if you are creating an individual contact list of potential customers or small business owners, such as the TV Production Contacts example above, you may need to manually aggregate these contacts.

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If you have this access, it is important not to sell them in bulk emails that will automatically send them to spam, as doing so would violate the United States CAN-SPAM Act and other laws against spam. Here, you basically set the job for sales teams or other people to manually contact each contact.

On the other hand, if you want to sell larger lists, it is important that your lists are selected. Again, people don’t want to buy opt-in lists because of the risk of being labeled a nuisance sender and/or fear of spamming.

To help you grow your email list and implement opt-in protocols, you can use an email marketing service like Mailchimp or Aweber. There are also a number of WordPress email opt-in plugins that can help you grow your list from your website or landing page.

To use your WordPress site to sell email lists, you need to add e-commerce support to WordPress, which you can do with the WooCommerce plugin.

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However, by itself, WooCommerce is not optimized for selling email lists online. To fix this, you need to add the WooCommerce Products Table, which allows you to display your WooCommerce products in a table layout, just like the TV Production Contacts case study you saw above.

You can control exactly what information is displayed on your dashboard to create a buying experience that is optimized for the specific email lists/contacts you’re selling to.

To get started, we’ll assume you’ve already created a basic WordPress site, installed WooCommerce, and gone through the WooCommerce setup wizard to set up credit card payment gateways and other basic settings.

If you haven’t yet, we recommend Kinsta for hosting and you can follow this tutorial to set up WooCommerce.

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To get started, you need to add each email/list as a separate WooCommerce product by going to Products → Add New.

If you want to emulate the approach you saw with TV Production Contacts, you can use categories, tags, and custom fields to add additional information to each contact, such as phone numbers, social media information, industry, and more.

If you want your purchased lists to be delivered automatically, you can also mark the product as downloadable. You can then upload a CSV file with the email list.

If you want more control, you can also email contact information after someone makes a purchase.

Ideal B2b Contact Database For Sales

If you have thousands of contacts and don’t want to add them manually, you can use the CSV product import package to bulk import contacts from a CSV.

Once you’ve added all your contacts/lists as WooCommerce products, you’re ready to create the back-end shopping experience to sell email lists.

In the table content settings, you can control what information is displayed in your table. For example, if you’ve added custom fields for a contact or list, you can include details from those custom fields in your tables:

In the “Add to Cart” column, you can review important details on how visitors can purchase email lists.

How To Enable Ecommerce And Sell Online

If you’re selling individual contacts, you’ll want to set the Add to Cart dropdown button equal to the button and checkbox so visitors can select multiple contacts at once:

Finally, use the Table Controls section to add the necessary filters and search boxes. If you have a lot of contacts/lists, you’ll want to include filters so buyers can find what they’re looking for:

You can add either a shortcode for all your email lists/contacts. Or, you can use modifiers to include only certain emails and create different tables for different categories/tags.

You can sell individual contacts or entire contact lists. Either way, your buyers will have an easy-to-use layout where they can find what they’re looking for.

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By making it easy for buyers to find the right emails, you can increase your chances of making a sale. If you want to market to your database, one of the best ways to do it is to learn how to target email addresses with Facebook ads.

When you target email addresses with Facebook ads, Facebook will receive those emails, associate them with Facebook accounts with that email address, and then

First, we’ll show you how to target email addresses with Facebook ads, and then we’ll look at some ways you can use them.

Step 2: Where it says “Ad Manager” at the top left, click the three horizontal lines to bring up a drop-down menu. Select Public.

Create A Perfect Email Marketing Strategy For Your Store

Step 5: If you have Mailchimp, you can import directly from Mailchimp, upload a CSV file (with columns for Name, Email, Mobile Number) or do a simple copy and paste.

After uploading the list, be sure to give it an easily recognizable name. When you go to create your ad, you’ll choose the name you choose here.

Step 6: Return your ads to an administrator to create the ad. When you select your audience, click on custom audiences as below and select the custom audience you just created. Now you can place an ad as usual.

If you want, you can further target the list with the normal targeting options, but unless you have a large list you’re loading, it’s usually easier to target the entire list.

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When I sold real estate, I worked with a woman who regularly advertised in the paper. He hated writing that check. Why did he do it? She just wanted her customers to know she was still alive (97% repeat and referred).

Instead, what would be more economical, upload the database to Facebook and just run the ads on them. Much more efficient use of your advertising budget.

You can also add email addresses to multiple custom audiences. So, for example, if someone walks into an Open House and they’re a neighbor interested in moving to a bigger house nearby, I can add them to a buyer campaign for homes in that neighborhood and also I advertise them in an advertising campaign that targets sellers.

Have you ever had difficult clients who constantly want to know what you are doing to sell their home?

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Add their email address to a campaign for their home so that every time they log on to Facebook they get an ad for their property.

Every lead you get, you should get their email address and add them to a custom audience. You can continually add to a custom audience you’ve created, so don’t stop growing your audience. Add and remove people depending on specific lists. If someone buys a house, I would remove them from your buyer campaigns, but move them to a separate list to help you stay in touch.

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