Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas

Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas – It is said that the eye is the window of the heart. So, we believe that windows are the eyes of the house – and don’t they deserve something to help them stand out?

Window treatments may be optional for some, but they don’t have to be—what better way to improve a space than with a stunning view or a flood of morning light? not much So of course it depends on how you dress the windows.

Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas

Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas

It’s not always easy to navigate the needs of a space through windows. These calculations combine the amount of daylight that grows throughout the day, the types of activities in the room, and the desired level of formality – but when the perfect solution is chosen, it can really make any decor plan sing.

The Best Living Room Curtain Ideas

Read on for our favorite window treatment ideas that will transform your home, no matter your style.

Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas

If you love patterns but are worried about how to mix and match your window treatments, check out our range. Mixing prints with repetitions of different sizes, these mixed and fanciful colors on the wall is an easy way to ensure that the mix of patterns is not overwhelming.

Of course, there are exceptions to this, gaps that prove models of the same size can coexist peacefully. This wallpaper’s waterdrop pattern echoes the concentric circles of these curtains – but it doesn’t quite match. The negative color scheme of the photo helps break up the effect and create a bold yet irresistible look.

Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas

Window Treatments To Achieve The Farmhouse Look

Curtain rings get an unnecessarily bad rap – but we’re all for bringing them back. Not only does it make hanging, washing or replacing windows easy, but it also adds comfort to your space – ideal if you’re working with delicate fabrics like linen or raw silk.

Another way to match flooring with complex shades: combine the material with a solid neutral color to create a cohesive background for your furniture.

Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas

Aren’t the windows tall? There is no need to be afraid. “Adjust” the fixed height by setting the shades up a bit – remember to order the shades with outside bases as opposed to those sitting inside the window, or raise the curtain rod a bit higher if necessary.

How To Make A Window Look Bigger Using Curtains

If you want to follow the drama and add great length to the focal points of your room, there is no better way than to cover the window with long curtains.

Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas

Be smart and install the curtain rod under the ceiling or cornice, and choose floor-to-ceiling curtains to create the effect of larger windows.

Curtains have been making a big comeback in recent decades. Today’s new Tybacks don’t remind you of the ’90s. By using artistic textural elements instead of the more formal and messy ones of old, these links are a reminder that each accent in a room can add unique texture and playful impact.

Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas

Living Room Curtain Ideas To Refresh Your Space

French doors also deserve a little extra drama. Gossamer curtains are the perfect addition to this gorgeous front door – we can only imagine the curtains gently blowing in the breeze on a summer night.

One of my favorite ways to add your own touch to windows is to add your own textures to unique decorations. Choosing the right curtains for your space can be difficult, and if you love a certain fabric but are looking for something a little more personal, taking matters into your own hands may be just the ticket.

Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas

Several online resources can now bring great photos of New York’s Garment District to your laptop.

Get The Layered Look At Home: Mismatching Your Shades And Blinds Like A Pro

Shades, curtains, why not both? Recently, we’ve seen designers opt for this unique one-two punch in their designs, and it’s easy to see why. Shades create a sense of texture and provide the privacy homeowners desire, while floor-length blinds add color and beautify the window.

Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas

The result is a mix of classic and modern, formal and informal, designed for the modern household.

Round window openings can be a window treatment challenge that is often solved by installing curtain panels on each side. However, if you’re looking for complete coverage, you may need a more specialized solution in the form of an arched curtain rod.

Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas

Modern Window Treatments For Your Home

In terms of aesthetics and design impact, there’s no better option – we’d be surprised if we don’t see this trend increase in the coming months.

Seaweed curtains are a great way to add a dramatic touch to your space. They feel a bit breezy and beachy, but still designed enough to be seen.

Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas

We love how these curtains match the walls in this space with subtle horizontal colors. Placing them on these windows with an “interior base” allows the architectural details to really shine.

Unique Living Room Ideas

You can always match the shades to your fabrics – but why not use these elements with a little variety? These dark colors draw the eye to the striking ceiling beams, while neutral neutral curtains make the space airy and accessible.

Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas

We’re big fans of frosted bathroom windows, but we have to admit there’s something very appealing about the warm glow these shades create. With a look like this, you won’t want to leave it alone.

Choose wood or warm-colored fabric for the curtains to achieve this pleasant and pleasant light source in your bathroom.

Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas

Stunning Living Room Window Treatments

Pattern lovers can also get behind this beautiful dining area. If you’ve carefully chosen your carpets and hard furnishings, don’t worry: windows are actually the perfect place to add pattern.

Because they’re easy to replace over time, they’re easy to experiment with and can even be a key asset for experimenting with an unexpected accent color like the terracotta color shown here.

Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas

Alternatively, there’s always something to be said for clean, crisp white curtains. Even in such a neutral space, long, flowing white fabrics add a fresh and airy feel to the room.

Fabulous Living Room Curtain Ideas

Exposed brick, especially red-brown blocks with wide white stripes, can look like a unique pattern. But, as this space cleverly demonstrates, there’s no reason to avoid patterns.

Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas

A leafy tropical print adds a nice contrast to the red brick. It’s an effect we don’t exactly know on paper, but it works great in practice – and we love it.

Raise your hand if you like the color of the wall. If you find something that works, embrace it and find ways to rely on it again and again in different programs.

Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas

Our Best Window Treatment Ideas To Transform Any Room

Choosing windows that match the color of the wall is a great and sophisticated way to create a cohesive background for your favorite furniture. As shown here, it can be effective and low-cost when done right.

Most shades will definitely have some horizontal stripe pattern. It’s subtle, but something you can play around with as part of your design scheme if you know where to look. Use these rare bars to your advantage.

Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas

In this space, they intersect with the vertical trim on this clean white accent wall and create some interaction, which is echoed by the striped cushions and soft smoothing unit.

Top 5 Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas

“Café curtains” or short curtains installed on the lower half of the window aren’t just for your favorite coffee shop. In the bathroom, they’re a great alternative to a frosted window, providing some privacy as well as letting in light – and they’re useful elsewhere in the home, too.

Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas

Try a bold print like the one you see here, as you’ll need less square footage than full-length curtains.

Finally, the classic “printed or exposed?” We answer with We found the curtain puzzle: Both. Printed solid curtains are totally modern, even in the classic colors shown here. Best of all, it’s an easy way to combine long patterns, dark colors or bold lines with a space that seems to melt in the light of the window.

Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas

Curtain Ideas For Bay Windows (and Other Strange Arrangements)

We’re big fans of the high-contrast look. Small touches make a room more cohesive, so we definitely love these windows. This look is a combination of black window frames with dusty, dusty bare curtains, complete with a gorgeous backdrop of course.

Do a double take: these aren’t a bunch of curtains placed at a 90-degree angle. Instead, it’s a continuous rod that turns the corner – so you can position these dreamy blinds in any corner you want to let the light in. Pure brilliance.

Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas

A zigzag here, a straight line here—these window treatments are all about linear thinking. The spirograph design of the curtains contrasts well with the linear shape of these shades.

Bay Window Ideas: Ways To Dress Bays With Blinds, Curtains And Shutters

In such a neutral and airy space, colorful curtains gently illuminate the two-tone four-poster bed, striking the right balance between dark and muted.

Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas

Sometimes the best window treatments are the most unexpected, like these trailing pothos plants that add a certain unusual element to the most basic gas panels.


Window Coverings For Living Room Ideas

The Best Blinds For The Living Room

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