Wine Closet Under Stairs

Wine Closet Under Stairs – A wine cellar can only seem like a fantasy to them with a 5000+ square foot building. But if the house has stairs, you have a wine cellar. Converting an unused space under the stairs into a wine cellar is one of the easiest ways to create a wine display and storage room in a two-story home (without sacrificing bedroom space or your living room).

Whatever the style of your home – rustic, traditional, farmhouse or modern – can you match the design of the under-reed wine cellar? A feather that has always been there.

Wine Closet Under Stairs

Wine Closet Under Stairs

We recently completed this under stair wine cellar for a client in Oregon whose home was a beautiful original farmhouse in the area that was built in 1900. The owners wanted a wine cellar, but it was important to them that all items and materials were equal. It will not disturb the rest of the house and the historical feeling.

Cool Wine Cellar Ideas To Showcase Your Collection

We went through the process of carefully matching the cherry wood stain system to the banisters and stairs, and matching the hardware and door hinges to each detail.

Wine Closet Under Stairs

The result of the wine cellar is not 100 years of history (yet), but we love the look and the convenience of use. to blend into the home with the times-feelings of the culture. And details like the peekaboo light window and hidden magnetic shelves at the bottom of the stairs make this closet feel unique and special for your home.

Just by the way, we built another sub-scale wine cellar? a more rustic, traditional look. You will see how material and hardware choices can change the aesthetic design of a similar space.

Wine Closet Under Stairs

Glass Enclosed Wine Cellars

In this project, the combination of diamond tools with mahogany panels and vertical beams delivers a more traditional, yet contemporary look, blending with the floor and other materials throughout the house. And although it looks tight, this space has room for up to 600 bottles.

As you can see in these two projects, the low-rises have many possibilities for any homeowner who wants to install a custom wine cellar but wonders where it might fit.

Wine Closet Under Stairs

We work with homeowners to design and build the wine cellars of their dreams. Browse through our custom wine cellar designs and other projects, or contact us for a consultation.

Under Stair Wine Storage Solutions

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Wine Closet Under Stairs

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Wine Closet Under Stairs

Under The Stairs Wine Storage

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Wine Closet Under Stairs

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Under Stairs Ideas: 10 Tips For Maximizing The Hallway Nook |

If you want to be a creator, delete all social media accounts (except for two) In October 2022, after all the Elon Musk debate, I finally deleted Twitter from my phone. At the same time, I also concluded from it… Not every collector wants vintage or needs a large storage capacity. And this does not mean that they are not passionate or serious about wine. From space constraints to desires, there are many good reasons why you might want to have a smaller footprint.

Wine Closet Under Stairs

It’s totally possible to have a small setting that is still great in style! One of the most exquisite and elegant is the system under the stairs.

Under the stairs? It seems a little surprising at first. And this to the point. Depending on the size or shape of your home, group gaps are widely elevated under our measures. Turns out, there are just a few opportunities.

Wine Closet Under Stairs

Under The Stairs

Wine collectors are now revisiting these once neglected places. Here are four reasons — along with some inspiration — to consider graduation when you’re in vintage fashion.

An understairs storage unit does not take up extra square footage of a home. This homeowner reclaimed an unused space and got a 521 display bottle. (Photo: Via Genuwine Celle)

Wine Closet Under Stairs

Great wine is the exception, not the rule. Most wine lovers are dedicated collectors with only a few exceptional bottles, because we want to show off their age.

Creating An All Glass Wine Cellar Or Room

A 9′ (2.74 m) ceiling area of ​​5′ x 5′ (25 square feet or 23.2 square meters) can hold approximately 500 bottles of wine. It’s not a big deal.

Wine Closet Under Stairs

The Swedes have a word in their language: lagom, which roughly translates to “the joy of getting the right amount.” If this collection sounds like you, the space under the stairs will fit your lifestyle perfectly. There is something satisfying about prevention, even if it means something

Not your grandfather’s wine cellar! Each situation requires a different approach. This ultra-modest home needs a polished presentation to match the interior. (Photo: Redick SA CV)

Wine Closet Under Stairs

The Best Wine Cabinets, Wine Rooms And Wine Storage Under Stairs |

Everyone invests in pain. Whether you can afford $2,500 or $25,000 is how you use it. The advantage of installing infrastructure is that part of the structure is already built, which helps to save some costs.

The climate control system is always the foundation of any large refrigerator, so start with a few measurements and, if you know the basic track, search for the perfect unit here. This gives you a good base to work with.

Wine Closet Under Stairs

Not all wine lovers live in the country. Whether you have a place in NYC or a small vacation home in the woods, have faith — you can still pick up wine and do it in style.

Custom Wine Cellars Chicago Illinois Under Staircase Project

Understair storage space takes up very little extra square footage, and in many cases, unused footage anyway.

Wine Closet Under Stairs

Major home improvements also bring new life to a space. A view of the bar/wine combo can transform a quiet family room or room into a gathering place. A suspended glass in the likeness of a bench, in the living room or dining room to be the center of conversation in every event. Why not turn that unused square foot into something that attracts people too?

According to the National Association of Home Builders, nearly a third of new home buyers with a family home of $150,000 or more now name a wine cellar as their favorite amenity. On average, however, these buyers are willing to spend approaching $15,000 to $60,000 for a home that includes wine storage. For more on this topic, read our article here.

Wine Closet Under Stairs

Refrigerated Wine Cellars Under Stairs

Every house is different. Everyone’s scales are different. From straight to curved, wood to marble, earth to energy, each aspect has its own unique challenge. There are technical as well as aesthetic considerations.

It’s also worth noting that under stairs doesn’t always mean “under-stairs room.” Many houses have many rooms. Look around, think outside the box.

Wine Closet Under Stairs

This puzzle has been created that begs to be solved. This is your chance to combine form and function in your own unique way.

Under The Stairs Wine Cellar Designs

An underlay like this can transform a bare bedroom into a place they want to be in – with a few lounge chairs this room would be the perfect spa.

Wine Closet Under Stairs

Creating a wine storage space can be a fun and creative exercise. It must consider the wishes, needs and style of the owner. And of course it must work perfectly.

Will your new favorite wine spot be under the stairs? If anything, it’s good to keep an open mind and explore the possibilities.

Wine Closet Under Stairs

Update: Custom Wine Closet Under A Set Of Stairs

And if you don’t have the footprints, don’t worry: almost any small space can be turned into a first-class wine collection. There are furniture (a wine rack will soon open our line), small wall displays, cupboard and pantry units, and even a glass display – you have it on the living room floor. We told you it would be fun!

I hope this article helps, but if you’re still not sure how far you want to go, or where to do it, we have more ideas. When you need professional help, our expert consultants are ready to help. Have you ever wondered what to do with that space under your stairs? Let us move you and show you some of our works for wine cellars and cellars under stairs! Whether you have a large or limited space, we can provide the perfect design for your needs.

Wine Closet Under Stairs

Large residential private wine cellars in London using oak racks, cubes, barrel vaults and other private wine cellars in Horrell.

How To Build A Wine Cellar / Wine Closet

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