Wue Schools With Nursing Programs

Wue Schools With Nursing Programs – Alaska is currently the largest state in the United States, but because of its small number of cities and universities, there are fewer opportunities for students to enroll.

While it may not have the most options for aspiring RNs, online training allows current RNs to continue their education and earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. The BSN is a great help in finding a better paying job.

Wue Schools With Nursing Programs

Before that, Alaskans must first earn an associate’s degree. Fortunately, there are several options available to students.

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The selection team consists of 4 registered nurses and 7 registered nurses over the age of 55.

Because nursing careers vary widely, the top 10 nursing schools in Alaska are in no particular order.

Before checking out the schools below, remember that the University of Alaska Anchorage and Charter College only have Alaska campuses. Other schools making this list offer online nursing degrees to students across the country, including one in Alaska.

Annual In-State Tuition: $7,053 (based on loan tuition) | Annual out-of-state tuition: $21,180 NCLEX pass rate: 92.1%

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Perfect for students interested in living close to nature and living in the city, the University of Alaska Anchorage is a large public school with approximately 18,000 students. Most students are Alaska residents and study in the state, but WUE students may qualify for reduced tuition. The nursing program is comprehensive and offers undergraduate programs in 15 different locations. Available to students in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Kodiak, BSN is Alaska’s only official bachelor’s degree program in nursing. Students can also earn an associate’s degree in nursing and then complete an online RN-BSN through the University of Alaska.

Charter colleges are primarily online schools and have satellite campuses throughout the United States, including in Anchorage. The Anchorage campus offers a 19-month Associate of Arts in Nursing degree that meets the NCLEX seat requirements. The latest NCLEX pass rate reported that every student on the Anchorage campus passed the NCLEX on the first attempt. After becoming an RN, students may also complete Charter College’s RN-BSN, which combines online instruction with in-person clinical hours.

Although Purdue University is not located in Alaska, it has a great online school where students from all over the world can earn their degree or diploma. For current RNs in Alaska, Purdue Global’s online RN-BSN program offers a flexible way to earn a BSN. Purdue Global has other online programs including many graduate degrees. Students may be required to complete in-person clinical work for certain certifications, but Purdue allows some or all courses to be completed online.

The University of Oklahoma in Tulsa, Oklahoma has no campuses in Alaska. However, the University of Oklahoma’s online RN-BSN is considered one of the best online RN-BSN programs. Students must have a RN license (which can be obtained in Alaska) and the rest can be completed remotely. The school has additional programs, including traditional undergraduate and graduate programs, but requires student transportation, which is not possible in Alaska.

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Aspen University is one of the best online schools for RNs today and has many degrees in Alaska. The primary option, the online RN-BSN, takes approximately 12 months and offers an accelerated course that can work around students’ schedules. It is not uncommon for students to continue working while earning their BSN. Aspen University also has RN-MSN (Master of Science in Nursing) opportunities, some of which are entirely online. There is an official BSN program, but not in Alaska.

Like other online programs, Western Governors University offers some on-campus programs in Alaska as well. But online RN-BSN is the best. Most RN-BSN students graduate in less than one and a half years, but students can complete the program at their own pace. WGU is one of the best online options today.

Located in Washington State, Grand Canyon University is closer to Alaska than most other online schools. However, online programs can be accessed anywhere, including in Alaska. The online RN-BSN is designed for professionals who want to continue their studies, and most students complete the course in about two years. However, students can complete the program in a shorter amount of time if they wish. Grand Canyon University has both traditional and accelerated nursing programs, but only individual students can enroll in these programs.

Chamberlain University only offers degrees in nursing and health sciences, and BSN currently operates in 22 locations outside of Alaska. Alaska RNs can enroll in the online RN-BSN, which takes only one year to complete the entire course. Tuition fees are higher than other online schools, but Chamberlain offers tuition discounts to select online RN-BSN students. For those pursuing BSN, Chamberlain also offers an online MSN option.

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About 30,000 of Capella University’s 38,500 students enrolled online, with an average student age of 39. It is therefore not surprising that the online RN-BSN nursing major is designed for seniors. Some students complete their RN-BSN while continuing to work, while others take advantage of Capella’s FlexPath, which allows them to complete their program in as little as nine months. After earning a BSN, students can also utilize FlexPath to earn an online MSN.

One of the most popular online schools in the world, the University of Phoenix has some programs on campus. Unfortunately, while there is an online RN-BSN, there are currently no on-campus programs available in Alaska. RNs with an associate’s degree can complete this program in just 14 months and tuition is paid per credit. Therefore, the more education you have in advance, the cheaper and faster your degree will be.

The University reserves the right to change tuition fees at any time. The annual tuition fees listed here will vary for each student based on a variety of factors.

The annual salary for RNs in the United States is $75,510, which means that Alaska RNs earn higher than average salaries. In fact, according to the BLS, Alaska is the 6th highest paying state for RNs. Location is also an issue. Enrollees working in non-metropolitan areas of Alaska earn an average of $95,780 per year, higher than all other areas except Hawaii and California.

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Unfortunately, Alaska is not a top employer for s. Only one-third of the Anchorage area’s 1,250 RNs work in non-metropolitan areas.

Contact any nursing home in Alaska regardless of your long-term care plan. Although not by much, it increases your chances of being accepted into competitive programs. Here’s how to access the application.

Please contact the admissions office of each school. All universities have an admissions office that guides applicants through the admissions process. Contact each admissions office early to let them know if you have any questions when completing your application.

Make sure you meet nursing requirements. In addition to college admission requirements, kindergarteners must meet strict requirements. You will learn the requirements of each nursing school early, so it is time to apply.

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Submit your application. The final step in submitting your survey is to submit all your surveys! Find out what the application deadlines for each college are, and if there are deadlines, try to meet them early.

If you’re just starting out and don’t yet have a RN license, there aren’t many opportunities in Alaska. However, choosing the best option is not as easy as choosing the school closest to home. When comparing schools, consider:

Accrediting bodies evaluate schools for their academic quality and select programs to determine whether they meet certain criteria. When applying to schools in Alaska, make sure the school is accredited by the Northwest Association of Colleges and Universities. Check if your nursing program also has program accreditation.

If you earn your degree from a non-accredited school, you may receive federal financial aid and struggle to find employment after graduation.

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Alaska is not yet part of the Enhanced Nursing License (eNLC), but more than 90% of Alaskans support joining the eNLC, and this may change in the future. Until then, here are the steps to getting your RN license in Alaska:

The city is far away and not many nurses are available, but in Alaska they pay unbelievably high. Today, there are many great online nursing opportunities for people with RN licenses, and people with a BSN earn more than RNs without a BSN. Alaska is not part of the eNLC, but may join at some point, and this will make finding nurses in Alaska much easier. When it comes to places to enjoy remote nursing, you can’t beat Arizona. With year-round warm weather and affordable housing, Arizona is a great state to put down roots.

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