Yahoo Small Business Website Builder

Yahoo Small Business Website Builder – This was one of the most challenging projects for me as a Product Designer at Yahoo. Due to its complexity, it takes different teams to work together, but COVID-19 has brought a new mode of work that we have never experienced before, we have to work 100% remotely. I take full ownership of the design, as well as contribute to making product decisions. We use this project as a model to explore new working and collaboration methods that we use extensively in the team, and implement them as planned.

Team roles: Product Manager, Copy Writer, UI Engineer, Platform Engineer, Customer Support Team, Legal Team, Account Manager

Yahoo Small Business Website Builder

Yahoo Hosting plans have an old website editor that customers have been using since 1998. We decided to remove this editor from use because we don’t have the engineering resources to provide technical support anymore, and the old product is not a mobile friendly site.​​

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The plan is that, before March 31, 2021, all customers using our legacy website creation services will be notified that in the future, they will no longer be able to publish content to their sites using this editor. Users should be redirected to a more modern editor that also produces a mobile-friendly site:

User base of over 80K existing subscribers. Most of them have been customers of Yahoo Website Builder for over a decade. We have to be very careful about how we inform them about this information, otherwise we risk losing loyal customers. Also, we need to provide a seamless experience to guide them to new website building tools, especially helping them find the best tool that fits their needs (business needs and budget).

Scenario 2: Existing customers receive a notification ((Email or YSB dashboard) and upgrade to WordPress for free

In 2020 I designed all of our marketing emails which has increased our email subscribers from 115K to 1.4M.

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I worked with UX Copywriters to change our language to make sure we communicate to our customers effectively and friendly. Two Q&A are added to help us get understanding from them.

Decision 1: My website is fine and I don’t / don’t need to do updates.

Solution: Guide them to check how their website is performing to potentially change their ideas to update website building tools for better performance.

Solution: We clearly explain and compare two free website building tools (Website Builder and WordPress), help them make decisions and provide a flow for them to use.

The Pros And Cons Of Yahoo! Small Business

Tell customers directly that they don’t have to pay extra to get these two devices.

What if they don’t want to build their site but choose to hire an expert to build it? Give them another option.

Solution: Hiring a team to build a website is very expensive. So we choose to patiently guide them and provide them with sufficient information.

Original product decision: Use the help center article to provide instructions, users must read and follow the instructions to complete the update.

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The product decision I proposed and agreed upon: Provide a flow to guide the customer to complete the update.

Original product decision: Only annual plan users get free updates, monthly and quarterly users need to contact our customer support team to update to annual plan and then get free updates. Yahoo Small Business has changed its name to Yahoo Aabaco Small Business. It has a range of products to offer people who want to start their own online store. From hosting to domain registrars, business email to corporate ecommerce shopping carts, Yahoo products come packed with features. Recently in 2017, Yahoo just changed its branding from Aabaco Small Business to Yahoo Small Business.

Oya! Yahoo Small Business offers a fairly comprehensive package for new traders and small businesses just starting out. Domain name registration and business e-mail with unlimited data transfer, disk space and e-mail storage will help companies with many products to sell. With unlimited products on all plans, Yahoo ensures that merchants will have plenty of items in their store.

Oh, no! No free trial is offered. Transaction fees range from 0.75% – 1.5% pending. Subscription prices will increase after the first year. The template and display and presentation of the online store may need some improvements to give it a more modern look that focuses more on high-quality product images.

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Prices range from $5/month – $10/month and come with a free domain, unlimited bandwidth and a $100 credit for Search Marketing.

“We will pay the registration and renewal fees as long as your subscription is active and the domain is registered with us. The free domain offer is not valid for package terms of less than 1 year. Not all domain extensions are eligible for this offer.

However, merchants who want to have an online store must use the Yahoo Ecommerce plan:

Regarding the price, Yahoo offers 3 different packages, Basic, Professional, and Premier. Based on the price, note that the merchant will be billed annually and not monthly.

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Important note: Yahoo charges a transaction fee of 0.75% to 1.5% depending on the plan you choose.

Important note: Another drawback is that the company does not offer any free trial period for merchants to try their e-commerce solution before signing up. So if you want to try it, you need to sign up for one of the monthly plans and decide whether you want to continue using the Yahoo shopping cart. Newbies may want to try other shopping cart providers first especially those that offer a free trial period so you don’t have to pay anything until your store is ready. Depending on how long you need to set up your online store, providers like Shopify offer a 14-day free trial while InstanteStore offers a 15-day free trial. Choose the one that suits your time frame requirements.

Yahoo has a variety of ecommerce features listed on their website for merchants to read. What is commendable is the fact that they also include a short demo video on how to implement it and how some of the features actually look like. To set up your store design, follow the wizard. Yahoo Merchant Solutions also allows customization and built-in maintenance.

Yahoo has their active collection for traders to choose from which is useful because they only use what they need. As with apps, some may be free while some you may have to pay for. Please remember to consider your budget for paid apps.

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Local businesses that want a bigger presence can use Yahoo Localworks which ensures your presence in over 60 local directories. You must verify your business through Yahoo first before you can add more information such as website, opening hours etc. to Yahoo Localworks.

Now I found something impressive.. Now known as Commerce Central by Yahoo, Live Insights is an application that store owners can use to track how many people come to their store in real time. They even have the ability to chat with existing customers in their online store to see if they need help or answer simple questions about products. This app is FREE and not only limited to Yahoo Store merchants but will work with other stores using different shopping cart platforms like Shopify, Volusion, InstanteStore, BigCommerce, 3DCart, Magento, etc.

Merchants simply download the application and easily set up their Live Web Insights. Just copy the code and paste it into the additional head tag section of your store. Once verified, Yahoo Live Web Insights will be able to display real-time statistics about what is happening in your store.

For example, you can see the total number of customers, the number of page views, see which pages the customer visited and what products they bought and can start a text chat with customers to see if they need clarification or help about the product. that they seek and make recommendations.

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** Please note that below are older information pages about Yahoos Inventory Management, Merchandising & Promotion Tools, Shopping Cart, Checkout, Payment Processing, Message Management, and Marketing Tools available since 2013. Some may no longer apply as a Business Small Yahoo on the website. ‘T provides enough information about it again. Merchants who need clarification should contact Yahoo directly to clarify before signing to Yahoo. **

Merchants who sign up for one of the plans will be able to upload a maximum of 50,000 products to sell. Just follow the Add Product Wizard and the system will automatically create your product page. A bulk upload feature is available and the solution has real-time integration with external inventory management systems such as OrderMotion and StoneEdge.

There are various marketing and promotion tools available for merchants to use to promote their stores. One-time and several coupons and discounts in dollars, percentages

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