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Yale Center For Environmental Law And Policy

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Pdf) Environmental Performance Index 2020

The Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy, a joint institution of the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and Yale Law School, strives to infuse new thinking, ethical awareness, and critical decision-making tools into analysis in environmental law and policy. Our podcast series, hosted by Center staff and student research assistants, engages leaders — from government, practice, NGOs and academia — in the conversation on major issues in environmental science, law and policy making.

Climate change is mostly about people. In California, environmental justice activists have encouraged the creation of policy responses that focus on climate impacts, such as air pollution, poverty alleviation and green jobs.

U.S. Financial regulators have lagged behind other countries in requiring companies to disclose their financial risks from climate change. Hana Vizcarra, Staff Attorney in the Environmental and Energy Law Program at Harvard Law School,

Aisha Saad, a fellow in the Business Administration Program at Harvard Law School, joins Jena Vigras (YSE ’22) to discuss the current challenges of reporting about corporate sustainability and investing in ESG funds.

Yale Environmental Performance Index

Professor at Yale Law School and U.S. Sue Biniaz, former State Department climate attorney, joins Jena Vigrass (YSE ’22) and Charles Harper (YSE ’22) to discuss the Paris Agreement and what it might hold for of the International Weather Service. C

Tatyana Schlossberg, award-winning journalist and author of Ambiguous Consumption: The Environmental Impact You Don’t Know You Have, joins Jena Vigrass (YSE ’22) and Charles Harper (YSE ’22) to discuss personal consumption and activity.

Amanda Maxwell, director of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Latin America project, recently spoke with Alix Kashdan (FES ’20). Amanda is a sustainable capital for Latin America, the challenges of climate change in the region,

Kelly Levin, a fellow at the World Resources Institute’s Global Climate Program, spoke with Alix Kashdan (FES ’20) and Liz Bourget (FES ’20) at the Yale Carbon Removal Symposium on carbon removal, policy global climate.

Environmental Performance Index

Barry Hill, a visiting scholar at the Center for Environmental Law and an assistant professor of law at Vermont Law School – as well as director of the Office of Environmental Justice at of EPA – was joined by Alix Kashdan (FES ’20) and Liz Borg.

Thomas Lovejoy, University Professor in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy at George Mason University and an expert on environmental protection, works with Alix Kashdan (FES ’20) and Liz Bourget (FES ’20) to discuss the importance of biodiver.

Katie Dykes, commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, joins Alix Kashdan (FES ’20) and Liz Bourget (FES ’20) to discuss their new roles at being a commissioner of the Yale Environmental Dialogue,

William K. Reilly, former administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, joins Liz Bourget (FES ’20) and Alix Kashdan (FES ’20) to discuss the federal government and why to be optimistic about climate change.

Caribbean Urbanism: Re Imagining Resilience

Paul Rink, a graduate student at Yale Law School and the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and a former summer legal intern at Our Children’s Trust, joined of Liz Bourget (FES ’20) and Alix Kashdan (FES ’20) to discuss this. Julian v. united

Bridget Barnes, Director of the Environment and Development Association for Women, and Emilia Reyes, Gender Policy and Budget Coordinator at Equidad de Janeiro, discuss the intersection of gender and change. the weather,

James Cameron, former climate change negotiator and adviser to the UN climate conference presidency, talks to Alix Kashdan (FES ’20) and Liz Bourget ( FES ’20) about his history of climate negotiations and his expectations.

Laurent Fabius, President of the French Constitutional Council, visited Yale in September 2018. Alix Kashdan (FES ’20) spoke with President Fabius about the many issues facing environmental law. world today,

Measuring Progress By Yale_epi

Diane Strauss, program director of the Yale Initiative on Sustainable Finance, joined Laura Brush, research assistant at the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy, to discuss the initiative’s work on more research on collaboration with innova.

The 2018 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) ranks 180 countries on 24 performance indicators across ten issue categories covering environmental health and environmental sustainability. These metrics provide estimates at the national level of how close countries are to a.

Dogs help conservationists monitor wildlife and eradicate invasive species, whether it’s spotting wire traps in Africa or dyer’s wods in the western United States.

James Cameron, a fellow at the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy and a fellow at Systemic, is joined by Lucy Kessler, a student at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, to discuss.

How To Get Into Yale Law School: The Ultimate Guide — Shemmassian Academic Consulting

Bob Sussman, former EPA deputy administrator and visiting professor at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, joins Emma Crow-Willard to discuss the Clean Power Plan.

Liz Barratt-Brown, NRDC Senior Advisor & Yale Law School Executive Committee Member, joins Catherine Martini for the conversation.

Hair Growth History from the Department of the Interior Clearing the Importance of the Bureau of American Western History

Dr. Patty Limerick joins Stephanie Ratte in a conversation about the importance of history in understanding today’s environmental issues, challenges and opportunities in the American West, and why we should care more about the office.

Pdf) National Environmental Performance: An Empirical Analysis Of Policy Results And Determinants

Eugene Rusin, YLS ’17, sits in studio with Professor Jim Grijalva to discuss environmental law on Native American lands.

Jennifer McIvor, vice president of environment at MidAmerican Energy, spoke with Becky Gallagher about the various environmental issues facing energy companies.

Edan Rotenberg, partner at Super Law Group, joins Zoya Sonnenfeld for a conversation about protecting the environment through special environmental law.

Abby Dillen, vice president of climate and energy litigation at Earthjustice, joins Melissa Legge to discuss environmental public interest litigation.

The Yale Centre For Environmental Law And Policy (ycelp)

Frances Bieneke joins Melissa Legg of Yale Law School and the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies to discuss the past, present and future of the environmental movement.

Hans Bruninckx, Executive Director of the European Environment Agency, talks about his work for a low carbon economy in Europe.

Lisa Dale, the new associate director of the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy, talks with outgoing associate director Josh Galperin about her new role, her experiences and vision for the center.

Dr. Per Espen Stokeness talks about the misunderstood science of climate psychology and overcoming the cognitive barriers so we can work together effectively to support grassroots climate policy.

On The Environment By Yale University On Apple Podcasts

Christine Klein and Sandra Zelmer discuss the environmental and social impact of decades of American engineering along the Mississippi River.

Kate Gordon discusses promising signs of change in US climate and energy policy, with a special focus on innovation emerging from California.

Matt Hoffman, a professor in the political science department at the University of Toronto, talks about the possible path to decarbonization, the process of removing society from fossil fuels.

In this episode, Glenn Hurowitz discusses his pioneering work to eliminate the environmental and social injustices that plague the world’s largest agricultural supply chain. Glenn is the managing director of Climate Advisors

File:2008 Epi Environmental Health Objective Scores (5457245666).jpg

In this episode Oriana Persico and Salvatore Iconesi discuss the near future, how they study it, and the implications of designing the near future for natural resource companies like Shell.

In this podcast Matthias Risse discusses his recent essay, “The Human Right to Water and the Common Ownership of Land,” which provides a philosophical basis for human ownership of water and purity on earth.

In this podcast, Christopher Sawyer — a partner at Alston & Bird, a law firm specializing in corporate governance, real estate and securities law — discusses the skills needed to turn ideas into sustainable realities in society.

In this episode, Rafe Alam, a lawyer and environmental activist in Lahore, Pakistan, discusses the social and economic challenges facing governments in addressing local environmental issues. .

File:2008 Epi Fisheries Policy Sub Category Scores (5457245702).jpg

The date of the start of what scientists call the Anthropocene — the period when human activity began to have a significant global impact on Earth’s environment — varies widely.

This podcast features WWF’s Dekila Chungyalpa, discussing the organization’s Sacred Earth program, which engages clergy and faith communities as partners in the organization’s work. .

In this podcast, Wendy Silver explains how using organic compost (agricultural waste and green waste) on farmland can increase carbon storage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In this podcast, Elizabeth Barlow Rogers, president of the Foundation for Landscape Studies and founding president of the Central Park Conservancy, discusses her work as a landscape designer and cultural commentator. the place.

Fes Students Win Research Fellowships

In this podcast, Yale World Fellow Alexander Verbeek, strategic policy advisor on global issues at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, talks about building strong social networks.

In this podcast Yale World Fellow Alexander Verbeek, strategic policy advisor on global issues at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, discusses how

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